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With all that we put them through in our daily lives, our hands really deserve some tender loving care once in a while. There are many activities that dry out the skin, damage the cuticles and thin out the nails, but there are a few ways we’d like to share to keep those digits beautiful. Here are our best nail tips that are easy to follow.

Consume protein-rich foods

A table full of protein-rich foods

Nails are made of a protein called keratin, and by simply tweaking your diet to include more protein like fish, nuts and beans, you can improve the condition of your nails. Supplements like biotin, Vitamin E and fish oil can also boost nail health. Once you’ve figured out the perfect combination, you’ll be rewarded with strong, shiny nails.

Moisturise cuticles

Bottles of cuticle oil and a pipette on a white surface

Think of your cuticle as the great wall that stands between your nail bed and a host of infections it may be exposed to. As part of your regular nail care routine, we suggest moisturising them with hand cream or cuticle oil and refrain from trimming or pushing them back to maintain their health and integrity.

Give your nails a break

Person getting her nails painted

While gel nails and acrylics are beautiful and last pretty much forever, they can take a toll on your natural nails. Going from one manicure to the next without giving them time to rejuvenate can result in yellowed, brittle nails and damaged nail beds from chemical exposure, which leads to the weakening the structure of the nail.

Be gentle with your nails

Healthy nails with pretty yet simple nail art

It’s pretty satisfying to get dirt out from under your nails during a home manicure session, but using metal tools under the nails is actually a big no-no, according to professionals. This process can lift and separate the nail plate from the skin, eventually resulting in a condition called onycholysis. 

Use hand cream

A bottle of lavender hand cream like this one laying on top of a book can help you get healthier nails

Sounds a little extra to go out of your way to moisturise your hands but you’ll thank us in the long run as we spend much of our time in cold, dry environments such as offices, shopping malls, and even our homes on a hot day (hello, airconditioning!). Much like a sleeping mask, you can use a mix of oils to hydrate and strengthen the nails and cuticles, or just a squeeze of hand cream will do nicely.

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Been too busy to catch up on some fashion and beauty news? No worries, we're here to wrap up the essentials for you. From Hada Labo launching in the Philippines to an intriguing social media exposé to the collaboration of an up-and-coming actress and a popular jewellery brand, here's what you shouldn't miss this week.

Hada Labo launches in the Philippines

Japan's "number one face lotion" is now available for purchase in the Philippines at Watsons store. While the country's skincare arena is still dominated by western and K-Beauty brands, Japanese skincare and makeup brands like Canmake, Bioré and now Hada Labo are also gaining attention lately. The Hada Labo lotion is an especially anticipated release in the Philippine market as it's been getting rave reviews online. Visit their website to know more. 

Fake celebrity clout?

By now, the news of influencers having fake followers is not anymore surprising. In fact, it's a fairly common phenomenon to gain a share of fake followers even for ordinary people no thanks to spam accounts. But when celebrities are reported to have a dubious following, it's still shocking — especially when it's someone so well-loved like Ellen DeGeneres. The talk show host is reported to have the biggest share of fake followers on Instagram (in the show business) at 58 per cent, according to a study by The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. You can check the full list here.

Pandora x Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown Pandora Collaboration

Following the announcement that Millie Bobby Brown will be the new face of Pandora, the Stranger Things lead is now set to star in her first campaign with the jewellery brand. The pieces in this upcoming collection will be all about the celebration of self-expression and Brown will be donning her curated edit of the set. The collaboration will be rolling out globally this October. We can't wait!

BLACKPINK celebrates their 3rd anniversary

Can you believe that it's already been three years since BLACKPINK made their official debut? To celebrate this milestone, the group released a commemorative video with exclusive footages of their early performances. Fans will surely be delighted with this heartfelt clip. 

SSI Life launches an app

My SSI Life app

Philippine lifestyle company SSI Group launches its very own app to enhance the shopping experience of its loyal customers. Shoppers of brands under SSI such as Alexander McQueen, Armani Exchange, Longchamp, Pottery Barn, Lush Cosmetics and more can now get exclusive rewards tailor-made to their buying preferences. Download it on the Apple Store and Google Play now!

