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New season, new styles; and that’s definitely more exciting than watching the weather change from the cool days of “winter,” to warm and humid. So as we we prep ourselves for the heat of the Summer sun, it’s time to give our wardrobe a makeover! And to be honest, what better place to start than with our shoe collection!

So stay on-trend and dress up your feet with these latest shoe trends!


Metallic Shine

Sneakers are definitely in trend, and it relieves our tired feet from the elevated heels while keeping us fashionably grounded at the same time. Since metallics are the IN thing right now, start your collection with an eye-catching, reflective silver metallic pair of sneakers! The Athena Metallic Sneaker in silver is your go-to pair--wear it with a plain tee and a pair of jeans and you're good to go! 
Want something a bit sportier? Go for the Nature Breeze Jet-01 Sneaker with gold mesh and metallic linings! And if you can’t lose the heel, strut out in the Vigo Fiore Kelis-1 Sneaker with its 3-inch wedge heel.

If it is all too flashy for you, then stay basic with just a pair of white Superga!

Lace It Up

String in the new season with Privileged’s Fetish Sandal or go even higher with Machi’s Strappy Knee High Sandal! These nude pairs will make your legs look as long as the straps wrapped around your leg; and the suede will add that luxurious oomph for total shoe-spiration.

For something a little sexier, opt for a pair of black laced up pumps by Fahrenheit! If you want to raise the temperature, go for the same pair in red!

But if you’re looking for something a little more chill to complement this season’s flowy dresses and floral or bohemian prints, complete your outfit with the Qupid Archer-55 Sandal in Ash Blue!

Go Nude

You’ll never go wrong with nude. So start off your nude shoe collection with this pair of Chinese Laundry Avenue Sandal. It’ll give you the ultimate height with its 5.25-inch heel and all the support you need with an ankle strap and 1.25-inch platform.
For something a little more fun, fringe it up with Qupid’s Glee-78 Sandal with its ankle wrap fringe and chain details. If you’d like a more toned down version, go for the Glee-60X Sandal.

And if you’ve yet to hop on the new caged heels trend, then jump on the bandwagon with this Steve Madden pair – the Slithur Sandal!

Colour It Pastel

Get into the Spring/Summer trend with hues of dusty pink in this Caged Heel Sandal from Privileged. And if pink isn’t exactly your colour, then go for this muted skyblue Mark & Maddux Beck-11 Sandal that features a white based chunky heel platform.

Finally, if you’re looking to brighten up an outfit during those days when you just need a big pop of colour to make your day, then opt for this yellow pair from Breckelle’s!


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What’s your favourite shoe trend? Share it with us in the comments below!

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(cover photo from Paperkitties)

Ever had one of those days when you just have to rush during the morning with tons of work piled up on your to-do list? Have that crazy, restless look showing everytime you look in the mirror?

Well, no need to worry anymore. Check out our tips that you can work into your morning habit to wipe away the stressed-out look!


Wear something black 

Black never goes out of style. It’s always chic and can go with almost anything, plus, it suggests a little bit of mystery and edge that makes you look elegant and always ready-to-go. If you have 2 minutes to spare, you can also throw in an accessory or a belt to match and voila! OOTD = perfection.
Messy bun is the way to go!

(video from Zoella)

Put it all up! The great thing about a messy bun is that even if you’re on your way out the door, all you need is a hair tie and you’re all set. Loose strands falling to frame your face equates to elegance minus the effort. Plus, give it an hour or so, let your hair off the bun and you’ll get instant loose curls!

Add colour to those cheeks!

Crazy mornings means no time for full on makeup mode. Prevent looking pasty and sick by brushing on a little bit of blush on your cheeks to make you look fresh and healthy. No need to contour or highlight, just a touch of pink will do the trick. If you’re already out the door, give your cheeks a little pinch to get those blood vessels pumping and get a natural flushed glow.

Go red!

Okay! Hold up with all those rules about red lips! Whenever you’re feeling drained and there’s not enough time for anything, be bold and swipe those lips with some red lipstick! Trust me, you’ll feel 10x more energized! It’s like saying “I’m ready for anything!”

Stock up on some H2O!

(photo from Enabelle)

Stress drains out your body and that’s super bad not just for your skin but for your health! Drinking some water before heading out and working on all those deadlines helps refresh your body and maintain your skin’s natural glow. Rehydration is always the key!


Did we miss anything? Share it with us in the comments below how you kick the stress away, everyday, without the added effort.



(cover photo from awfullyamanda) 


While we are not quite at the level of Morticia Addams, we definitely have a thing or two for chic black looks. The colour, or rather the presence of it, makes us feel and look strong and empowered. Try as we might to embrace lighter hues, we can’t help returning to the safety net of black.

But if you’re looking for fresh new ways to wear black, here are a few ideas as inspired by our Community, because we'll wear black until they invent something darker! 


Go For Two-Toned Looks

(photo from sherbabes)

Swap the predictability of a little black dress with a two-piece set and bring more interest to the look with white accent trimming.

Play With Textures

(photo from Everestsays)

Mixing different fabrics or textures bring a dash of flow and dimension to a look, drawing the eyes to subtle details that makes the outfit interesting. Throw in some sparkly footwear to complete the outfit!

Layer & Flow

(photo from alexlapa)

Strut out in confidence in this outfit that takes you from the work place to a great night out. Layering a long line black vest over a fitted silhouette oozes sexy confidence.

Play With Shapes

(photo from Guesswai)

Since there are no colours to mix-and-match, then your best bet would be to play with geometric shapes. For example, the angular edges of the shorts of this OOTD mirror the triangular cutouts of the lace up sandals!

Go Sports Luxe

(photo from axdelwen)

The sport luxe look isn’t hard to achieve. A cropped top with tapered pants and your gym trainers make a great weekend uniform. But if you want something more formal, switch up the cropped top and trainers for a turtleneck and pointed pumps and you’re ready for work!


How do you rock an all-black look? Share it with us in the comments below!

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