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Get The Scoop On The Cream Factory

Learn more about the skincare brand that will change the way you take baths!

(cover photo from @thecreamfactoryph)

How many of you have bought pricey body washes, soaps, and scrubs, only to learn after using it that it doesn’t do anything at all? That’s all about to change as U.S. brand The Cream Factory hits the Philippine market and promises to give you softer, healthier skin through their delicious products made from quality ingredients – making baths feel less like a chore, and more like a pampering session filled with delicious desserts specially made for your skin!

So during the brand’s #BathRevolutionBloggersParty, we sat down and chatted with Marketing Manager Ched Dayot and got exclusive details on The Cream Factory’s ingredients, their different flavours, and upcoming releases!


What's the story behind The Cream Factory? How did it start and how were the products developed?

(photo from Instagram/@thecreamfactoryph)

“It started with the goodness of goat milk. Two years ago, there weren’t a lot of goat milk-based bath soaps, so we saw the potential in the market...We realised that we didn’t want to come out of the market just by goat milk itself – we wanted to be different. So we combined it with 100% active botanical extracts; we got cinnamon from Madagascar, seaweed from France, yogurt from New Zealand. We went all over the world and found botanical extracts that we could put in The Cream Factory. And so far the feedback has been amazing…Each variant addresses a particular skin concern.”

Can you let us know more about the aesthetic of the brand? Why choose this particular design?

(photo from Instagram/@thecreamfactoryph)

"We really wanted to be different…It’s not like your usual bottle – sturdy, [made of] plastic. We wanted it to look like [a bottle of] goat milk...So we really wanted to stick to that type of packaging, that type of look...With our look, it already captivates the audience that we want to tap. Some of the mothers who use our products even say that their kids use it too because they find the packaging so cute. So we don’t just captivate the adults, but also the kids. We really want to incorporate it as a brand that’s fun, yummy, and delicious."

So it’s really a full scale “bath revolution," from the bottle down to the ingredients that are good for your skin.

“Yes, because for me I don’t spend as much time [taking a bath] anymore…I’m a working person, as much as I want to spend time in the bathroom, I can’t. It [feels] like a chore – something that I do just so I can kickstart my day. So with “bath revolution”, we want you to give in and experience dessert for your skin. Bath times are the only times where you have time for yourself…cleansing your skin, caring for yourself, something like that.”

(photo from Instagram/@thecreamfactoryph)

You mentioned that The Cream Factory plans on releasing a children’s line. Have you already thought of what “flavours” are going to be part of it?

“We have, but I can’t really say much because it’s a secret. But it’s really fun, even the name itself! We’ll also be coming out with a facial line, as well as health supplements. Right now, The Cream Factory [Bath Cream] originally has 12 variants. But in the Philippine market, only 9 have been released. That means Mulberry, Lavender, and Chamomile aren’t out yet. But based on our research, a lot of people want Lavender so that’s probably the next variant we’ll be releasing.”

What’s The Cream Factory’s best-selling product? What would you recommend to someone who’s never tried anything from the brand?

(photo from Instagram/@thecreamfactoryph)

“It will depend because when you smell it, they all smell differently. But based on our experience, Almond seems to be a favourite because it smells sweet. As Filipinos we like scents that are sweet. On the other hand, Cinnamon seems to be too strong for Filipinos; they don’t like the smell too much. So it really depends on the person.

But one of my personal favourites is Yogurt – it’s perfect for summer. Last year I got sunburned and it soothed my skin and didn’t sting or create excessive peeling.”


Which of The Cream Factory's products are you excited to try out? Share your picks with us below!