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Would You Buy Beauty Products From Harry Styles?

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If the noughties gave us a plethora of celebrity perfumes, the next decade proved to be a moment for beauty brands by movie stars, singer-songwriters and reality show icons. And it’s looking like this trend is still going strong even in this era, but this time, more men are entering the scene. Beauty Community, give a warm welcome to Harry Styles, soon-to-be member of the celebrity-turned-beauty-mogul club.

Birth of a beauty brand

Harry Styles fan account @TheHarryNews shared on Twitter that their idol has been listed as a director of a beauty company named “Pleased As Holdings Limited”.

Us Weekly has confirmed this with some obtained documents. The papers say that the nature of the business is “wholesale of perfumes and cosmetics” and that Emma Spring, Harry Styles’ former assistant, is also involved in the venture.

Some have speculated that the brand name may be S.H.E. as in Styles, Harry Edwards, the musician’s full name. But as of now, nothing is set in stone. Harry Styles could really be launching a beauty brand or maybe this could just be an elaborate prank — although we sincerely hope it’s not because the idea of the Watermelon Sugar singer releasing makeup is very intriguing.

While some celebrities have been met with doubts if they even use their own products or questioned about why they’re planning to launch a beauty brand when they don’t use makeup, the news that Harry Styles will possibly launch a cosmetic company is curiously met — almost unanimously — with pure excitement.

A future beauty mogul

Having a loyal, solid fanbase that followed him even after the hiatus of One Direction in 2015 could be a factor why a beauty brand from Harry Styles is welcomed by many. However, we also can’t discount that he has become somewhat of a fashion slash beauty icon who’s admired for bending gender expectations. He wears dresses. He’s not one to shy away from makeup. He’s obviously very fond of a good manicure and is seen wearing different polish styles, from quirky fruit designs to classic bold red.

It’s even said that his “glamorous ways” have contributed to making makeup something that’s not just reserved for ladies but for everyone. So it feels natural that Harry Styles would dive into the world of beauty. We won’t be surprised if he would inspire more males to experiment with colour cosmetics in the same way that K-pop stars have normalised wearing “guyliner” too.

Considering that he has a fondness for breaking expectations, it’s not farfetched to say that Harry Styles would release gender-neutral makeup and perfume and possibly nail polish, too.

Skincare first, makeup next

You may not be surprised to know that skincare for men, along with grooming and hair styling products, have seen a rise in popularity as of late. It’s no secret that established brands like Kiehl’s, Nivea and Clarins among others now have dedicated skincare lines for men. The stigma for males using creams, toners and facial washes just isn’t as strong as it used to be. But what about makeup?

Well, there’s a good reason to believe that makeup will soon follow skincare’s footsteps in getting destigmatised; concealers and powders saw a sales uptick in the past years among male consumers, according to a Singapore-based distributor.

With these developments, men can now be classified as “beauty-curious” but not yet enthusiasts, according to Vogue. This sets a good stage for Harry Styles’ beauty brand. Entering when the market is already suggestible but still not saturated would be the right time. All in all, it’s looking pretty good for Pleased As Holdings Limited. But would you buy beauty products from Harry Styles?

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