Get The Look: Bold | Clozette

Who really has the time to completely change up their makeup look in the middle of the day? Changing up your outfit is easy, but freshening and updating your MOTD can take a little bit of time and extra effort.

Inspired by Clinique and Zara Larsson's Play With Pop music video, changing up our makeup looks is now easier than ever!

So if you want to learn how to easily take your MOTD from day-to-night, keep scrolling below for our tips and tricks!


Who is it for: Bold, edgy women

(photo from CrystalPhuong)

Want to make a statement with your MOTD? Then you’re just the right person to rock a loud and bright makeup look. If you’re a fearless, confident, and passionate person, then a bold lip and eye will suit you – it will encapsulate your personality, and proudly show it off!

How to rock the look: Wing and swipe it

If you’re wearing a ‘no makeup’ makeup look, then that’s perfect because you already have the right base to work with!

Start off this edgy and classic look by wiping off your current lippie with a makeup wipe, and applying a light lip balm to hydrate your lips. To prevent the lip colour from bleeding, take a red lip liner, like Clinique’s Quickliner For Lips Intense in Intense Passion and trace your lips, making sure to emphasise that cupid’s bow! Next, swipe on Clinique’s Lip Pop in Cherry Pop for that bold and bright pop of red – make sure to blot so that it sets and doesn’t go anywhere.

To complete your nighttime look, draw some fierce wings on your eyes and make them pop by layering on Clinique’s Lash Power Lengthening Mascara for that jet-black finish!

Perfect for: Cocktails, dinners, and dates

(photo from Vanessaxlim)

An MOTD that consists of a red lip and bold lashes is just the right look for cocktail gatherings, family dinners, and dates. But, because it’s a classic look and makeup has no rules, you can rock this in the daytime too and have all eyes on you!



The foundation for healthy, radiant skin lies under a great skincare routine. You may think that you're doing enough to keep your skin hydrated and clean but sometimes, your typical cleanser isn't cut out for the job. Garnier found the perfect solution -- micelle molecules.

Easily remove even the strongest waterproof makeup -- yes, even waterproof mascara that's really hard to take off -- with a simple swipe. Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water helps lift dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities upon contact-- no rinsing or hard rubbing required!

To complete your skincare routine, they have also released a variety of facial scrubs, gel exfoliators, and cleansing towelettes for every skin type. Plus, all of these products are made with natural ingredients that are guaranteed gentle yet effective. 

So change the way you remove your makeup and say hello to clearer and more radiant skin with Garnier!


The Garnier U.S. Collection is available in all Watsons, Guardian, and all major supermarkets in Singapore.

Do you know that the average human attention span is a mere eight seconds? With an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish, it’s no wonder we demand things in a click, a snap, and a tap. The bad news is that our budding demand for practically everything is in overdrive, but the good news is that skincare is catching up on our need for speed. It’s not often we associate quick and easy with good quality, but with Japanese skincare brand Senka, it seems like speed and quality can be in perfect sync.

Read on as I give two of Senka’s bestsellers a test run – and find out how you can give them a try too!

With its entire facial cleansing and makeup remover series made out of two key ingredients, Senka is bringing intense hydration to a whole new level. Its naturally derived Silk Essence combines Sericin and Hydrolyzed Silk to extensively moisturise while forming a layer of protection over your skin barrier to fight external radicals.

That’s not all for an additional boost of moisturising effect! We all know that Hyaluronic Acid is a strong hydrating agent, but with the Double Hyaluronic Acid Compound – which combines two kinds of Hyaluronic Acid – this new formulation is designed to drench your skin with potent moisturising power.

With four SKUs each to the facial cleansing and makeup remover range, you’ll be sure to find the best match to your skincare needs. Here’s my take on Senka’s bestsellers, the Perfect Watery Oil and Perfect Whip!

Senka Perfect Watery Oil

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty makeup remover that can wipe away waterproof or heavy makeup, the Perfect Watery Oil boasts the strongest cleansing power among the series. Made with a new formulation that contains sebum/keratin plug melting ingredient, it dispenses a watery gel-like texture that works to dissolve makeup while it stays gentle on the skin.

The good thing about the Perfect Watery Oil is that it neither dries skin out, nor does it leave a greasy texture as the makeup pigments are massaged away. After cleansing with water, the skin remains refreshed and clean without that taut, rubbery feel. You can use the product with wet or dry hands, but of course, always make sure that your hands are clean before you start your skincare routine!

Senka Perfect Whip

Touted as the No.1 Cleanser in Japan, the Perfect Whip is a deep cleansing facial foam that is suitable for daily use. Together with the makeup remover, they are known as double cleansing, a popular skincare method coined by the Japanese and adopted by women worldwide. With just a 20-cent coin amount, the Perfect Whip lathers up to a generous amount of foam that is rich and dense – and there is good reason behind this.

All thanks to the two key moisture-binding ingredients, the product leaves the skin clarified and smooth to the touch, making the Perfect Whip an effortless yet hardworking daily cleansing ace. Because of its fine texture and light density, the tiny bubbles can effectively penetrate deeper into hard-reaching pores for a more thorough cleanse. The superfine foam also sits well on the skin without dripping off, a minor concern but a major plus point against inconvenience! To add on to the experience, it gives off a sweet fruity-floral scent (think Apple, Berry, Rose and Lily of the Valley!) that soothes the senses while it pampers the skin.


Interested to give this Japanese skincare a try? Click here to redeem your Senka Perfect Whip 15ml sample now!