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Getting Hair Tinsels For The Holidays? Here's What You Need To Know

Adding more glitz to the holidays

We all know one person who absolutely loves the holidays. Whether that's you or someone in your gang, we're sure that this resurging hair trend will definitely pique your interest. We're talking about hair tinsels. You know this Christmas garland-like hair accessory as ever-present in music festivals in previous fashion scenes. But now, it has evolved into one of the year's hottest hairstyle trends. From celebrities to influencers to the fashionable people we personally know in our lives, it's becoming a subtle yet impactful style statement.

Girl with hair tinsels

(Photo from: SabrinaWong)

Got you convinced to get hair tinsels for a show of festive cheer? Or maybe you're considering to simply upgrade your personal style? We're dishing on this budding holiday style trend below. 

It's easy to DIY but it's better to get someone's help

Unlike hair extensions or other procedures in getting a reinvented 'do, hair tinsels are much easier to achieve. First, fold a tinsel strand in half, creating a loop on one end and a tail in the other, then create a loose slip knot. Once you have the loop ready, take two to three strands of your own hair, put it across the loop until at least half an inch from your scalp. Secure the slip knot in place but make sure it's tied perfectly to your hair strands. Just repeat the process until you're satisfied with the number of strands you have on. 

It's something that can definitely be achieved by yourself, but there's a reason why others opt having it done in salons. One, making sure that you can tie it securely is definitely challenging when you don't have a clear view of your own crown. Two, it's easier to get a nicer balance between each strand by going at it in layers. This can be pretty tough to achieve even if you have a big mirror in front of you. Plus, talk about straining your arms in doing so. 

It's not your ordinary holiday tinsel 

Despite its name, a hair tinsel's material is not at all similar to what we use on our Christmas trees. In most cases, they are either made with polyester or silk, making them able to stand an appropriate amount of heat when styled and also avoid the colour from bleeding when shampooed. This makes it easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle without having to worry too much about changing your entire routine around it. 

It can last up to six months

In most cases, we all love a long-lasting beauty revamp. But the timeframe is something you have to consider when getting hair tinsels. Unless you're totally in it for a ride of up to six months, we suggest getting the temporary clip-on ones instead. This is because, despite the positive longevity, you might find yourself in events or situations where hair tinsels prove to be too flashy. Longevity also depends on the quality of hair tinsels used and how secured the strands are. So unless you don't mind flaunting sparkly hair for a long while, this is one thing to note when planning on getting this hairstyle done. 

You can remove it hassle-free

Hair tinsels eventually fall off on their own. But the longevity can depend on your hair's strength as well as how secure the initial knots are. The better they're tied, the longer they'll most likely stay on. Plus, usual activities, like combing your hair or styling it often, can also cause the tinsel strands to fall off naturally. You wouldn't feel a thing. 

On another note, you can actually remove the hair tinsels on your own should you not want them anymore. Simply find the base of the knot and start sliding it off the hair strands it's attached to. If they're still too tight, you may opt to yank them off ever so gently. Sounds painful? It might be. So make sure you're aware of the timeframe for this type of commitment and just enjoy them while you still have them on. 

(Cover photo from: @goddessglitterhair)

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