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Halal Beauty Brands You Should Add To Your Faves List

100% Halal-Certified Goodness

  • BL on 20 May, 2019

    Feature Writer

Makeup allows for plenty of self-expression. Sometimes, it’s not just how it looks on your face that matters but what you decide to put on. Currently, there are lots of options in the cosmetics industry. This allows women to choose what best suits their beauty philosophy. Yet the concept of halal beauty is less frequently talked about.

What is halal beauty?

A common misconception about halal beauty is that it’s simply natural or vegan. Halal beauty is more distinctive in that its composition and production must adhere to the tenets of Islamic law. That means no alcohol, no genetically modified organisms, and no ingredients derived from animals. This is so because halal is believed to not only affect what Muslims should eat but also what cosmetics they wear (in part because lipstick, for example, gets ingested when you lick your lips or eat). Curious? Here are some of the brands to know if you’re interested in checking out halal-certified products.


Halal beauty brand Chriszen Match Matte Serum Foundation MN 215 Nude Beige

Chriszen Match Matte Serum Foundation in MN 215 Nude Beige, MYR56.90/~SGD19

Chriszen is a leading halal beauty and skincare brand in Malaysia. Their focus is to provide quality products innovated with science and creativity that embody beauty and glamour with a Southeast Asian touch. Their Match Matte Serum Foundation boasts of 11 active ingredients such as Oat Kernel Extract and Red Sea Algae to provide hydration, whitening, anti-ageing, antioxidant, and anti-pollution benefits.

Talent Cosmetic

Halal beauty brand Talent Cosmetic Sunwoo Cosme BB Pact,

Talent Cosmetic Sunwoo Cosme BB Pact, MYR101/~SGD33

Talent Cosmetic unites the best of K-beauty with halal principles. The first to acquire halal certification for cosmetics in Korea, Talent Cosmetic aims to bring K-beauty’s high-performing and aesthetically appealing makeup and skincare to a wider audience. Many love their Sunwoo Cosme BB Pact for its non-oxidising, lightweight formula and pearly glow finish.

Wardah Beauty

Wardah Beauty Perfect Curl Long-Lasting Mascara

Wardah Beauty Perfect Curl Long-Lasting Mascara, price unavailable

Wardah Beauty takes beauty seriously and this can be seen through their in-site Skin Analyser, which selects the best products for your skin type. They’ve also been a firm champion of women empowerment by lending their products and services to local designers at Jakarta Fashion Week. Their Perfect Curl Long-Lasting Mascara is enriched with Argan Oil to offer extra nourishment for fine lashes.

Zahara Cosmetics

Zahara Cosmetics Golden Goddess Palette

Zahara Cosmetics Golden Goddess Palette, MYR36/~SGD12

Zahara Cosmetics prides itself in bringing “beauty without compromise” and celebrating diversity for all. Their products are carefully selected and made with the customer’s interests in mind, with shade selections curated from numerous polls and surveys. One good example is their Golden Goddess Palette, an eyeshadow quad of richly pigmented and flattering neutrals.

Amara Cosmetics

Amara Organic Lipstick in Burgundy Blush

Amara Organic Lipstick in Burgundy Blush, MYR43/~SGD14

Amara is well-known for being the first halal-certified and all-natural cosmetics manufacturer in North America. They make use of plant-based ingredients and everything from the texture, smell, and the product packaging is taken into consideration to make everything appealing for both Muslim and non-Muslim women. Their Organic Lipstick — which is made of vegetable oils, waxes and mineral pigments — is one of their bestsellers.


Sampure Minerals Glamorous Nail Polish

Sampure Minerals Glamorous Nail Polish in Harmonic Tan, MYR74/~SGD24

Sampure is a multi-award-winning UK halal beauty brand popular in Europe for its delicate makeup products. They focus on developing pure mineral cosmetics with a luxurious look and feel. Their breathable Glamorous Nail Polish is free of harsh ingredients like formaldehyde and parabens, with a mica-based chip-proof formula to boot.

May these halal beauty brands encourage a new perspective in approaching beauty!

(Cover photos from: @chriszen_official)

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