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Get Soft Skin With Beeswax Products

Introducing the Beeswax Collection from Naturals by Watsons

Naturals by Watsons introduces the Beeswax Collection, featuring certified organic beeswax and sweet almond oil from United Kingdom and Spain. It's produced by honeybees, containing moisture-locking properties that keeps skin intensely hydrated all-day long. It is rich in Vitamin E, proteins, and essential fatty acids to treat, heal and repair skin. And of course, the products are free from paraben, mineral oils, silicones, and colourants, making it suitable for all skin types.   

There are 4 products from the Beeswax Collection:

Beeswax Cream Bath gently cleans and removes impurities from skin and maintains skin’s natural moisture balance.

Beeswax Body Lotion thoroughly softens and rehydrates dry skin with natural moisturisers, leaving it smooth and supple.

Beeswax Body Scrub features natural walnut and apricot powder that gently exfoliates skin.

And lastly, Beeswax Hand Cream with shea butter to condition hands and nails--the Beeswax Hand Cream is the ultimate travel companion to combat dryness and roughness on the go.

Naturals by Watsons Beeswax Collection is now available at selected Watsons stores in Singapore.