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Bubblewrap: The Dossier On What's New At Glossier

The rave is strong with this one

By now, it's safe to say that nobody does product launches like Glossier. Leave it to this indie beauty brand to create massive hype around their new releases. From the Cloud Paint and Boy Brow to Milky Jelly Cleanser and Solution, their social media launches are nothing short of a major hype fest covered by the media, influencers and even celebrities. The latest raved product? Bubblewrap. As expected, the reaction to this new release is massive with some people even hailing it as a botox replacement. Keep reading to know more about Glossier's new promising product.

It's a dual-purpose beauty product

Aside from its reported effectivity, the main selling point of Bubblewrap is that it's not only an eye cream but it can also be used as a lip cream. In an interview with Allure, Melissa Souto (Director of Product Marketing and Development at Glossier) shared that the inspiration behind this dual-purpose product came from an industry hack where makeup artists use eye creams to prep lips. The brand also explains in their Instagram posts that both the eye area and lips are the thinnest parts of our face so it makes sense to give them some extra lovin'.

The key ingredients

Those who got first dibs on Bubblewrap reported that it has a unique "bouncy-milky" texture or as the brand puts it "water-in-oil emulsion" with a lightweight feel. But what exactly is this product made of? The key ingredients are mostly related to hydration, which includes two types of good old hyaluronic acid (hydrolyzed HA and Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer); squalane, which is a staple ingredient in anti-ageing products; and avocado oil. There's also a peptide complex (another anti-ageing ingredient) and fruit extracts that are rich in antioxidants. As you can see, it is indeed quite a power-packed product with a concentration on intense hydration. 

Here's what people are saying about it

By this time, all we can scout are praises about the effectivity of Bubblewrap. Glossier shares on their website that during their clinical trials, a high percentage of people found the product to be instantly moisturising and deeply hydrating after two hours. With all the rave reviews, it does seem like that's the case. The promising product was even dubbed as good as botox. Whoa!

Others commented on how good it is as a lip cream because it delivers ample hydration without the pilling. "It just soaks on your lips and just leaves you like a blank canvass," shares YouTuber Rohini Elyse.  All in all, there seems to be a consensus that this new release is a winner. However, beauty guru Ruthie Barone remarked that even though she really enjoyed Bubblewrap and thought it was a great product, she feels like it's not a must-have in your beauty cabinet if you already have a trusty moisturiser that you can use all over your face. 

Where to buy?

As you may know, Glossier products are hard to come by on this side of the globe. There's always the option of purchasing it directly from the brand's official website. But you can also wait and check with local shops and distributors in a few days if they're going to offer Bubblewrap soon. Here's hoping that it reaches our shores soon.

(Cover photo from: @glossier)