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Would you believe that we're already past the first official week of August? And as time flies, so do our beauty supplies. So what do you say about going on a little retail cruisin'? Get spoilt for choice as we lay down August 2019's hottest releases from some of our favourite beauty brands. 

Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Rose&Rose

August 2019 Beauty Launches - Issey Miyake Rose&Rose

SGD90 to 179/~USD65 to 130

Sweet yet sultry, elegant yet mischievous, this new scent from Issey Miyake Parfums channels all facets of a rose — prickly thorns included. It delivers a unique allure that represents every side of a woman. Celebrating the 'uncontested queen of flowers' in Rose&Rose, the fragrance mixes two types of the flower (Bulgarian and centifolia) in a bottle concocted to leave a lasting impression in every whiff. If you're looking for a new scent that might just be your signature, this is definitely one to consider.  

KATE Tokyo Super Sharp Liner EX2.0

August 2019 Beauty Launches - Kate Tokyo Super Sharp Liner EX 2.0


Whether or not winged liners are your go-to eye look, you wouldn't be able to resist KATE Tokyo's upgraded Super Sharp Liner EX version 2.0. Its super thin tip gives you full control on how you want your wing to look, from slick and sharp to soft and subtle. It's no wonder its OG version was a cult-favourite and now, this one is vying for that title, too.

Fresh Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment

August 2019 Beauty Launches - Fresh Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment


Fresh's crowd-favourite lip savers get an addition to their family with the new Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment. The first of its kind, it features an advanced dual-action system that gives a cooling sensation to your lips as its soothes and hydrates all throughout the day. Just swipe, press your lips together and indulge in a minty freshness that you'll definitely find addicting. If you have not taken lip care seriously before, this one will surely change the game for you. 

HERA Sun Mate line

August 2019 Beauty Launches - Hera Sun Mate Line

Prices unavailable

We can't stress this enough: sun protection is important no matter the season. Whether it's raining cats and dogs outside or the sun is shining as bright as ever, HERA's newest Sun Mate line promises to cover all bases for everyone. Choose between the Sun Mate Excellence (with skin brightening and anti-ageing properties), the Sun Mate Protector (with purifying and skin-protect attributes), and the Sun Mate Leports Pro Waterproof (perfect for prolonged outdoor activities), all with SPF 50+/PA++++ for UV Protection and skin-nourishing ingredients that will keep your skin in top shape as you go about your daily affairs. 

Kora Organics Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum

August 2019 Beauty Launches - Kora Organics Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum

Price unavailable

Want to bring some glow to your skin, stat? You're in luck as Kora Organics introduces their Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum this month. Formulated with a blend of kakadu plum, acerola cherry, orange and lemon peels, and the noni fruit to bring forth a Vitamin C Superfruit concoction, constant usage aims to stimulate skin repair, rejuvenation, and protection for a lit-from-within glow. The addition of red pepper also helps healthy collagen production, which increases health elasticity and aids the skin against ageing due to sun exposure. 

Guerlain Kiss-Kiss Matte and Liquid Lipsticks

August 2019 Beauty Launches - Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks

SGD53/~USD38 each

Get ready to pucker up and share some kisses with their newest Kiss-Kiss Lipsticks in Matte and Liquid variations. Each is made with bold pigments, a non-drying formula, and with an empowered woman in mind for all-around wearability and elegant beauty. P.S. The Kiss-Kiss Matte's unique cube-like casing is specially created by designer Hervé Van Der Straeten for a timeless, elegant appeal. 

Kat Von D Beauty Limited Edition Creamfoil Eyeshadow 

August 2019 Beauty Launches - Kat Von D Beauty Creamfoil Eyeshadow

SGD29/~USD20.99 each

Love her or hate her, KVD's beauty releases still incite excitement. Now, one to covet is the limited-edition Creamfoil Eyeshadow, which uses a cream-powder formula to deliver an intense metallic colour that will inspire the oohs and aahs of everyone you know. It's buttery, blendable, and stunning with its reflective finish. Take your pick between its two shades, Crystal Rose and Silver Chrome. 

