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Pronto, a popular Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant chain with 330 outlets in Japan, is one of my go-tos for a quick bite or a perk-me-up coffee on my regular trips to the country. It has now landed on the shores of Singapore, making its debut at GOCHI, a multi-brand Japanese food hall concept located at a rather hard-to-find conservation shophouse in Capital Square, along with three other new-to-market Japanese brands: conveyor-belt sushi chain Chojiro, unagi speciality restaurant Unaemon, and frozen fruit bar Paletas.

Left: Chojiro Ball-Shaped Sushi Set; Right: Paletas Frozen Fruit Selections

These four eateries are joined by Morozoff, a premium Japanese confectionery and chocolatier with three other outlets in Singapore that seduces with its range of fine chocolates, cookies and cream cheesecakes; and Hokkaido’s No. 1 soup curry chain, Suage, which has restaurants located at Jewel Changi Airport and Capitol Piazza.

Left: Unagi at Unaemi; Right: The storefront of Morozoff

Unaemon — co-founded in Japan by the owner of Taga, a 147-year-old Unagi speciality restaurant —impresses. The eels are kept alive in circulated filtered-water and slaughtered just before being grilled over hot charcoal. The fresh and sweet meat, lightly marinated with sake and a secret sauce was served over fluffy grains of "Nanatsuboshi" rice from Hokkaido.

Left: Pronto Singapore's interior; Right: A pasta dish from Pronto

But I’m betting that Pronto would be the most popular among these eateries. It is easy to love with its well-executed fusion pastas (think classic carbonara with prosciutto and rocket, and aglio olio with scallop), and palatable breakfast sets of grilled sandwiches and croissants along with good coffees. To cater to the after-office crowd in the advertising industry enclave, it’s equipped with a well-stocked bar, too.

Suage's Chicken Leg Honetsuki

If you need something to spice up your meal, look no further than Suage. I first came across the omnipresent soup curry on a recent trip to Hokkaido. This soul food of the northern prefecture didn’t sound terribly exciting and ranked low on my to-eat list, and ended being my last meal for the trip, eaten at the airport just before my flight home. I was pleasantly surprised by its tastiness, flavoured with spices reminiscent of a mix of Japanese, Chinese and Indian curries that exude a good balance of sweetness, spiciness and milkiness; the star ingredient being the delicious vegetables. The Suage version, which includes a choice of meat or seafood (a chicken leg in my case), was as good and as spicy as what I remembered the Hokkaido soup curry to be, leaving a sheen of sweat on my brows after I demolished the reasonably sized bowl. Suage operates as an express counter at GOCHI to cater to the busy central business district (CBD) lunch crowds — a smart move.

Sprawled over a 5,000-square-feet space, GOCHI allows diners to graze from one food brand to the next within the convivial food hall that is comfortably decked out with wooden furnishings and warm lighting for a cosy ambience. Such Japanese-style food halls are popping up not just in Singapore but across the region as well — a competitive scene, but GOCHI seems to have hit the right formula with a good mix of culinary brands that delivers a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience.

GOCHI is located at Capital Square, 23 Church Street, #01-02/08, Singapore 049481, and open Mondays to Sundays, 11:30AM to 9PM.



Oh, the dreads of packing your suitcase before travelling to a beautiful country! We know the drill, we’ve all been there. Outfit coordination is very much essential, not to mention the excruciating process of rearranging everything to meet your luggage’s limit. Nevertheless, all these hassles are worth your energy after seeing how your travel photos turned out. Just let these breathtaking shots taken from the lovely Clozette Community do the talking!

White Monotone

White Monotone

(Photo from: JacelynPhang)

Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic

(Photo from: Estherksz)



Whether you're a Selenator or not, it's undeniable that Selena Gomez is one of today's trendsetters and role models. Aside from growing up with most of today's young adults with her Disney history and previously holding the crown as the most followed person on Instagram, her story of conquering mental health issues and lupus while still serving us music and movies has been an inspiration to most. And while we still can't believe that she's already turned 27 — she has such a baby face — we're celebrating the occasion by giving you facts and trivia you might not know about the Kill 'Em With Kindness singer. 

She's a Barney baby

Since throwback trends are so in these days, we figured that starting off with Selena's origins in acting is the best way to look back at her career. She and her co-Disney alum Demi Lovato became BFFs when they were kids on the set of Barney and Friends and it seems like even then, S.G. knows how to strut her stuff. She once shared that her experience on the set made her eager to pursue a career in performing. 

She guest-starred in Hannah Montana prior to her own Disney fame

Everyone seems to forget that before Selena even scored her Wizards of Waverly Place gig that launched her Disney fame, she was first and foremost Hannah Montana's archrival Mikayla. That's right! Miley Cyrus shared the stage with Selena Gomez where the latter even had to lip-sync in the guesting stint — maybe Disney execs still didn't know Selena could sing at the time.

She debuted her music career with a band

A year after the WOWP success, Selena's music career took off not as a solo artist but as a vocalist to the band Selena Gomez & The Scene. Bringing us hits like Love You Like A Love Song and Hit The Lights, Selena's own style definitely shone through beyond her famed Disney character as she channelled bold hair and makeup, as well as a more metallic grunge aesthetic in most of her music videos.

She also favoured sexier pieces like deep-V necklines, a lot of tube dresses and tops and poofy tulle skirts matched with boots, which, at the time, can be deemed provocative. Still, her baby face and clean rep off-screen seemed to have saved her graces more so than when fellow Disney teen stars like Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens took the edgier route to inch away from their Disney careers. 

She loved using filters and glare edits on her earliest Instagram posts

After her hit Disney series ended in 2012, Selena fully committed to going on tour for her music as a solo artist. In 2013, she started documenting her tour adventures via Instagram — a platform she will later on (until present time) dominate. Unless you're someone patient enough to scroll through her entire Instagram history, here's a fun bit: just like all of us, Selena had her fair share of filtered snaps on the platform. Her earliest posts consist of heavily filtered and retrofied shots that feature her adventures breaking free from her Disney identity. 

She has a thing for minimalist tattoos

For someone who loves to show a lot of skin, it's quite interesting to note that Selena actually has 10 known tattoos to date even if we rarely see them. This is because aside from her preference for minimalist designs, she's also quite strategic in where she puts them. Some of her most notable tats include a semi-colon on the side of her wrist, her initials behind her ear, and the number '4' on her elbow which she got to match her BFFs. 

Her most iconic looks stood the test of time

Looking back, it seems like Selena never really had an awkward style phase. Her choices in both beauty and fashion definitely stood the test of time, if not improved, with her preference for timeless colours and foolproof makeup techniques. She's also one of the few former Disney stars who's style never really went through an overhaul, whether it be in hair colour, wardrobe staples or choice of footwear. 

(Cover photo from: @selenagomez)

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