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Gigi Hadid Is Under Fire For Instagram Post About Mykonos

Oh gee, Gigi!

Being a celebrity is full-time work. To misquote Spiderman, "With great social media clout, comes great responsibility." So when Gigi Hadid uploaded a controversial Instagram post about her not so good experience during her vacation in Greece, the internet wasn't very happy. 

Here's basically what happened: Gigi Hadid and her companions were robbed during their vacation in Mykonos Island in Greece. They were there to celebrate the birthday of her sister Alana Hadid, and one night they came home to their rental villa and saw the room in disarray with jewellery and other valuables nowhere to be found, according to TMZ. As you can imagine, anyone would be pissed in this situation. But the supermodel took it a step further and posted a 'PSA' on her second Instagram account (or finsta, as the cool kids call it). 

In her post, she declares that she's "never going back" and advised her followers to "spend money elsewhere." In a matter of minutes, Gigi's Instagram (her main account included) got swarmed with critical comments calling her post as "slander" to the island and the country to an extent. Others also pointed out that Gigi could have been more considerate since Greece's economy heavily relies on tourism and that her post could have a serious negative impact on local businesses.

To be fair, Mykonos, although mostly safe for tourists, has had several reported thefts and villa break-ins in the past. Even travel sites like TripAdvisor have community threads discussing these safety concerns. And that's why some people thought Gigi Hadid posting about it is a good thing because it can mobilise authorities on the island to take more precautions. 

Today, Gigi responded to critics detailing what happened to defend her post. "I was robbed along with more than 30 houses that night, some to gunpoint. It was not possible to contact any form of law enforcement except through my local security who happened to have a contact," she says. Well, that's really quite traumatising.

But aside from the robbery incident, it looks like Gigi had fun for most of the trip. Maybe she could have shared those good experiences too instead of writing off Mykonos completely. What do you think, does she deserve the hate or not?

(Cover photo from: @gigihadid)