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Go Confidently Nude With These Tips

Gloriously nude in your beauty look

There are several ways you can try to achieve a flawless yet natural-looking complexion without going over-the-top extra. Go ahead, let your skin be the star of the show — we reveal five tips that will help you enhance your natural beauty look like a breath of fresh air.

Use an exfoliator


Imagine a layer of dull-looking, dead skin cells piling up over your skin’s surface — not exactly a pretty look, isn’t it? Exfoliating helps remove these dead skin cells to reveal new cells underneath. This will, in turn, make your pores appear smaller and your skin smoother with a nice healthy glow.

Tip: Over-exfoliation can cause your skin to dry out or become irritated. Try manual exfoliation two to three times a week. If you’re into chemical exfoliation, like chemical peels, talk to your dermatologist and find out how often is best for your skin type.

Practice pimple care

Whatever the cause of your acne, pimple care is fundamental in preventing acne scars. The same acne-busting solution may be effective for your friend but it may not work for you. Since there are many acne types, the key is to first find out the root of your acne, then introduce the right pimple care for it.

Tip: Remember, there’s no universal remedy for acne. If all else fails, leave the extraction to the pros.

Go Nude with CLIO

(Photo from: fashbrown)

We love a less-is-more look when it comes to makeup. That’s why the CLIO Nudism collection — which consists of the Nudism Water Grip Cushion, Nudism Water Grip Brightener, and Nudism Moist Fit Powder Pact — is right up our alley. Ever heard of the barefaced beauty? Yeap — we think we’ve got a winner here.

The Nudism Water Grip Cushion provides an impressive full coverage while maintaining a natural, fresh-faced finish. It also features an intense moisturising formula in its innovative honeycomb mesh that pampers the skin with hydration while delivering a dewy glow. For instant luminosity with an equally powerful moisturisation capabilities, reach out for the Nudism Water Grip Brightener. Need a sebum absorber without compromising on hydration on the fly? Just pat on the oil-resistant coated Moist Fit Powder Pact.

Tip: Enhance your natural beauty with the right makeup tool. Find out how to use the CLIO Nudism collection in the video below.

Try facial massages


Facial massages may seem like a luxuriously time-consuming practice that’s only done at spa salons. But just a few minutes of do-it-yourself facial massage can work wonders for your skin. Gentle massages stimulate blood vessels and boost blood circulation, which can tone up your facial muscles and brighten your complexion.

Tip: The key is literally right at your fingertips! Simply incorporate massage into your daily skincare routine. A serum, or an oil-based product, works best with facial massages.

Proper removal of makeup

You’ve got your makeup look down pat, what about your makeup removal step at the end of the day? Makeup residue can really wreck havoc on your skin. They’re just like dead skin cells, which can dull your skin drastically. So make sure you’re mastering the right removal techniques.

Tip: Don’t be stingy with your makeup removal products. Soak your cotton pads with a generous amount and let the product settle on your skin briefly. As a rough gauge, the last cotton pad you use should be clear of any makeup residue.

(Cover photo from: fashbrown)

We love a good skin-lovin’ makeup collection. Find out more about the CLIO Nudism collection here.