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Have You Heard Of These Crazy Makeup Challenges Online?

2016 never fails to amuse us so far with its variety of fashion and beauty resurgences. But if there's one thing that's truly remarkable about this year, its the ability of makeup enthusiasts to come up with surprisingly entertaining ways to step up their makeup game. And when we say step up, we mean really step it up to unwearable measures.

But this time, the saying "photos or it didn't happen" wouldn't even cut it. If you have to make an outrageous makeup trend/challenge, you have to capture it on film.

And because we at Clozette promised to bring you the latest of the latest when it comes to beauty, we decided to seek out the craziest and surprisingly amazing beauty challenges online that will definitely make you say OMG! 


The 100-layers of 'something' makeup challenge

Started by SimplyNailogical with the Polish Mountain and been done to the extreme by Jenna Marbles, this challenge made us cringe, laugh, and feel bad about makeup all at once when we saw this all over the internet. But who would've thought that this was something we actually wanted to see? Let's face it. We've all had extreme thoughts about makeup and this just satisfied the curiosity.

Full Face Using Only Highlighters Challenge

Highlighters definitely take an MOTD to the next level. It gives our skin a glow that's almost ethereal and majestic. But it sure made us grab our sunglasses when we heard of the "full face using only highlighters challenge". Think about that highly pigmented highlighter on your cheekbones and extend it all over your face. Kind of shocking but also intriguing don't you think? This challenge is all about not holding back!

Your high-school makeup look challenge

We have to admit that most of our makeup skills evolved significantly with the help of tons of tutorials on the internet. But during the 90s and early 2000s, makeup looks were purely based on trials-and-errors and current magazine trends that were not so instructive. So actually reliving the non-existent blushers and overly exaggerated eyeliners on the internet for entertainment is the reason why this challenge made this list.

Full face without using brushes

Have you ever imagined shaping your eyebrows without brushes? How about perfecting that wing using only your fingernails? Impossible, right? Not for some people! After you click that play button, you'll be surprised how flawless the results are going to be that you'll keep on watching various videos of this challenge on and on in awe.


Heard of other crazy challenges and trends online? Share them with us in the comments below!