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Halloween Group Costumes For Your Squad

Serving spooktacular squad goals

  • AA on 25 Oct, 2019

    Features Writer

Convince your BFFs to play dress-up this Halloween, but make it even more fun by doing it as a squad. Don't know where to start? We lined up the coolest Halloween group costumes that's perfect for your crew — no matter what your interests are as a group.

Sailor Scouts

With retro inspirations and zodiac-inspired everything being two of the biggest things in fashion and beauty right now (not to mention massive girl power vibes), Sailor Moon and her gang is definitely an ideal choice. The titular character of the famed animé franchise not only sports the most iconic and dazzling Eastern pop culture ensemble there is, you and your pals can also share extra fun by choosing which character suits your personality. You can even bring a significant other to dress up as Sailor Moon's love interest Tuxedo Mask or a cute younger sister/niece to play Chibiusa (Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's child from the future)!

Power Rangers

If you want to avoid hyped up references like Avengers or Money Heist for your group look, Power Rangers is a squad from our childhood that still has great impact. Choose your ranger depending on your favourite in the series or just based on your favourite colour. Plus, no need to worry about group poses for pics as the series and its many adaptations already provide countless inspirations to choose from. 

Disney Villains

We've already talked about Disneybounding before but here's a summary in case you missed it: it's where you can downplay classic Disney looks. People usually go as Disney princesses, but this year, especially with Maleficient hitting the theatres and Descendants rising in popularity, we're looking at villains for inspiration. Not only are Disney villains like Snow White's Evil Queen, 101 Dalmatians' Cruella De Vil, and even The Little Mermaid's Ursula known for channelling wicked beauty and fashion looks (pun intended), they also have that sassy attitude that's perfect to strut around in, arm-in-arm with your BFFs. 

The Breakfast Club

Riverdale may be today's hottest 'teen' gang on TV, but if you really want to channel highschool cliques, you have to go for the best one. We're talking about the group in John Hughes' classic '80s film, The Breakfast Club. Level up the costume challenge by going as the one you're least like among the characters. The best part is you don't have to pay much for the costume — you might even have pieces already in your closet.

A band of horror movie figures

If you and your squad really take Halloween seriously, why not go as some of the most (in)famous characters from scary movies? Ghostface from Scream is a classic choice, Michael Myers from the Halloween trilogy is another great pick (trivia: he apparently wears an upturned Captain Kirk mask from Star Trek), and throw in a Pennywise from It for variety.

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