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Almost every week, tech companies release new models of phones, laptops, cameras — you name it. And we're sure you already have your eyes on one or two for an upgrade. But aside from thinking about the spend, we know that you're also considering something that's really worth investing in. The solution? A gadget match that fits not just your yearnings, budget and lifestyle but also your personality.

So to narrow down your options, we decided to ask some help from the stars. Ahead, here are the gadgets fated to stay and be part of your lifestyle according to your zodiac sign. 

Aries: Samsung Galaxy Note9

Samsung Galaxy Note9

SGD1,398/USD999 (

No one can beat your energetic nature (maybe Sagittarians, but still not that close) and you need a gadget that can keep up with you. Samsung's Galaxy Note9 may not be the latest release from the gadget powerhouse but it definitely delivers functionality for both work and play. This multi-tasker not only delivers the sleekness and flair you want to match up with your aesthetic but it also has tried and tested durability and performance that mimics your upbeat zest for life. 

Taurus: Instax Mini 9

Instax Mini 9

SGD227.75/USD 69 (

You crave for both control and spontaneity, despite their contrasting natures, and find joy in both. That's why the cross between old and new presented by the Instax Mini 9 is perfect for your personality. Its adjustment dials give you just the right amount of agency over the gadget without losing its authentic results, mirroring how you tend to be precise in your life choices but are still open to whatever possibility every day brings in.  

Gemini: XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro 15.6 Drawing Tablet

XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro 15.6 Drawing Tablet

SGD640/USD469 (

As someone who is born under the guidance of The Twins, you love to be both methodical and spontaneous. But your true love? Art. Captivated by creating works that speak to both the body and the soul, a drawing tablet like the XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro 15.6 provides you with a tool that helps express your voice. 

Cancer: JBL Everest Elite 750NC

JBL Everest Elite 750NC

SGD408/USD299.95 (

People often claim that being emotional is a fault, but you certainly prove them wrong. Cancers may be sentimental but because of your empathy, people are quick to trust and pledge their loyalty to you. Despite this, those born under this sign are still not the social butterflies people expect you to be. You are deeply in touch with your individuality and your own introspection, so headphones like the JBL Everest Elite 750NC helps you stay grounded and have time with your own thoughts when you're not out taking care of your loved ones. 

Leo: Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

SGD998/USD599 (

It's no secret that Leos are trendy and oozing with confidence. And nothing satisfies bold babes like you than a gadget that can keep up with how 'extra' you can be. That's why the much-coveted Huawei P30 Pro with its 50x zoom lens function is just right up your alley. Boasting features that beat out its competitors, causing buzz for both tech-geeks and lifestyle enthusiasts alike, it fits the Leo's lifestyle to a T.

Virgo: Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook

SGD1,773/USD1,500+++ (

People often turn to you for your practicality and unparalleled analytical skills. And because methodologic planning is your greatest skill when it comes to solving issues, the state of the tools that help you in data gathering significantly ups the calibre of your thinking process. This is why the latest MacBook is your best bet. With it running in the snappiest Intel Core processors, Turbo Processing amped to 3.6 GHz, and its attractive thin design that's easy for travel, this device moves just as quick as you and will undoubtedly be the Watson to your Sherlock. 

Libra: Sony XB41 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony XB41 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker

SGD279/USD205 (

One of the things that people often get wrong about you is that you actually love close-knit groups and are not an extrovert at all. Still, that doesn't mean you're not the life of any social gathering as you know how to establish great rapport no matter what kind of personality you come across with. Just like music, you know how to make people come together, making something like the Sony XB41 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker the perfect contraption to aid you in setting the mood and sparking up conversations. 

Scorpio: Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

SGD176.66/USD129.99 (

Scorpios like you are known for loving solitude and peace, with your homes often the symbol of your sanctuary. You find bliss in serene moments and being alone with your thoughts, with a good book in hand. However, in today's world where everything is fast-moving, you find it hard to secure a safe space. So having your own mini-library in the form of the Kindle Paperwhite no matter where you go gives you the escape you need.

Sagittarius: GoPro Hero7 Black

GoPro Hero7 Black


As the one who dons the daredevil crown, you love everything that has to do with adrenaline and hair-raising excitement. You're a patron of adventure sports and travels. So having a trusty camera like the GoPro Hero7 Black to record your wildest affairs is without a doubt your gadget match. 

Capricorn: Casio G-SHOCK GA-2000

Casio G-SHOCK GA-2000

Price unavailable

"Discipline is key," as you would say and it shows when your ambitious streak is at its peak. You have an innate sense of independence and leadership, making you a reliable colleague, friend and even loved one. It also means that you value time, harbouring it as your greatest ally in order to set all your roles and tasks with great efficiency and effectiveness. Casio's G-SHOCK GA-2000 matches you just right, with its analogue-digital Carbon Core Guard structure that mirrors your tough accord and performance to outmatch greatness. 

Aquarius: Olympus Tough TG-5 Waterproof Camera

 Olympus Tough TG-5 Waterproof Camera

SGD545/USD399.99 (

Following the element that significantly represents your sign, you can both be as calm as the sea or as electrifying as a raging river depending on your mood. You love trips by the beach as they provide the right balance between earth and water, leaving you feeling both grounded and thrilled. With this, you need a gadget like the Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera that can keep up with whichever side you are showing, capturing both serenity and adventure if need be. 

