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As more and more environmental issues have popped up in recent years, a lot of beauty enthusiasts have hopped on the clean beauty trend. The skincare trend made products that are ethically made without a long list of ingredients linked to toxic effects popular. With that, facial oils, which are packed with fewer but more effective ingredients, came into the fore. One such product that created a buzz that challenged everyone’s love for traditional moisturisers was Herbivore Botanical Orchid Youth-Preserving Face Oil.

Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Youth-Preserving Face Oil Review

Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Youth-Preserving Face Oil

When I found out that I had to test this product, I must confess that I really wasn’t keen on trying it. I’m not a moisturiser fan. Most of the ones I’ve tried felt heavy and left my skin uncomfortably greasy. Not to mention, there are breakouts caused by the excess oil left by these skincare products said to help nourish my skin. If regular moisturisers made my skin that way, what more damage would a facial oil cost, right? It seems counter-intuitive to drench my combination skin with oil when I want it less greasy. 

I didn’t see what the fuss was about. Some have claimed that hydrating your skin with healthy, nourishing oils would prevent your skin from producing excess ones that make you shine, but I was still wary about it. Plus, there’s the fact that its price tag is not up my alley, with the 8ml variant coming in at SGD38, and the 50ml one at SGD100. So more than anything, I was more intent on proving my assumptions regarding facial oils. Let’s see if I had succeeded with that with this Herbivore Botanicals product.

Packaging and appearance

Herbivore Orchid Face Oil Packaging

In line with Herbivore Botanical’s commitment to clean beauty, the Orchid Youth-Preserving Face Oil is straightforward and simple. With subtle golden embellishments on its white and lavender box, however, this minimalism is elevated to sophistication. The fact that the facial oil itself comes in a transparent glass bottle, complete with a pipette for application gives the whole product a classic, vintage vibe. While I love the luxurious feeling of being transported back in time whenever I use the product, I also can’t help but feel extremely worried that the dainty bottle would shatter to pieces due to my clumsy hands. So I always return it to its box to be extra careful.


Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Youth-Preserving Face Oil

Contrary to its name, Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Youth-Preserving Face Oil actually smells like jasmine. I usually find the scent imposing, and it reminded me of churches and altars adorned with wreaths of the tiny flowers. But, somehow, when I got a whiff of the floral notes as I applied the silky facial oil, I couldn’t help but feel calm and relaxed with the lingering fragrance. The contents of the small bottle comes a long way — I’ve been using this for four months now and I’m only halfway through it. I reckon this would last me at least half a year. The pipette applicator makes for extremely convenient dispensing, and just two drops of the light yellow oil was enough to cover my visage.  


Herbivore Orchid Face Oil

I was extremely sceptical of facial oils, but using the Herbivore Botanical Orchid Youth-Preserving Face Oil completely opened my mind about them. I don’t like being proved wrong, but with this revelation, I was delighted. My skin completely — and gladly — drank the oil up, even in times when I applied much more than needed to see how differently it would fare. The first time I used this, I couldn’t believe how much softer my skin was right after. When I apply it at night, my face never feels greasy the next morning. It’s so lightweight that it also perfectly worked as my morning moisturiser, leaving my skin amply hydrated all day long. My face was left still matte-looking but luminous. The shiny t-zone I always get by noon seems to have gone when I started using this product.  

Overall thoughts

Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Youth-Preserving Face Oil

Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Youth-Preserving Face Oil has now totally converted me into a facial oil devotee. It comes at a high price point, but I’d be willing to invest in this, perhaps, even in its regular-sized version. My skin has never felt this good, and it definitely helped hydrate and revive my skin that’s been suffering from trying out all sorts of other products. It never feels too thick, which is usually the only thing deterring me from using moisturising products. Having been a user for months now, I can see how it earned all those rave reviews I found online.

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Last October 24, we got the chance to sit down with Grace Chan during her special appearance at the recently concluded Lancôme Christmas Market, which was held from 24 October to 1 November at Paragon Shopping Centre Level 1 Atrium. The actress and TV host was very bubbly, cheerful, and down-to-earth as she shared why she’s passionate and excited about the Christmas season as a new mum. She also shares how her perception of beauty and skincare has evolved as a woman juggling her tasks as a public figure with motherhood. Read on.

As an actress, TV host, former pageant titleholder, and now as a mother, what role does skincare play in your journey to womanhood?

