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Get That Natural Glow With This Face Mist With A Twist From Laneige

No matter what age we're in, we are prone to getting dry skin. This is because we get exposed to a lot of skin damaging factors such as stress, pollution, and of course, UV rays. And sometimes, by mid-day, all the effort that has gone to exfoliating and moisturising has faded, leaving the skin looking dull and tired. Thankfully, we got introduced the magic of spritzing on face mists that allow us to get that glowy and more radiant skin as easy as 1,2,3.

And a new gamechanger in this beauty product range is Laneige's new Water Bank Creamist. Making the benefits of the Water Bank Moisture Cream more accessible and travel-friendly, it's like refreshing your moisturising cream routine in a single spray. 

Composed of six ionised moisturising minerals and three vitamins in the Hydro Ion Mineral Water, this formulation helps in regulating skin moisture, allowing the skin to look plumper and more radiant. Plus, with the advanced micro emulsification technology, the large particles of the cream are transformed into translucent and tiny liquid particles of moisturising mist, giving you the Water Bank Moisture Cream's instant boost anytime and anywhere. 

A perfect supplement before you touch up your makeup mid-day, say goodbye to tight and flaky-looking skin with Laneige Water Bank Creamist!


The Laneige Water Bank Creamist is available in all Laneige counters in Singapore for SGD $27.