Have A Colourful Summer WIth Monica | Clozette

It's summer--time to wake up and splash colour into your looks! Despite our love for classy and neutral colours, nothing speaks to summer better than a vibrant and eye-catching outfit. This is why our Featured Fashionista for June is Monica Absin, known as MonicaTrina on Clozette! She's a fashion blogger from the Philippines who knows how to mix colour with edgy and preppy styles. 

Get to know Monica better for some fashion inspiration this summer!


How did you get into fashion and blogging?

It started when I was in senior high school. I started a blog for myself since I usually receive compliments from other people that I've got a great taste in fashion. I used to call my blog as a "visual diary" and I never really thought of getting myself into the Industry. Not until I saw the blogs of Tricia Gosingtian, Kryz Uy, and Laureen Uy. It hit me--and with the help and support of my Mom, I found myself liking the fashion blogging Industry.

Can you describe your style?

I actually have a versatile style. I like to try different kinds but you'll see me often wearing preppy and edgy looks.

What are your top 3 must-buy closet and makeup items for the month of June?

Dark Red Lippie, A Statement Trench Coat!, and a Gingham Tennis Skirt.

How do you make your outfits look fun and colourful for the hot season?

I always make sure that I have one strong statement piece in my look in order for me to standout even during the hot season. 

What is your go-to Spring Summer outfit?

Gypsy and Boho outfits are always on trend during the Spring/Summer season. But It really depends on my mood, I usually prefer rompers and coordinates and pair it with Boots or Sneakers. 


Which one of Monica's looks did you like?Let us know in the comment box below!



We’re in the midst of Summer and the weather is reaching scorching hot levels! So what do we do when the weather gets this hot and humid but we still want to look chic and stylish? We turn to Summer dresses.

In collaboration with Zalora Malaysia, we asked Clozette Ambassador MissAlvy to show us how she styles her favourite Summer dresses. 

Here are the looks she came up with! 


Dress #1

“I picked this dress because not only it is cute and sweet, it also gives a different chicness to the dress due to its unique cracked pattern. I also like how the open back gives an extra sultry side to the whole outfit look—making it look a little fun and flirty."

“This dress can definitely be used for dates or even a casual day out during a hot day. I also added a rose gold studded necklace to give more personality into the dress and some colour.”

Dress #2

“My second pick from zalora is this lace bralet. What I like about a lace bralet is that it can be worn in different ways. But I decided to keep it really elegant with a black pencil skirt. Forgot to buy dinner dress for an occasion? Put on a bralet and pair it with skirts, and you will be good to go! 

“To add more formality and uniqueness into the whole outfit, I added this petite snakeskin bag to give an extra elegance to my outfit! Since, elegance is the main point of this look, I added a pearl choker as well to give a look a touch of classIt’s an easy way to make affordable clothes look expensive!”

Dress #3

“Not into the whole blacktie, too elegant or cocktail dress kind of outfit? Here’s a more casual outfit for a perfect date night. I kept my outfit all white to keep the romantic vibe and added a pearl choker on my neck to add elegance to the whole outfit. I also kept in casual with my denim high waisted shorts. Because I did not want be in all white, I decided to pair with my black studded tote bag and a black wedges as to give a little height.”

Dress #4

“Sometimes during summer, you still have work and meetings to attend. In such a hot weather, you wouldn't want to wear uncomfortable suits and office wear. So this shirt dress is perfect for workaholics during summer due to its light weight material. Not to mention, it’s super comfortable to move around with! Again, I added accessories like the pearl choker and a snakeskin detailed tote bag so that the outfit will not look too boring!”

Dress #5

“This romper is probably one of my favourite rompers! It is super lightweight due to its nylon material and resembles a pyjama because of its comfort! Perfect for summer time, especially for people who love to travel during summer and prefer clothing that’s comfortable and easy to move around with.”

“To dress this look up, I added this black mesh kimono over my romper. Little details like the fringe add character and a summer vibe into the look! I also added diamond jewelry to make it look a little more put together and expensive! This look is perfect for day time look (just the romper) and easy to transition to a night time look with the addition of the black mesh kimono!”


How do you style your summer dresses? Snap a photo and share it with our Community!



Elegance is all about being timeless, of channelling the aura of the iconic style of Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton, and Malaysian celebrities such as Lisa Surihani and Vivy Yusof. 

These women know what it takes to live life with the grace and timeless style that has propelled them to be style icons. So we’re giving you our guide on how to achieve classic elegance that will have you turning heads and inspiring others with your timeless, effortless style.

Here are 5 ways on how to achieve classic elegance:


#1: Have a Standout Iconic Style

Vivy Yusof

To truly embody elegance, you have to reflect it in the way you dress. Opt for sleek lines, modest lengths, and classic cuts that gently flatter your silhouette.


#2: It’s all in the way you carry yourself

Beyond just what you wear, classic elegance is all about how you carry yourself—going through life with the grace and sweetness towards everyone you meet. You should be soft and gentle in the way you move; and yet firm and steadfast in your conviction.
#3: You have a signature scent

Creating a lasting impression upon those you meet is at most times rooted in your signature scent. After all, scent is highly linked to the creation and recall of memories. So to truly be unforgettable, opt for a scent that is inviting yet unique. Much like Downy Timeless, with its enchanting white floral scent enigmatically weaved with a light, fruity mix and the softness of musk and sandalwood.

With its unforgettable fragrance, the new Downy Parfum Timeless presents a new standard for classic elegant fragrances. More than just a softener, the Downy Parfum Collection has been offering a special scent experience for their clothes and with this fifth variant, Downy Parfum Timeless aims to provide a fragrance for people who naturally stand out without a great deal of effort.


#4: Know how to be enchanting

Elegance encompasses knowing how to work a room and stand out in a crowd. Keep your personality engaging and learn how to truly converse and connect with people. Be interested in their stories and be open to sharing yours, and you are good to go!


#5: Accessorize With The Classics

Another key to channelling elegance is by accessorizing with classic must-haves like pearls and diamonds, all elegantly styled with a classic white dress that flatters your figure.