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We all know that the world's love for K-wave is not dying anytime soon. And while we continue to indulge in Korean skincare and beauty, it's great to know that even our fashion choices are being expanded to accommodate our love for the trend. 

This is why we've listed down some K-fashion brands you can find under Society A to help you channel your hallyu love full-on. 

Angie Ann

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Created by designer Angie Jihyun Ahn, the brand showcases the designer’s distinct flavour of playful silhouettes and a stronger focus on conventional femininity. From textured outfits to giving women a luxurious feel, their ready-to-wear apparels will truly make you feel like a K-drama protagonist. 

Grace Raiment 

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This emerging South Korean label bears freshness and quiet edginess that makes every piece of their brand exciting and creative. Don't worry about over-the-top pieces you can't wear on the streets. This label ensures you channel uniqueness in the most wearable and chic way possible. 

IT:TI by Ti:baeg 

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Formed after the successful debut of Korean designer Cho Eun Ae’s main line, ti:baeg, IT:TI channels ti:baeg’s graphic and whimsical style but exudes a more affordable and casual vibe that's perfect for people looking for uniqueness but also wearability.

Soulpot Studio

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Always on-the-go? You'll love the pieces from Soulpot Studio. Taking inspiration from people walking in the city surrounded by natural greenery, Seoul-born designer Sujinn Kim mixes Zen vibes with an urban feel that gives off a 'too cool for you' vibe that's oh-so-irresistible. 


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Why settle for less when you can channel 'luxury with a twist' every single time? A breakaway line from Korean powerhouse designer label Lie Sang Bong, LIE showcases innovative design elements and details incorporated into contemporary looks. In summary, think of the dynamics of mixing in New York’s minimalism with Parisian avant-garde style.

Eager to get your Korean style transformation started? Take tips from these K-Drama characters.



Some colour combos just don't fail. There are even those that get elevated to classic status. Case in point: black and white. There are lots of ways to pair the two, and they're winners all the time. Here are just some examples of how you can rock the colour pairing.

Plain and printed

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Winter feelin'

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It’s Fri-yay! We’re ready to face the weekend — with fun new information at that. Here are some of the things that piqued our interest, and we’re sure you’ll love learning about these, too.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show no-show

Gigi Hadid has bowed out of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year. The model did not give a reason for her decision. Hadid’s announcement comes a couple of days after it was reported that the Chinese government made it hard for many models that are set to be part of the show to enter their country.

Get gifting

Mulberry is already in the mood for gifting. The brand has released their gift collection, as well as a film to give people a peek into what they can give their loved ones this holiday season. Watch the fun film above.

An all-nighter

The cult-favourite Urban Decay Cosmetics All-Nighter setting spray now has a concealer counterpart. The waterproof and full-coverage concealer comes in 14 shades.


The Kardashian clan are notorious for their marketing prowess, and Kim proves that the family’s touch remains unwavering. Kim just sold $10 million worth of her fragrances in just 24 hours.

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