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Give Your Work Wardrobe An Update With These Cool Pieces

Give your work wardrobe a one-up

Making your way to work with your power outfit gives an extra boost of confidence. From finding the perfect blazer to putting together a great work OOTD, an ensemble that is empowering can make even the busiest of days fly by smoothly. But work outfits can only go as far as the pieces you have in your wardrobe. And shopping endlessly to prevent OOTDs from becoming repetitive is both expensive and inconvenient. 

There's no need to turn your closet inside-out to find an office-ready outfit. Check out our list of staples to give your work wardrobe a one-up without the added effort. 

A power dress

(photo from ssydneyho)

The clothing version of the red lipstick, getting a solid-coloured dress exudes a powerful and confidence-boosting vibe. Throw in a blazer or an accessory and you're already in for a new look. If you're looking for a versatile fashion piece that works for both the office and a casual day out, this is a definite must-have. 

A carry-all tote

(photo from cforcassan)

Don't forget that a great work outfit is never complete without the right bag. A carry-all tote is not only stylish but also convenient for the all-around busy working girl. From your makeup bag to your laptop, keep everything safe and cosy without losing your cool by getting yourself one of these. 

A minimalist piece of jewelry

(photo from christyfrisbee)

A simple chain necklace or a pair of studded earrings revamps a look in the most unexpected ways. Even the plainest work OOTD looks more polished with a hint of sparkle.

A silk scarf

(photo from cassansaurusanaesi)

From headpieces to belts to a typical neck accessory, a silk scarf works wonders not just for your office wardrobe but any other look. 

A bateau top

(photo from charleneajose)

Instead of opting for a plain shirt underneath your blazer, go for a bateau instead. Whether you prefer pants or skirts, this nautical-inspired top is a perfect match. Plus, this versatile fashion piece stays chic and in-season all year round!

(cover photo from audreytiah)