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Give Your Hair A Treat With L'Occitane's New Launches

Getting that silky smooth hair we've always wanted can be really challenging, especially when it's inevitable to be exposed to pollution, heat, and dirt that can damage our hair. Not to mention our tendency to go for chemicals and hair grooming methods that can make matters take a turn for the worst. So when we heard that L’Occitane launched two new products in their Aromachrologie Hair Care line, we can't help but get excited.

Through years of research, L'Occitane's hair care range has been enriched with blends of essential oils whose properties infuse the hair right down to the tips. Now, with two new additions to their Aromachrologie Hair Care line, the gorgeous locks we've been dreaming of is finally within our reach.

First on the spotlight is the new Aromachologie Revitalizing Sorbet Fresh Mask For Hair. With its fresh gel texture, it envelops the hair with the promise of revived energy and volume. Taking on the benefits of five essential oils, the mask helps revitalize the scalp while giving a pleasant feeling of softness. All thanks to the soothing and moisturising properties of a complex of rebalancing sugar.

Meanwhile, the Aromachologie Body & Strength Leave In Concentrate For Hair joins L'Occitane's Body and Strength Hair Care range as a new densifying serum. It is formulated to help breathe life back into limp and lacklustre hair. The new Leave-In Concentrate also combines five invigorating essential oils to help achieve vigour and vitality, resulting to stronger, softer, and more voluminous hair. 

So say goodbye to hair care methods that can do more harm than good to your hair. Relax and pamper your lifeless locks with L'Occitane's new Aromachologie Hair Care products!


The L'Occitane Aromachologie Aromachologie Revitalizing Sorbet Fresh Mask For Hair and the Aromachologie Body & Strength Leave In Concentrate For Hair is available in all L'Occitane counters in Malaysia for RM 150 and RM 135 respectively.