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Greet The New Year With Spotless Radiant Skin

Your skin remembers everything – the afternoon at the beach, your 28th birthday, the time you got chicken pox. Over the years you’ve amassed a collection of freckles, spots of pigmentation, even that chicken pox scar. And while you’ve always wanted to do something about them, the risks involved in clinical procedures have always held you back. 

Not any more. Tackle all your skin discolouration woes with the L’Oreal Paris Anti-Spot Brightening Essence and the White Perfect LaserTM Day Cream SPF19 PA+++ for the fair and radiant complexion you have always wanted. The Essence reduces the formation of dark spots, fights oxidation and free radicals to restore fairer skin and gently exfoliates to let new, unblemished skin shine through. The Day Cream then strengthens the skin’s defense system and nourishes and protects the skin from UV damage that also contributes to spots. Together they work to give you radiant flawless skin. Now, that’s one more thing to tick off your wish list.