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Draw Your Best Beauty Look With Armani Beauty's Colour Sketchers

Beauty artistry even when on-the-go

Once upon a time, doing one's makeup was not considered an art. But now, with a myriad of beauty looks, trends, products, and even enthusiasts that revolve around the industry, it truly has become an art form. Just think of terms such as palettes, brushes and even multi-purpose pencils and crayons that exist in the world of makeup and art. 

Unleash your inner artist and take command of your own beauty look

Following the notion of makeup-meeting-art is Armani Beauty's latest release, the Colour Sketchers. Taking the idea of one's face as a blank canvas ready to be creatively painted, these multi-purpose satin sticks are made for gorgeous makeup looks that can be achieved even when on-the-go. Because who said you can't come up with a flawless beauty look with your busy schedule?

Giorgio Armani Beauty Colour Sketchers shades

Promising great blendability and a mistake-proof formula, the Colour Sketchers come in 10 stunning yet versatile shades, ranging from beige tones to pinks to browns and plums. The products also come in a twist-up pencil format for ease of use and precision. Their smooth and easy-to-glide formula whether applied on the eyes, cheeks or lips gives the user more freedom over their makeup looks.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Colour Sketchers swatches

But that's not all. They look classy and elegant in their smooth black casing embellished with the Armani name in white and silver and a strip indicating the Colour Sketcher shade. Along with this, the handy size allows multiple sticks to fit perfectly into your daily purse, giving you endless makeup possibilities throughout the day without the hassle of bringing in a bulky beauty bag.

Sounds enticing? Draw your best beauty look by grabbing the Armani Beauty Colour Sketchers for SGD55/~USD40 each starting 1 August 2019 at ION Orchard and TANGS beauty counters.