Go Shave With Dove Deo! | Clozette
I used to have a love-hate relationship with my razor… only because I shave like a man! My hair grows really fast, and really dark and thick too. And it’s not just me –I learned that Filipinas are afraid to lift their arms and expose their armpits. I mean, I feel that too!

Our underarm skin gets damaged each time we shave. It usually takes a week for the skin to heal from the trauma, but because we have to shave every day (well, for me at least), our skin doesn't have enough time to heal itself. Hence, the rough, dark underarms.

Here’s a little-known fact: Did you know that when you shave your underarms, one- third of what you shave is actually skin? All the friction and abuse that we do to our underarm skin cause the discolorations. What Dove deodorants does is that it speeds up the healing process of the skin, and it protects and moisturizes the skin to prevent further damage!

The change that Dove does for the pits in just a few days is impressive! It’s like skin care for your armpits. ¼ of the deodorant is actually moisturizer, exactly the amount of moisture that our underarm skin needs to help heal the skin faster, and effectively.

So, now let's take a look at photos of my armpits. I am exposing myself for the love of beauty, so here I am.

I took a photo of my underarm and immediately used the DOVE deo stick because I want to see how long it will take to make my underarms look nicer. You can see from the photo above that my underarms look dark and looks very rough.

DAY 15

Two weeks later, you can see a lot of improvement on my underarms! It appears lighter and smoother. Some of the rough, thick lines are starting to smoothen out and lighten as well!

DAY 25 

On the third week on using Dove deo, my armpits look so smooth and more even! You can see that it's a lot smoother and my skin is more even than from day one!

Here is a closer look of my progress. I love that most of the lines are smoother now, and the bumps from ingrown hair have also subsided! Pigmentation is also lighter, it no longer looks dirty!

Imagine the results if you continue to use this product! I’m so happy that Dove delivers on its promise of lighter and smoother underarms!


Do you have a similar story to share? We’d love to hear all about it! Share your Dove story on social media with the hashtag #DoveGoShave!

Dove Deo variants are available in all leading supermarkets in the Philippines. 


With the temperature rising, you’re probably out and about planning your summer OOTDs and changing up your beauty routines. Besides rocking a natural sun-kissed glow, going playful with your lippies is the best way to have fun under the sun!

So whether it's going to the beach, rocking out at festivals, or travelling with your BFFs, we've got you covered with these summer #lipspirations.



If you want to go for a completely natural look, nude shades are definitely the way to go. Get a picture-perfect summer look by getting a lippie that’s either one shade lighter or darker than your skin tone.This is perfect if you plan on being outdoors most of the day as it’ll give you that fresh, natural vibe to go along with your subtly flushed cheeks.
Fuchsia Pink

Not your typical splash of pink, highlight your lips with this bright and fun-looking shade. Whether you're going for a fun and flirty or a simple and sweet look, this colour will totally make you stand out if you plan on hitting those nighttime beach raves.

Deep Plums

With the summer heat, we usually opt for a minimalist MOTD to let our skin breathe. This is the perfect opportunity to go bold with our lips and go for deep plum shades. Whether you’re gunning for a totally sexy and mysterious look or just looking for a way to look made up without the extra effort, a little swipe of this vampy lippie and you're good to go. 

Coral Orange 

If you love something natural-looking but still oozing with colour, this is the shade for you. This colour effortlessly complements your bright, summer #OOTD—especially when you’re rocking that summer tan

Deep Reds

Nothing beats the classic! If you plan on hitting the beach to escape from the intense heat, wear it best with solid coloured swimwear to make the look a perfect 10. You also don't have to worry on bringing an entire collection of lipstick if you plan on getting tan because darker shades of red look greater on deeper skin tones. 


Which lip colour are you excited to wear this summer? Share it with us in the comments below.


This April 2016, L’Oréal Paris Cosmetics re-launches as L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris, unveiling the secret of the elegant and charming Parisian flair with a collection of the most qualitative and expert makeup.

This brand re-launch spans across three categories: Face Architect is all about sculpting making our ‘canvas’ smooth to achieve that bare yet beautiful and perfect look; Eye Artistry aims to give outline and emphasis to our eyes, making it look captivating without the added effort and lastly; Color Obsession is for dressing our lips with our dream colour palette for any mood or occasion. 



Reveal a flawless, moist and radiant complexion using our dewy skin creator. Utilising byron liquid light technology that infuses essence water to form a signature liquid light complex, the Lucent Magqiue BB Cushion Lumiere instantly transforms the skin to look brighter, healthier, and more radiant.

Pair your moist, dewy makeup look with the Lucent Magqiue Cushion Blusher for naturally-flushed cheeks that radiates with a healthy glow. The lightweight water-based formula adheres seamlessly onto cheeks, creating a gradient effect and instantly plumped cheeks.


This eyeliner releases ink gradually as you draw the line, allowing perfect control in one single movement without the hassle of repeating. With a super flexible tip, it naturally follows the contours of the eyelid, allowing you to boldly extend to the ends of the lash line.


Transform your lashes in two simple steps – thicken every lash using the super-sizing primer until you obtain an audacious volume. Then, stretch and curl with the fiber-rich formula for staggering lashes dressed in the most intense black.


Color Riche presents La Palette Nude is the ultimate makeup designer tool with a symphony of nude tones and three exquisite finishes – shimmery satin, intense matte and lustrous sheen, specifically chosen by our makeup designers to create the most diverse nude eye looks.


Meet the new generation of lipsticks that combines the lip-loving benefits of a lip balm. It’s micro-neon technology targets dullness and instantly flushes lips with a pop of irresistible colour. Its ultra-light aerogel oil also delicately wraps lips in extraordinary shine, while the shea butter delivers 12 hours of the most nourishing care. 


L’Oreal Makeup Designer/ Paris products are available at all L’Oréal Makeup Designer counters at Watsons, Guardian, SASA and selected Fairprice and Department Stores in Singapore.