Clarins Joli Rouge Lacquer Line

SGD33 to 60/~USD24 to 43

Primp up, ladies! Clarins brings to the table four new products under their Joli Rouge Lacquer Line, namely the Joli Rouge Lacquer balm lip treatment, the Joli Blush, the Everlasting Youth Fluid, and the Natural Lip Perfector. Each takes pride in being infused with organic and skin-loving ingredients that keep you looking pretty even when you strip off your makeup at the end of the day. 

Dior Forever Couture Perfect Cushion

August 2019 Beauty Launches - Dior Rouge Cushion Foundation


Got excited by the news that Natalie Porter is playing female Thor in Marvel's new phase? While that's still a long time ahead, you can still channel Porter's timeless smart and sexy appeal with Dior's upgraded Forever Couture Perfect Cushion. As modelled by the Hollywood A-lister herself, this base is long-wearing, lightweight and claims to have a fresh, luminous finish that will make your skin glowing as ever. 

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée 2019 Autumn Makeup Collection

August 2019 Beauty Launches - Laduree 2019 Autumn Makeup Collection

SGD36 to 80/~USD26 to 57.90

A vintage take on beauty is such a hit these days and we can totally see the appeal. Because seriously, who can resist some dainty drama on their vanity? If you're like us, then surely Les Merveilleuses Ladurée 2019's Autumn Makeup Collection will set your heart aflutter. Get fancy with their Liquid Rouge dressed in a pretty rose-inspired tube, create prismatic looks with their cheeky Eye Colour Collection, and top off your look with their Mixed Pressed Cheek Colour

Chanel Rouge Allure In Fusion

August 2019 Beauty Launches - Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Infusion

SGD52/~USD37 each

One can never have enough lipsticks and Chanel's latest Rouge Allure Ink Infusion liquid lip colours sure know how to tickle our fancy. Delivering an ultra-matte colour that promises to stay all-day without drying one's puckers, these lip colours invite you to go natural, bold, or even experimental with their 12 shades, half of which are gorgeous metallics. 

Benefit Cosmetics Highlighters Cookie and Tickle

August 2019 Beauty Launches - Benefit Highlighter Cookie and Tickle

SGD53/~USD38 each

From the brand that brought us some of the most coveted selection of brow and face products now comes two new highlighters. Go for Cookie if you love a luminous golden glow or Tickle if you want a featherlight pink finish. The silky-fine, high pigment payoff formula not only glides onto the skin like butter but also gives your cheekbones a mesmerising kiss of sparkle that lasts all day. Plus, it comes with a custom rounded brush and a built-in mirror for a hassle-free application while you pack on that glow. 

Antipodes Scientific Organic Eye Creams

August 2019 Beauty Launches- Antipodes Eye Cream

SGD66.75 to 69.90/~USD48 to 51

Tired eyes are the windows to a tired soul. So make sure you also give your peepers — and yourself — some pampering with these new Scientific Organic Eye Creams from Antipodes. Grab the Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream if you want to target fine lines and wrinkles or take home the Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Cream if dark undereyes is your main issue. Either way, each product is formulated with the best organic ingredients from New Zealand, helping to lift, depuff, and bring the sparkle back into your eyes. 

Hourglass latest brow and eye products

August 2019 Beauty Launches- Antipodes Eye Cream

SGD47 to 50/~USD34 to 36

Hourglass makes sure that your brows and eye makeup would be on fleek with their latest releases. The Arch Brow Microsculpting Pencil promises precision and natural-looking strokes for beautifully defined brows. Next, the Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow delivers pigment, blendability, and an intense prismatic finish to give your eyes a bold and exciting look at every swipe. Lastly, their Eyelash Curler promises to give your lashes a beautiful lift, perfect for creating a fanned-out, wide-eye effect worthy of lash envy. 

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