Pisces: Leica M10-D

Leica M10-D

SGD10,885.75/USD7,995 (

Known as the quirkiest and most creative of the bunch, your artistic choices — whether in fashion, beauty, or any other art form — may not be everyone's cup of tea but they can't deny that your taste is impeccable. Just like the Leica M10-D, with its mix of "digital body, analogue soul", your eccentricities may be overwhelming and seem complex at first, but they eventually evoke a certain warmth and emotion that captivates everyone who gets to know you. 

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It's no secret that throwback trends are all the rage since the beginning of this decade. From midi skirts and pastel palettes of the '50s to the neon colours and high-waisted jeans of the '80s, any fashionista would notice that these days, almost everything new on the runway looks a bit old. For the most part, it's actually cool to see awesome trends get their day in the sun once again. But some regrettable fashion choices are best left in the past. Ahead, the fashion trends we hope never make a comeback in our wardrobe.

Visible thongs

In a way, we can understand why we thought this was a good idea. Low-rise jeans were super popular back then (thanks, Paris Hilton!) and this means you have to wear cute undies since they will be visible anyway. Plus, when your favourite celebrities are rocking this style, then you're bound to also try to rock it — even if it's in vain. Over time, we realised it was not the classiest way to dress. So we really hope this one never makes a comeback. Although, this makes us think, "Are we gonna regret showcasing our pretty bralettes in the future?"

Low-rise jeans

Shawty got low, low indeed. Along with the visible thong trend came the rise of the low-rise jeans. We don't really know which one came first but they sure did reinforce one another. It was the fashion combo that we regretted as soon as it faded from vogue. Why? For starters, it just looked painfully awkward. The crotch section is positioned in the weirdest way possible; it's unflattering unless you have rock hard abs and just the simple act of doing a bend and snap becomes impossible. Fair warning: this trend is in danger of making a comeback. Let's all remember why it shouldn't.

Try-hard emo look

Now, we're gonna hit it where it hurts. Your emo look wasn't awesome nor is it "da bomb." It was the epitome of an emotional, newly minted teenager trying too hard to look cool. Inspired by Avril Lavinge and Gerard Way, we popped on our not-so-stylish version of their ensembles complete with studded belts and denim skirts. For good measure, we also threw in neckties over black, non-collared tees. Add on to that the massive eyeliner and cheekbone-length bangs and what you get is a cringe-worthy look that will haunt you for many years to come.

The bullet bra

We have a tendency to romanticise the past and that includes overlooking bad fashion choices people made back in the day. Vintage fashion also had its lows! The biggest one of them, in our humble opinion, is the bullet bra from the fabulous '50s. It's a bra with cups that are comically pointed outwards to overemphasise the shape of a woman's breast. By modern standards, it's not at all comfortable or pleasing to look at. But maybe it was a product influenced by the 1947 Dior New Look or it could be inspired by the shape of the space shuttles from the space race era. We're not really sure, but we're definitely glad this one didn't become a staple.

The traditional corset

It would be hard to think of a more dangerous fashion trend than the traditional corset. We're not talking about the modern ones we see today but the ones worn by women in past centuries to shape the body into an unnatural silhouette featuring a very slim waist. Not only did they constrict the breathing but also compressed organs leading to various internal issues. Yes, they were pretty and stylish but they're also basically a torture device. We say, never again.

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Animal prints are going through another renaissance right now. From zebra to leopard patterns, the style is taking centre stage at recent runway shows. It's been a while since this design was on the spotlight, partly because there's a certain stigma against it. Usually seen as a tacky fashion choice, the animal print is given a new and more elegant look in 2019. Keep reading to know how you can rock this bold style in a modern way.

Start by wearing one animal print at a time

If you're a newbie in wearing animal prints, start by working with only one pattern at a time. This will help you familiarise yourself with what colours would match well with a particular print. Of course, there's always black as a safe bet but mixing things up will make for a more interesting look. Concentrating on a single print first is the best way to do this.

Match the print with items of the same colour palette

Here's an easy way to build an elegant ensemble featuring an animal print. First, determine what colour is dominant in each pattern. Then, look for items that are in the same colour palette. For example, leopards are dominated by browns so pairing them with khaki colours is a great way to streamline the whole look. Need a peg? Look to the iconic character of Mrs. Robinson from the 1967 movie The Graduate for inspiration.

Want a bolder look? Go for contrasting colours

Pulling this off is easier than you may think. The one thing that you should always keep in mind is the base colour of each animal print. After that, all you have to do is look for contrasting colours that will look good against the pattern. Usually, those with dominant brown hues will go well with red and teals. While prints dominated by black and white like zebra patterns can be paired with almost any bright shade.

Wear only one statement accessory

Pairing an eye-catching print together with loads of statement accessories can be a bit of an overkill. On the other hand, if you wear subtle jewellery, it can tone down the boldness of the look. And when you're wearing animal prints, that's not really what you want to go for. Instead, match the print with one equally bold statement accessory. It can be hoop earrings, studs or a stunning opera necklace. 

If all else fails, animal printed dresses are the way to go

A fail-proof way to rock animal prints is to pick a dress decked in single or various patterns. It's a no-brainer but still looks gorgeous and well-thought out. To give the dress a little visual break and to showcase your figure (which may be lost due to the busy design), wear belts in bold colours.

(Cover photo from: @imjennim)

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