Have Fun Under The Sun With Herschel Supply | Clozette

Don’t you just hate it when you’re about to go on a trip and you realise that none of your bags can fit all of your things? Or, how about purchasing a gorgeous bag that ends up breaking as soon as you stuff it with too many objects? Yup, we know how you feel!

Lucky for all of us, though, Herschel Supply is here to take care of all our travelling, packing, and bag needs with their Spring 2016 Dawn Collection! This elegant selection contains bag, pouch, and headwear silhouettes that will allow us to travel and have as much fun as we want!

Designed for carefree exploration and inspired by boundless possibilities of sunny days, the Dawn collection’s Dawson Women’s Backpack, Auden Women’s Tote, and the Network Large Pouch (not pictured) feature an intricate tapestry of vibrant straw that’s enhanced by raw premium leather, polished brass hardware, and custom cotton finishes for easy, breezy travelling and fun!

Plus, the new collection will allow you to protect your skin from the harsh sun’s UV rays with their brand new Gambier Festival Hat – its woven straw material and colourfully-detailed brim will provide you with ample shade!


The Dawn Collection for Spring 2016 is available at select global stockists and at herschelsupply.com, which now ships internationally.

Grunge, punk, goth, emo—some people say that these are so 2005. But who are we kidding? For some of us, indulging in these subcultures’ ways and fashion never truly stopped.

With all the mainstream trends hitting us here and there, read up to refresh your memory on how to go “alternative” and reawaken your inner rebel.


Fringes and Bold Dyes

(photo from CelineChiam)

With all those galaxy and mermaid hair trends going on, what sets the “alternative” hairstyle apart is edge. And no, you don’t have to go full on one-eyed fringe-mode circa 2000s emo-punk. The modern way to rock the "alternative" style is to go for edgier, messier cuts and dye your hair in unconventional colours.

Eyeliner. Lots of it. 

The great thing about alternative style is that you don’t have to be that skilled in drawing winged tips. Kohl eyeliner would be your best friend since pulling off this look requires a lot of smudging to give your eyes that smokey rockstar vibe.

Dark Lips 

Step aside nude lippies! Dark plums, deep reds, and even black is the way to go. Some might say that going bold on both your eyes and lips is a bad thing; but sometimes it's great to stray from the norm.

Black Shirt, Black Pants, Black Shoes. 

“I’ll stop wearing black if they invent a darker colour”-- if you’ve said this repeatedly for as long as you could remember, then you’re already one step ahead! Throw in a red plaid button down to add a splash of colour to bring dimension to your OOTD.

Go subtle on the accessories. 

Don't drown your look with accessories. Simple studded earrings, a thin-chained necklace or a couple of knuckle rings are good enough to complete your look. 


Do you have any more tips on rocking the “alternative” style? Let us know in the comments below!


The Internet has grown to be just more than social media and browsing for information – it has become a shopping haven as well, allowing customers from all over the world to purchase anything they desire with the click of a button.

Which is why with the online shopping business booming, this past 21 February 2016, Japanese brand, JRunway, closed its store in Plaza Singapura due to their lease expiring, and will instead focus on their online site.

With their online store, www.JRunway.com, they will be able to continue being the market trend leader in the industry as it will be easier to feature more Japanese brands, selections, and also faster on-trend reports and photos than through a brick-and-mortar store.

Mr. Chigira Kenji, Managing Director of AWCG, explains that, “We have seen an increase in our online business, so this is only a small re-adjustment in our retail strategy. We will be organising various fashion pop-up events throughout the year, starting with Spring/Summer 2016 in Singapore (dependent on mall locations and consumers). We will then replicate this and take it around the ASEAN region.”

Members of the website can enjoy a constant changing of brands, allowing JRUNWAY to retain its freshness and appeal. By expanding its reach into the online world, it will also allow them to tap into the tech-savvy youths and their spending habits of today!

So if you’re a lover of shopping and Japanese street style, then JRunway is the perfect online boutique for you, which currently ships to Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand!


JRunway is currently available at www.JRunway.com, its Cathay Cineleisure Orchard Store in Singapore, and in various pop-up store locations in Singapore.