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Keep These Hand-y Skincare Tips In Mind

Skincare for your hands

There’s no other part in our body that we can claim to be both gentle yet also powerful as our hands. In so many ways they are our most neglected body parts. We use them daily for important activities like typing, texting or cooking, as well as hugging and holding the hands of the ones we love. Which is why it makes a lot of sense that we show our hands some tender, loving care once in a while. But how do we do it? Ahead, our tips on how to keep the most hardworking part of our body always looking beautiful.

Remember these hand care tips

Wear gloves

This is probably the most basic protection you can give your hands. Dish soaps are known to dry out the skin and perfumes in detergents have been known to worsen skin problems like eczema. Wearing gloves when using these products could offer some much-needed protection. 

Make sure you exfoliate your hands


Dead skin cells are often the reason hands look dull and rough. So make sure to exfoliate the hands at least once a week. A gentle exfoliator would be the most ideal since the skin on the hands are usually quite sensitive. Try the L’Occitane One-Minute Hand Scrub, which has shea, sweet almond, grapeseed oils and gentle beads to give your hands some nice scrubbing. You can also make your own using sugar and a skin-friendly oil like virgin coconut oil.


Just like the skin on our face, the skin on our hands need moisturisers to keep their elasticity. Skincare experts recommend hand creams that contain hand-friendly ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and macadamia nut oil. And the best time to apply is when your skin is damp — think right after a bath or when you’ve just washed your hands. Keep on re-applying when necessary — your hands will thank you for it!

Check out Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream or the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream (Fragrance-Free), which is an affordable option to keep hands looking gorgeous. 

Moisturise your hands

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Always remember that it's not just your face that needs protection from the sun. Our hands also need sunblock to keep them looking young and to prevent sunspots that make them look blotchy. So make sure you slather on your favourite sunscreen for the body on your precious hands. Or better yet, opt for a moisturiser with SPF like the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream with SPF15. It also helps correct dark spots through its blend of vitamin C, salicylic acid, and yeast.

Go to a hand spa

Treat yourself to a hand spa

Go ahead and give your hands a treat. Head to your favourite nail spa and avail of their professional service. Not only can you ask someone to give your hands the loving it needs but you can also get a nice manicure to keep them pretty.

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