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Move over, hair clips and bedazzled barrettes — another ‘90s hair trend is making its comeback this year: the scrunchies. That’s right. Your go-to childhood accessory is taking over Instagram, bigger and better than ever. Surprisingly, this new wave of colourful cloudlike hair accessories didn’t come from the more popular fashion brands that instantly draw hype. Instead, it all started with a humble store called Room Shop Vintage based in Philadelphia. Aside from selling vintage pieces, the shop creates sustainable products like these oversized hair ties made from recycled fabrics. Luckily for us, Room Shop Vintage ships internationally, so we in Asia can get our hands on their products, too. If not, DIY-ing is an option if you’re into crafts

Want to ride on this nostalgic giant scrunchie trend? You won’t go wrong with these vintage chic styles.

A classic tail

You can never go wrong with wearing a basic ponytail. Wherever you go, and no matter the occasion, this look would perfectly give your outfit some girly sophistication. Not to mention, having your hair up gives quite the relief from the heat.

Roll it in a bun

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Want to inject a little elegance to your evening out? If you think the giant scrunchie trend can be too overwhelming, try using it to tie your hair in a bun for an understated look. Pair it with a simple monochromatic dress so your hair becomes the star of your ensemble.

Braid it up

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Don’t think that the giant scrunchie trend is good enough in a simple style, however. Try to experiment at times, too. For days when you’re feeling a bit fancier, have fun and try braiding your hair a dozen ways to mix things up. 

Bubbly ‘do

If you’re not a braids person but want to switch up your usual ponytail anyway, opt to wear your locks in a Bubble ponytail instead. It’s fancier yet easier, as you just have to tie another elastic every few inches to create a new section. No need to tug your strands in between for volume, because the giant scrunchies give it that already. 

Cut it in half

Have short hair? Don’t worry — you can still work the giant scrunchie trend. Separate the upper half portion of your hair and tie it in a knot at the back. The oversized hair tie makes for a completely whimsical look.

Colour code

So as to not make your statement hair accessory clash with your whole outfit, opt to coordinate the colours of your ensemble. Keep it a bit more minimalist by wearing exactly the same muted shade, or at least choose within the same colour family.

Hand it over

There are times when our scalp feels tired and suffocated from having our tresses pulled in a tie. But at the same time, we also want to keep our hair tied to feel fresh all day long. For those days, the best option is to keep our hair ties accessible when we absolutely need them. What’s great about these supersized scrunchies is that they make good accessories for our wrist as well. Talk about multi-tasking and eye-catching! 

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Next, care for your hair with these hair masks.



As consumers, we look at products and weigh their benefits for our skin, hair and bodies, but we forget that each item can eventually turn into waste. While we support everyone's beauty endeavours, we also think everyone should think about ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Did you know that a piece of plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade naturally? It’s high time we step up to build a more conscious and responsible environment. Don't know where to start? Here are some ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. 

Water watch

One of the simplest ways to start is to keep an eye on how much water you consume during your daily routine. Taps can be turned off while you brush your teeth, nighttime routines that require rinsing can be done in the shower, and having a cold shower are just some of the things you can opt to do. Reducing the need to pump water reduces energy usage and cutting down on heating also helps decrease carbon emissions. Plus, your skin will thank you for minimising the hot water that’s been stripping the moisture from it.

Embrace nudity

There’s definitely convenience in picking up shower gels with their refill packets from the drugstore, but we say give naked soap bars some love, too. Not only does the Earth benefit, but you do, too. These soaps are often made with natural ingredients that give you a gentler wash, thanks to the high pH level and the cold process method — this means you also actively moisturise your skin when you use them. 

Eliminate microbeads

If you love that silky smooth feeling after a good exfoliating session, make it your mission to rid microbeads from your beauty regime. Not only are they are too abrasive for the skin, but they are also not biodegradable. Once they enter the water supply, they have a damaging effect on marine life, the environment and human health thanks to the ability to absorb toxins, which cycle back into the food chain. Pick a chemical exfoliant or something that uses natural exfoliators such as salt, oats or citrus, which can minimise damage to the environment.

Always recycle

Many brands these days are stepping up to the plate with their awareness of environmentally friendly products and packaging, but if you happen to choose brands that have not moved in that direction, that’s okay. Identify which plastics can be recycled by the numbers marked on them, and you’ll be on your way to a greener tomorrow.

Multi-tasking magic

Skip-care is dominating the beautyverse and there’s more to it than just cutting back on time. The multi-use function of beauty products also helps reduce single-use plastic consumption in addition to helping you keep those dollars in check. A versatile facial oil can double or even triple as a moisturiser, lip balm and body lotion — how’s that for consolidation?



Another week’s upon us. And before you groan about the hectic schedule you have for the next few days, take a break and catch up with all the latest bites you might’ve missed last weekend. From the release of Beyoncé and Donald Glover’s rendition of the iconic The Lion King duet to the fun beauty pop-ups in town this week — read them all here.

Disney teases the full version of The Lion King duet by Beyoncé & Donald Glover

With The Lion King’s worldwide premiere nearing, Disney hypes us up some more by releasing the full soundtrack of the film. The OST features a new original song from Beyoncé entitled Spirit, along with remakes of classic songs. But what caught everyone’s ears is Beyoncé and Donald Glover’s rendition of the iconic "Can You Feel The Love Tonight." Their perfect harmony in The Lion King duet completely gave us goosebumps. The music was a huge part of our fave childhood film, so we can’t wait to experience it anew as it plays along with the uber-realistic animation on the silver screen this week.

Kylie Jenner customises a private jet for Kylie Skin

In the most lavish Kylie Skin promo yet, Kylie Jenner decided to customise a private jet to promote her skincare brand. The beauty mogul had the jet repainted with Kylie Skin’s colours and logo. As if that wasn’t enough, she also had custom uniforms made for the flight attendants and had pink silk pillows and eye masks made for the flight. Kylie, along with her friends and daughter Stormi, had a photoshoot on the pink carpet laid out before the stairs before boarding the flight to an exclusive tropical Kylie Skin getaway. Though her brand has been embroiled in so many controversies, you can’t deny her extra dedication to her business.

Estée Lauder Launches Lip Lounge Pop-up

Estée Lauder launching this Lip Lounge pop-up and Disney releasing Beyonce & Donald Glover's version of "The Lion King" duet are just some of the latest news this weekend

For all lippie enthusiasts out there, there’s a new lip spa in town this week for you! Pamper yourself and get all your lip care needs at Estée Lauder’s Lip Lounge. The exciting pop-up at Paragon Level 1 Atrium features the beloved beauty brand’s latest Pure Color Envy Lip Care Collection. Try this and get an exciting makeover with the interactive four Insta-worthy “spa rooms”. Catch the fun week-long event and get makeup tips until 18 July.

Hair care centre Beijing 101 unveils new Funan Mall outlet and re-designed logo

Storefront exterior of Beijing 101 in Funan Mall

After over four decades of providing a holistic hair care experience for all, Beijing 101 gives their brand a whole new look. In the spirit of wellness, a new green logo with a more contemporary appeal has been unveiled. Their fresh new look was revealed at the opening of their outlet at Funan Mall. With the understated elegance of its interiors, you can enjoy a soothing experience perfect for de-stressing your tresses. Heading to their new branch this week? Definitely try out their signature Meridian Scalp Treatment that prevents hair loss by detoxifying and massaging your scalp. In just two hours, your locks will be shinier and healthier than ever.

(Cover photo from: @lionking)

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