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Changing your nail polish week after week may be fashionable but it is not healthy for the nails. Nail polish contains chemicals and solvents that strip the nails of its moisture, making them brittle and prone to splitting and breaking. To solve that, you have to give your nails a break from all the colouring.

With Galderma's latest product, Locycare Nail Gel, your nails can now regain its healthy state in just 2 weeks!

Clinically proven to recover healthy looking nails, Locycare is a new moisturising nail gel that contains humectants and Artemisia leaf extract to hydrate and improve damaged and discoloured nails. Just dab it on your nails, lightly massage it in, and it will effortlessly penetrate the nails keeping it moisturised and healthy  every application. 

Give your nails a break and go bare with Locycare today! 

 Locycare Nail Gel is now available at selected pharmacies 


Love is in the air! As we prepare for a big night out for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that the way we smell is just as important as how we look – especially when he closes in for a kiss. Fragrances evoke and retain memories; they also leave a subtle impression about you on others.

Here are a few perfumes we suggest you wear this romantic season.



Your Valentine’s date: After presenting you with a bouquet of sunflowers, he takes you cycling, before completing the day with a picnic in a garden.

The perfume to wear: ESCADA Cherry in the Air. Inspired by the fresh and sweet scent of cherry blossoms, the top notes are rich citrus like black cherry and raspberry, and the heart notes consist of floral scents like gardenia petals, coupled with coconut orchid, warm vanilla and marshmallow. Available in 100ml (S$117), 50ml (S$93) and 30ml (S$67), and a 150ml body lotion (S$38).

Your Valentine’s date: Is at your favourite French restaurant and he surprises you with a bouquet of white roses, as well as a violinist playing “your song”.

The perfume to wear: Balmain Ivoire. The original Ivoire was inspired by the beauty of a woman draped in a pale silk gown whom Balmain saw one evening in the 1970s. The new Ivoire holds to the same poetic story while making the scent more contemporary. Available in 100ml (S$154), 50ml (S$108) and 30ml (S$79)


Your Valentine’s date: Is going to be like most weekends where you spend time with him helping out at the hospice. He cooks you dinner in the evening and presents you with a bouquet of pink roses.

The perfume to wear: PureDKNY A Drop Of Rose. Derived from community trade ingredients, this rose scent is concocted primarily from roses from Turkey, where they’re gathered one by one and then brought into the village for distilling. Available in 100ml (S$132) and 50ml (S$96).


Your Valentine’s date: He gives you the royal treatment by sending you to your favourite spa for a head-to-toe pampering. Then, he presents you with the largest bouquet you’ve ever received.

The perfume to wear: Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia. This zesty and glamorous fragrance gives an uplifting feeling with its top notes of freesia, green leaves and citrus zest, yet maintains its sensuality with the musk, sandalwood and warm chocolate accord in the base notes. Available in 100ml (S$168), 50ml (S$113) and 30ml (S$93).


Your Valentine’s date: He brings you on a road trip that concludes with a bungee jump.

The perfume to wear: D&G La Roue de la Fortune. This lavish perfume is feminine and opulent, opening with floral notes that contrast the scent of woods at the base. Retails at S$107 for 100ml.



(cover photo by missalvy)

When it comes to deciding on a lip-colour that matches the vibrancy of Valentine's Day, nothing surpasses the allure of the bold, red lip. But while it does add that statement, eye-catching finish to any Valentine's Day affair, we all know the worry that comes with keeping the colour lasting through the night.

So if you're looking to keep your red lip on all-night in time for Valentine's Day, here is our 3-step red-lip regimen for bold, bright, and kissable red lips.


Step #1: Prime Your Lips

We all hate it when we look at the mirror after a delicious dinner only to see that our red lips have faded---leaving behind blotchy, pale lips. So to prevent that from the get-go, prime your lips by staining them red! This works great especially for girls who don't have naturally pigmented lips. We love Benefit's Benetint for its deep staining power and sweet cherry tint. Dab multiple layers of this over your entire lip and let it dry for a long-lasting tint.
Step #2: Line Your Lips

Once your lips have been stained, it's time to line them with a lipliner for that well-defined outline while at the same time preventing the lip colour from bleeding and feathering beyond your lips (definitely not cute at all!). We like NARS' Lipliner Pencil in Jungle Red for its long-wearing colour and creamy formula that doesn't dry out the lips. Carefully line the outer edges of your lips before filling in your entire lips with the liner.

Step #3: Choose A Long-Wearing Formula

At the end of the day, the longevity of your red lip all boils down to the formula. While matte formulas generally last longer than creamier, glossy ones, those also easily dry out your lips. On the other hand, going too glossy may result in the colour slipping-and-sliding across your face. So top-off your prepped & primed red lip with a lipstick like the M.A.C Pro Longwear Lip Crème. It has a matte-to-sheen finish and is long-lasting without drying out your lips too much. Apply one to two coats for a full opaque coverage, and you're good to go!