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Get The Skin Of Your Dreams With Pivoine Sublime

Ask any woman what she wants her skin to be and she’ll tell you these three things: smooth, translucent, and radiant. These three qualities can also be found in peonies, flowers that are known throughout the world for their delicate beauty, which are also the main ingredient in L’OCCITANE’s Pivoine Sublime range!

The birth of the Pivoine Sublime collection last year unveiled an exquisite line of perfecting products for every skin type, which were all powered by the Perfecting Peony Complex – a peony extract that is combined with active ingredients that refine skin’s texture, hydrate, minimise pores, and blur away imperfections such as fine lines.

Now L’OCCITANE has released 3 new products which will allow you to complete your perfecting skincare routine through cleansing, exfoliating, and toning with the new 2 in 1 Perfecting Scrub, Perfecting Make-up Remover, and Perfecting Toner.

So keep scrolling down to learn more about how these new additions will give you the skin of your dreams!


Perfecting Make-up Remover

The Perfecting Make-up Remover is the first step in your skincare routine as it removes all traces of makeup, dirt, and grime. It's enhanced with “Pivoine Perfecteur” extract, which gently melts away makeup and other impurities without stripping the skin of its moisture, resulting in clean, petal-soft skin!

2 in 1 Perfecting Scrub

After cleansing your skin, take the Perfecting Scrub to slough away any dead skin cells and reveal smoother and more refined skin. You can use it either as a face scrub or as a face mask, as its gel-to-oil texture and delicate micro granules will gently exfoliate your skin and leave it supple and ready for the next step!

Perfecting Toner

To finish your cleansing routine, take the Perfecting Toner to refresh and hydrate your complexion, and get it ready to drink in your serum and moisturiser! The Perfecting Toner is enriched with "Pivoine Perfecteur" extract as well to minimise pores and give your complexion a burst of lightweight hydration!


L'OCCITANE Pivoine Sublime 2 in 1 Perfecting Scrub (RM128 for 100ml), Perfecting Make-up Remover (RM105 for 200ml), and Perfecting Toner (RM98 for 200ml) will be available from June 2016 onwards in all L'OCCITANE boutiques and counters in Malaysia.