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Nine hours away from Marrakesh, through the winding Atlas mountains, lies the Sahara desert. And you'll have to forgive this weary traveller for wanting a break from the adventure after enduring the long drive through those endless mountain roads.

Ait Benhaddou, the location where they shot the city of Yunkai in Game of Thrones

Travelling in the Sahara Desert Game of Thrones style... sans the dragons

On that drive towards the wilderness, nausea serves as an encouragement for the easily carsick to look out the window. For a frequent viewer of HBO's Game of Thrones, one might find the landscape oddly familiar — there are several locales along the way that stand in for the cities that Daenerys Targaryen passed through on her own journey through Westeros.

Glamping In The Sahara Desert - Sights

There certainly aren't any dragons at the end of this desert road, however. A different kind of animal awaits — one that is arguably more majestic than those CGI abominations. Travellers are taken through the desert on the backs of camels. Camels are finicky, temperamental creatures; animals who plod slowly through the desert while nipping at each other's backs, and this part of the trip is bound to be a novelty for the urban. One cannot Uber in the middle of the desert.

Our camel-puller, Ali, set the pace, and the gentle sway of these slow, sure-footed creatures had an effect that was meditative, almost hypnotic — these languid creatures travel at the speed that one walks. It almost felt, at one point, that we would be wandering the desert for biblical lengths of time and never reach our destination.

Glamping In The Sahara Desert - Camel Ride

We did, however, eventually reach our destination. We waited for the sun to set over the multitudes of sand dunes in the distance, turning our heads away from the occasional breeze that carried the fine sand with it. Our party eventually tired of wandering the tall dunes, and one begins to long for some creature comforts.

The best of both worlds, indeed

Fear not — though the Sahara Desert, by the first impression, can seem like an intimidating wilderness, it does have its pleasant surprises for those that scoff at the mere notion of staying disconnected. The Sahara Desert can offer the best of both worlds — anxious travellers will be surprised to hear that phones find 4G reception effortlessly, allowing one a beacon into civilization.

Further reassurance abounded as the stars came out. We had dinner in the well-lit tent that served as a dining hall — food is the Moroccan staple of Tajin, meat cooked in a hot pot, and we ate as we heard the constant sound of the wind flapping the canvas tent, which served as a good reminder that it was great to be indoors. After that, we unwinded by watching the stars and then headed for the showers. Amenities, while spartan, are serviceable and welcome — there are hot showers, after which one can then retire to separate tents to rest in clean, comfy beds. Not exactly as glamorous as the Hilton, but not too bad for the middle of nowhere.

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There's a rise in music festivals on our side of the world — think Ultra Music Festival and We The Fest — but we’re not complaining. If you're contemplating your next festival ensemble, then why not borrow some inspiration from the Clozette Community?

Cheeky Tube Top

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Summer Cropped Top

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Move over, hair clips and bedazzled barrettes — another ‘90s hair trend is making its comeback this year: the scrunchies. That’s right. Your go-to childhood accessory is taking over Instagram, bigger and better than ever. Surprisingly, this new wave of colourful cloudlike hair accessories didn’t come from the more popular fashion brands that instantly draw hype. Instead, it all started with a humble store called Room Shop Vintage based in Philadelphia. Aside from selling vintage pieces, the shop creates sustainable products like these oversized hair ties made from recycled fabrics. Luckily for us, Room Shop Vintage ships internationally, so we in Asia can get our hands on their products, too. If not, DIY-ing is an option if you’re into crafts

Want to ride on this nostalgic giant scrunchie trend? You won’t go wrong with these vintage chic styles.

A classic tail

You can never go wrong with wearing a basic ponytail. Wherever you go, and no matter the occasion, this look would perfectly give your outfit some girly sophistication. Not to mention, having your hair up gives quite the relief from the heat.

Roll it in a bun

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Want to inject a little elegance to your evening out? If you think the giant scrunchie trend can be too overwhelming, try using it to tie your hair in a bun for an understated look. Pair it with a simple monochromatic dress so your hair becomes the star of your ensemble.

Braid it up

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Don’t think that the giant scrunchie trend is good enough in a simple style, however. Try to experiment at times, too. For days when you’re feeling a bit fancier, have fun and try braiding your hair a dozen ways to mix things up. 

Bubbly ‘do

If you’re not a braids person but want to switch up your usual ponytail anyway, opt to wear your locks in a Bubble ponytail instead. It’s fancier yet easier, as you just have to tie another elastic every few inches to create a new section. No need to tug your strands in between for volume, because the giant scrunchies give it that already. 

Cut it in half

Have short hair? Don’t worry — you can still work the giant scrunchie trend. Separate the upper half portion of your hair and tie it in a knot at the back. The oversized hair tie makes for a completely whimsical look.

Colour code

So as to not make your statement hair accessory clash with your whole outfit, opt to coordinate the colours of your ensemble. Keep it a bit more minimalist by wearing exactly the same muted shade, or at least choose within the same colour family.

Hand it over

There are times when our scalp feels tired and suffocated from having our tresses pulled in a tie. But at the same time, we also want to keep our hair tied to feel fresh all day long. For those days, the best option is to keep our hair ties accessible when we absolutely need them. What’s great about these supersized scrunchies is that they make good accessories for our wrist as well. Talk about multi-tasking and eye-catching! 

(Cover photo from: @roomshopvintage)

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