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It hasn’t been too long since their racist blunder, yet Gucci is under fire yet again for releasing a line of dirty-looking sneakers. Part of their Cruise 2019 collection which tries to feature old-school looks, their Screener sneakers, named after the defensive sports move, is a nod to the classic trainers in the '70s. For USD870 (around SGD1200), you can get not only the leather sneakers featuring the Web stripe and the vintage Gucci logo but also an “all-over distressed” effect. What a bargain, right? If that isn’t enough, they’re also selling variations with crystals and blings for around twice the price. Now that the clean white sneakers look is out according to Gucci, here are three easy yet not-so-quick steps to get their shabby sneakers look for less.


Gucci Screener Leather Sneakers, USD870 (SGD1200)

Buy sneakers of your choice

Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers, USD580 (SGD785)

If you already have a pair that you own, great. If not, and you’re a true blue Gucci supporter, you can instead get their Ace leather sneakers for USD580 (SGD785). It’s their other pair of sneakers with the closest design that also features the Web stripe. It’s not exactly the clean version of the Screeners, but it’s your best bet if you wanna save hundreds.

Work it, walk it

Yes, here’s where it gets kind of difficult. To get that old used-sneaker look, you actually have to use it. So just walk, walk, and walk. Go and freely explore the world. And now, you don’t even need to worry about dirtying your kicks anymore, because you want them to be so. You can now traverse crowded areas, run in the rain, and play on soil without bothering about your sterile shoes.


Do NOT ever wash your kicks

Unlike the previous step, this one’s easy (unless you’re a total neat freak). Who knew that fashioning that dirty look actually helps, because now there’s one less chore off your errand list. Carelessness is key, and remember to not ever clean your shoes to get that perfectly used effect. Sure, it might take a while to collect all that dirt, but would you really rather pay more for already "dirty" trainers that you still have to meticulously clean so as not to ruin their carefully treated look?



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Sky-blue versatility

A woman in washed skinny jeans is standing in front of airport departure

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Fashion, just like any other kind of art, constantly evolves. From new designers foraying into the realm to new innovations being explored, there's always room to get creative. But what seems to be the natural course not only for inspiration but also for innovation when it comes to fashion is sustainability. And rightfully so, because the world needs it. This cause, along with the need for Singaporean fashion creatives to have a hub to grow, has been one of the reasons the Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF) — in partnership with Enterprise Singapore, JTC and Singapore Tourism Board — launched The Cocoon Space at Design Orchard.

What is The Cocoon Space?

Co-working space at The Cocoon Lab

Co-Lab co-working space

Simply put, it's a co-working space and events place. It offers various specialised rooms for creatives such as The Makers Studio, equipped with industrial sewing equipment — from those for sewing and embroidery to overlock machines. There's also The Cave, a mini-theatre equipped with a projector and sound system that's perfect for gatherings or conferences.

The Makers Studio at The Cocoon Space

The Makers Studio

But more than that, it's also a hub for fashion creatives to explore and strengthen their visions for fashion innovation and sustainability. The Cocoon Space also offers The Bridge Fashion Incubator.

What is The Bridge Fashion Incubator?

It's a 30-week-long programme starting in August 2019 that aims to support emerging fashion, fashion-tech and fashion-retail tech brands in Singapore that focus on sustainability, innovation and the re-invention of the fashion chain. Participants will be able to gain not only knowledge but also support in pushing forward their sustainability-focused projects. Mills Fabrica, a Hong Kong-based incubator, will provide international exposure. Meanwhile, Lenzing Group, an international fibre company will provide participants with materials they can use in their pursuits. 

We're excited to see these efforts for promoting innovation and sustainability in the region flourish.

Interested? Learn more about The Cocoon Space here.