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Hairstyles And Styling Trends To Try Right Now

With The Redken Style Crew

With the arrival of the Fall fashion season, there's no better time than now to give yourself a hairstyle upgrade. And what better way to showcase this season's best street-ready hairstyles than through this fashion and hair look book from The Redken Style Crew! The looks are edgy and on-trend, framing the face with a shot of attitude perfect for the dark hues of Fall. 

So if you're looking to stand-out from the crowd, here are 6 street-ready looks for ultimate #hairspiration!


The Scrunched Bob

Ellie Tan's style motto is to keep it chill and simple. So for Fall, she's rocking The Scrunched Bob that's edgy and truly stands out from the crowd of luscious lock locks. It's an effortless and versatile style that works with every look. Best thing about it: it's quick and easy to maintain, perfect for the busy fashionista who wants something low-maintenance. Just softly scrunch your hair in place with a mix of styling mousse and spray. The messier, the better.

The Inward Twirl

The Inward Twirl has become Joycelyn Thiang's signature look, effortlessly taking her style from twirly, floral dresses to street-chic. It's a hairstyle best done on those with naturally straight hair. Just blow dry and twirl the ends of your hair inwards towards your jawline for chic sophistication. 

The Tousled Lob

For her Redken Style Crew look book, Marie Soh went for a glam look that's all about volume and dimension: The Tousled Lob. It's also a cut and style that enhances the playful colours on her hair. The Lob is probably one of the best looks for those looking to rock short hair but still wants to maintain the face framing, playfulness of mid-length hair. Just wash, dry, tousle, and twirl--and you'll be good to go!

The Sea Salt Waves

This is a look perfect for beach-loving and boho-inspired girls. The Sea Salt Waves give Nedra Lim that fresh from the beach look that is all about texture and loose,chunky waves with a touch of ombré. So if you love your long hair and don't want to go too short, this look is something you may want to try. 

The C-Shaped Swirls

Pearlynn Wang went for one of the hottest hair trends this season: The C-Shaped Swirls. A close-cousin to the The Inward Twirl, this style is the long-haired version of the twirl but emphasizes the face-framing layers usually seen in long hair. To re-create this look, just blow dry your hair, twirling the brush inwards towards your jawline to create that C-Shaped Twirl at the ends. 

The Side Swept Serious Curls

For pure edge, you can't get any cooler than the Side Swept Serious Curls as rocked by Rachel Wong. It has the sultry allure of side-swept long hair, with the edge of short hair. This is a perfect style for the adventurous fashionista daring enough to make the change.


So which look is your favourite? Let us know in the comment box below!