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After two years of waiting, Game of Thrones' final season premiered globally yesterday and fans are... divided. The previous season didn't exactly sit well with a lot of its viewers considering how hasty and fan-service-y the treatment of the plot was. And because of it, expectations for the concluding season was raised to a different bar.


Known for its high-budget and high-production battle sequences, the unapologetic trend of killing off main characters, and presenting interesting characters to love or hate (or both), hardcore fans would know that Season 5 was the last of the series to based on its original source material. And while the author of the books, George R.R. Martin, is highly involved in the production of the series, many find that the show lost its direction once it started going off on its own without the books to hold it in its reigns. Still, that didn't stop viewers — us included — in hoping for the best now that the series is ending. 

But before we start discussing what's what, be warned. Spoilers for season 8, episode 1, as well as the previous seasons, are ahead. 


"Season 8, Episode 1: Winterfell" moments

Season 7 brought us a lot of much-anticipated reunions — from Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow finally meeting from two ends of Westeros and beyond to the other Stark children heartwarmingly reuniting in their home at Winterfell, and of course, to many major characters meeting for the first time at King's Landing's Dragon Pit. But Season 8, Episode 1 topped it all, given that almost every living main character's narrative is finally intersecting upfront. 


Some of our favourite meetups include Sansa and Dany's glare-fest moments considering that Sansa (and the whole of the North) is still disappointed that Jon bent the knee to the Dragon Queen; that heart-fluttering subtle flirting moment between Arya and Gendry (Maisie Williams confirmed that Arya was indeed in love with Gendry in an interview); and of course, the episode ending in parallel to the series pilot with Jaime Lannister being greeted by Bran Stark upon his arrival in the Northern keep. 


Another OMG moment that happened in the premiere was Jon Snow finally learning about his true lineage through our trusty and beloved Samwell Tarly. Sam, who was highly enraged (and heartbroken) after finding out that Daenerys executed his father and brother at the Battle of the Goldroad in Season 7, went to meet Jon at Winterfell's crypts to reveal that he was, in fact, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Being the son of Lyanna Stark, Ned's sister, and Rhaegar Targaryen, who is yes, Dany's older brother, it seems like he has more claim to the Seven Kingdoms in terms of the line of succession.

Of course, this was revealed to the audience last season and was already a longstanding theory among book readers prior to the show. But the whole R + L = J is new to Jon Snow — or should we call him Aegon Targaryen — who's now in shock given that (1) everything about his life turned out to be a lie, (2) he doesn't want the Throne in the first place, and (3) he is actually in love with his blood-aunt. Yikes!

The good, the bad, and the cringe-y

Was it a good episode? Sure. Was it mind-blowing enough as the starter for a final season with only five more episodes to boot? Not really. To be fair, it handled reunions a lot better than the previous season because they were more expected than forced. However, there were still moments that had a lot less payoff than they should considering that the events were still treated a bit hastily. 

In our opinion, the unnecessary screentime with Bronn at the brothel (that cost us at least five minutes) and even that extended How To Train Your Dragon moment Jon Snow had could've been clipped and used for other significant moments and smoother narrative transitions. We would have loved to see more of Sansa and Daenerys' power play; extended scenes of Edd, Tormund, Beric and the lot encountering more Wights over at Last Hearth given those times; and a cheeky cameo from Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost, who's been missing on-screen for at least three seasons now. 


But nothing beats the cringe we felt while Dany and Jon were flirting by the waterfall after their dragon-date. While this was prior to Jon knowing he was related to Daenerys by blood, they should've known something's up considering that the two dragons were all too welcoming to Jon since the beginning. Not to mention that attempt to parallelise Dany's lines with Ygritte's iconic "we should've stayed in that cave" dialogue was too much for our Jon x Ygritte shipping hearts to handle. Plus, that stare-off between Drogon and Jon is only funny at first, but totally worth a face-palm after the second or third watch.

Predictions, predictions, predictions

Overall, it is safe to say that while death is inevitable for a series like Game of Thrones, its final season will most likely be the bloodiest of them all. And as much as we like to reveal our 'kill versus keep' tally card, let's just settle for predictions and theories we — and the internet — have come up with post-watching episode one. 


First, we think that Daenerys would totally give Jaime a hard time to redeem himself as he was the cause of the fall of the Targaryen reign. Still, we think that whatever she has in mind will be undermined by Jon, Sansa, and maybe even Bran, causing the tension to rise between them even more. Of course, things would get even more complicated should Bran reveal that Jaime was the one who actually caused him to become a cripple. Either way, it probably won't be a good couple of episodes for Jaime Lannister.


We're also expecting a glimpse of the Night King riding Viserion in the next two episodes, as well as Cersei, Euron, and the Golden Company coming in from King's Landing and cornering the rest of the characters in Winterfell on both sides. During the preparations for battle, we're most likely going to have Jon's lineage revealed not just to Dany but to everyone, causing unrest prior to the North gearing up for war. And, as it is in Game of Thrones, if not on episode 2, then major characters will surely start to perish by episode 3. 


As for who would sit on the Iron Throne? Our best bet is that it won't be any of our key players. It would be too much of a sweet ending for that to happen and we can only hope the conclusion is worth the decade we have spent on this show. If you'd still like to know who we have our money on, we'd say Gendry, who's Robert Baratheon's only living heir. It might seem unlikely but if Jon does live after the battle with the Night King, he will have the power to legitimise Gendry as the one next in line of succession post-Robert's rebellion and abdicate his crown as the Targaryen heir. Better yet, maybe the Night King would take the Throne for himself. If there's one thing about GoT that's still exciting, it's the fact that it could take an unexpected turn even when we pin it for its initial predictability. Truly only time, which is only within a couple of weeks, can tell. 

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