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Remember when we were giving away a trip to Korea? It was a wonderful prize package that promised an all-expense paid trip to the the land of K-Pop, K-Beauty, and K-Drama dreams. For Clozeters who are all about the Korean-wave, this was definitely a giveaway that they've been eyeing on winning.

Well, the Korean dream has come true for one of our Clozetters as we've recently announced her win! The winner is none other than Star Clozetter Daphne, otherwise known as mitsueki here on Clozette.

We recently got to chat with her and got her to share more about herself and her plans for her trip to Korea!


Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Daphne, or more commonly known as Mitsueki in the online blogosphere. Am currently a full time working adult who blogs as a hobby on a weekly basis. My blog covers a huge number of topics but my main topics usually revolve around lifestyle, fashion, food, travel and random news (aka tabloid news).

How did you get started in fashion/beauty/travel blogging?

I started blogging back in September 2012 with the initial purpose of marketing my blogshop (currently on hiatus). The blogging fever caught on after that and my passion for writing has never died ever since. Currently, I am more focused on my travelogues detailing on my travel escapades to share with my readers that can help in their holiday planning!

How did you feel when you were notified of your win? And can you tell us more about your plans for your trip to Korea?

I felt elated, ecstatic and an overwhelming feeling of shock and disbelief that I would be going on my dream trip to Korea! With regard to my itinerary, I can say that it is going to mainly consist of stuffing myself silly with all the delicious Korean food and snacks, cafehopping, and visiting all the must visit places (including those featured in Running Man!). 

What's your fashion and/or beauty must-have that you always bring with you during your travels?

I will definitely have my handy makeup pouch ready on hand consisting of minimally my concealer, powder, and eyeliner. Will also bring a few packets of face masks and moisturizers because my skin usually gets very dry and chapped overseas!

Any travel tips for our travelling Clozetters?

#1: Roll up your clothes and put them in the $2 packing cubes that you can get from Daiso. It saves alot of space in your luggage!

#2: Pack a set of clothes in your plane carry on, it will come in handy just In case your luggage gets lost (been there, done that, luckily I had a set of clothes to tide me over till the airline retrieved my luggage).

#3: Invest in a multi plug travel adaptor with USB ports. Trust me, it comes in handy everywhere especially when you have many electronic devices to charge - mine can charge 3 different ones at a go!

#4: Use Airbnb for affordable accommodations!

How long have you been part of Clozette and what's your favourite thing about the Clozette community?

I've been part of Clozette since early last year but never dared to post any photos till my recent weight loss which gave me more confidence to post my OOTDs to share with the community. I love how friendly the lovely ladies are on Clozette with their kind comments and encouragement on my photos on Instagram.

Anything you want to say to girls out there who want to get started on blogging and being part of a community?

Figure out your blog topics or blogging areas of interest--this will help you keep up blogging out of passion and/or interest so it will never wane off. I would also encourage you to join communities related to your blog genres and topics because it can help gain exposure to your blog especially when you're starting out (i.e fashion/beauty bloggers should try out Clozette if you are not already on it!)



Everyone’s favourite season has finally come and I for one am very excited to spend summer with my friends and family. While everyone is busy planning what to do or where to go this summer, there's a burning question on everyone's mind: what to bring to your summer trip.

So for my first article on ClozetteINSIDER, I have decided to share my summer travel essentials and the top things that I pack for trips this summer!


Beauty Essentials

At the top of my list are toiletries and beauty essentials. Whenever I go on my summer trips, I always pack my sunscreen and lotion first. These two are the most common essentials to protect our skin from the harsh rays of the sun. As for me, I always try my best to take care of my skin and just have the right amount of tan that I need for summer.

Next are my trusty sanitizer and wet tissue, just in case I need to clean up any messes during the trip and keep my hands clean before meals on the road. Another on my list is lip balm. When you are on the beach it is not necessary to have your lipstick around. So why not try a more natural look and protect your lips with a lightly tinted lip balm to soothe your dry lips.

Summer Accessories

When it comes to Summer trips, there comes a point when the heat becomes unbearable to handle especially on city tours. So to combat that, I suggest you always bring shades and a big floppy hat. You can also bring along a fan with you to cool you down even more. If you are still concerned about burning your skin, then pack a scarf that you can drape over your shoulders or use as a cover up.

Most girls also love to keep their long hair down; but when it gets too hot and you need your hair away from your face, hair ties are your best friend. Tie your hair in a high ponytail or a messy bun for a great look this summer. 


It is a must to bring gadgets while on a trip as a way to store memories. I usually bring my iPhone, iTouch, instax, and my camera around to take memorable photos. Also with all that gadget usage, do not forget to bring along a power bank so you can freely enjoy using your gadgets without worrying that you will run out of batteries.

Basic Summer OOTDs

If you are having trouble deciding on the clothes to bring on your trip, you can always try for the basics and not over-think your outfits. I suggest a tank top, shorts, kimono (or a cover up), plus your flip-flops and you are good to go. These pieces are also great for packing because they take less space in your bag. If you want to be more stylish, choose attractive colours or do not be afraid to use prints. These would require less accessories on your end as well!



Melissa, Brazil's iconic shoe brand known for its well-loved jelly shoes has got us excited with their latest collection—one by one. Melissa once again takes a step forward into the future of fashion. It will change the way shoes are worn making it innovative, fun, and crazy. Why? Because each design is NOT sold in pairs, but individually. 

With Melissa's One by One collection, the shoe-loving fashionista can mix-and-match to her heart's desire with any of the nine styles to create a unique pair. She can also wear them interchangeably as each shoe can be worn either on the right or the left foot.  

One by One is a quirky way to express your individuality. We did the math and these 9 styles can have 81 possible shoe combinations! There is definitely a pair that best fits your distinctive style. Whether you're a fashionista, a rocker chick, or a girl-next-door, One by One gives you endless options to complement your look.

One by One by Melissa will be available at the following Geleia stores in The Philippines: TriNoma, Greenbelt 5, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM Aura, Alabang Town Center, Robinsons Magnolia, and Shangri-la Plaza East Wing. Prices will be at P1,447.50 per shoe or P2,895 per pair. 

Click here to know more about One by One