“I think, before, I was more so inclined to use pretty or eye-catching products. Now, as I’ve gotten older, I place more of my attention to the science behind each product and its efficacy. You know what you’re getting because you know what’s in there.”

What are the top three beauty items you never leave home without?

“I never leave my home without lip gloss, an eyelash curler (which I heat with a blow dryer to make the curl last longer), and hand sanitiser, which is important in protecting the skin from contact with bacteria potentially picked up by our hands.”

How do you keep your skin young and glowing despite long days wearing makeup as an actress and TV host?

“I love putting my eye creams and serums, gels, and paper masks in the refrigerator because the cooling effect really helps calm my skin. I also appreciate paper masks for their accessibility and convenience since you can multi-task with them.”

Is there a beauty tip that you wish you knew to do earlier?

“Makeup-wise, definitely don’t pluck your eyebrows too early — go to a professional! For skincare, I used to use so many products on my face because I thought when you had sensitive skin you needed to use a lot of products to see immediate results. Now I know to look for advice from professionals. When it comes to skincare, seek recommendations and be patient about seeking and using solutions for targeted skincare issues.”

What was the best beauty advice you've ever been given?

“One of my makeup artists told me 'more is more.' Many people say that 'Less Is More' when it comes to makeup, but 'Less is Less, More is More' for me because some people are more suited for a more intense regime, others not so much. For myself, stage makeup is glamourous because there’s 'more' needed, so it depends on you as a person.”

What are you most looking forward to this upcoming Christmas season?

“It’s my son’s first Christmas, so definitely looking forward to that, looking forward to seeing how he takes it all in. It will be really fun seeing his face on Christmas morning.”

If there’s one famous individual, alive or dead, to exchange gifts with on Christmas, who would it be, what would you give them, and why?

“Jesus Christ. I would make him dinner so that I can have a conversation with Him. I would treat Him to dinner but making Him dinner would be much more meaningful.”

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

(Cover photo from: @ghlchan)

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Lately, beauty gurus have been giving us more than makeup and skincare tips — the community has also been a major source of hot gossip. And this year, one of the juiciest and biggest issues was about Jaclyn Hill's So Rich Lipsticks.

ICYMI, the popular YouTuber released an array of nude lipsticks under her namesake brand. It was sold out within a few days, so things seemed to be going great for the budding makeup mogul... that is until the complaints came pouring in. 

It didn't take long before other beauty gurus started reviewing the lipsticks and found that some bullets were contaminated. Reports include finding long hair strands (with some accusing the brand that it was not even human hair but actually rat hair), pieces of small plastics and fingerprints on the cream lipsticks. However, instead of immediately recalling the products, Hill went on to defend the products and insisted that they're 100 per cent safe to use. At one point, she said that the stray strands are just actually fibres from gloves used in the lab where the products were made.

The tea didn't stop there. Another makeup guru, Marlena Stell, came forward and spilt deets on the issue. She said that Hill was already warned about the issues regarding the lab's manufacturing process as Stell herself has experienced those while developing concealers (which never got released due to problems) for her own beauty line. Eagle-eyed netizens also spotted Hill briefly finding "fuzzies" while showcasing her product on an Instagram Story. 

After all the backlash, Hill eventually issued full refunds for anyone who purchased the lipsticks. She also went under the radar for a while and deactivated her social media channels. But if there's anything we learned about influencer scandals, it's that they will inevitably make their comeback. For Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, it's sooner than we expected. 

Just shy of four months after the whole debacle, the makeup guru has hinted about the relaunch of her makeup line. A few hours ago, her beauty brand's Instagram account posted a video with the caption, "The future is bright. ✨ 11/26/19 #Jaclyn". The comments section is mixed, with some saying that Hill deserves a second chance while others say that they won't trust the brand again. 

Will she and her beauty brand be able to rise from the ashes? Well, it's hard to say but one thing is for sure, the lipstick contamination issue is still fresh on everyone's mind judging from how people reacted to Hill's Halloween costume, which pokes fun at 'cancel culture'. While that's indeed an issue of its own, many people, including fans, pointed out that she wasn't "cancelled" for something trivial and she was called out because of a health hazard. 

Considering that developing new products can sometimes take years, relaunching this month may be a bit too early. But who knows, maybe this time Hill will be able to redeem herself. Stay tuned!

(Cover photo from: @jaclynhillcosmetics)