Here Are A Few Reasons Why We Should Thank Our Dads | Clozette

Daddy, papa, pops -- whatever is it that we call our dads, we can't help but deny that they are our first knight in shining armour. We've all been "daddy's little princess" (and we still secretly are); and every time we get our hearts broken or our confidence shaken, we still don't know what kind of magic our dads pull that can immediately turn our frowns upside down.

So this Father's Day, we're listing down some of the amazing reasons to thank our dads for.


Their jokes

Those "dad jokes" memes are popular on the internet because they are just so relatable! We've all had our fair share of our dad's corny jokes that makes us groan and cringe but also make us love them more because we know it's all about trying to make us smile. A+ for effort, daddies!
They spoil us (even if we don't admit it)

Let's keep this all hush hush, okay? But we all know that when our mums say no to this trip we're planning with friends or these *ahem* semi-expensive *ahem* shoes that we wanted, we run to our dads for permission. They don't call us "daddy's little princess" for nothing.

They are adorably protective

Whether it's prom or our first serious date, our dads make it a point to be the first one to open the door and greet whoever it is that's taking us out. We act all shy and sorry for our dates, but deep down we appreciate every inch of effort our dads are putting into puffing their chest.

They catch us when we fall

Our parents can be our biggest critics apart from our own selves and we have to admit that sometimes, we can feel like both our mums and dads are against us especially when they don't agree with our decisions. But despite all that, when we put all of our efforts out there and still fail, we know for sure that daddy's (and mummy's) arms are wide open for us to sink ourselves in and cry our hearts out. 

Because they are simply amazing

Hardworking, loving, and tries to give us the best of everything--we can go and battle it out as to who gets the "Best Dad In The World Award" but at the end of the day, we know that they all deserve the title. 


What will you be thanking your dad for this Father's Day? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Exciting news for the fashionistas of The Philippines: Canada's leading fashion retailer, Joe Fresh, has finally opened its first store at Shangri-La Plaza. The brand offers accessible, modern designs for every fashionista with pieces that feature polished, thoughtful details on everyday essentials--spanning from apparel, accessories, footwear, and beauty.

A new player in the affordable and accessible fashion in the country, Joe Fresh brings a full-range of looks for women, men, and kids that maintain its signature Joe Fresh touch as seen in their current SS16 Collection. Expect pieces that are clean, easy-to-wear, and embellished with polished details to give each look a fresh and carefree vibe.

So if you're looking to add a new brand to your fashion collection, we've selected a few must-have looks perfect for your next OOTD.


For The Working Woman

Printed Tunic Dress: PHP 1,860 / Printed Crop Pants: PHP 2,150

For The Traveller

Oxford Blouse: PHP 1,590 / Trench Coat: PHP 4,890

Dark Wash Jean: PHP 1,860 / Striped Cardigan: PHP 1,590

Casual Fridays

Printed Tee: PHP 1,320 / High Waisted Jeans: PHP 2,150

Collarless Blouse: PHP 1,590

Weekend Wear

Printed Dress: PHP 2,150 / Drawstring Tunic: PHP 2,150

Active Wear

Active Sweater: PHP 1,590 / Active Tank: PHP 440

Yoga Short: PHP 1,040 / Printed Active Skirt: PHP 1,320

Weekend Getaway

Printed Tunic: PHP 1,860 / Zipper Shorts: PHP 1,590

Crochet Dress: PHP 3,250


Joe Fresh is located at Shangri-La Plaza. Look out for their 2nd store in The Philippines, opening soon in August 2016 at Trinoma Mall.


(cover photo from TheAmbitionista)

Believe it or not, one of the ways to make sure you have fun on your trip is by having the perfect suitcase or luggage. Why? Because having a sturdy bag, which can snugly fit all your essentials, ensures that your valuables will be safe and makes for one smooth trip!  

But just because you need a sturdy and reliable suitcase, doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and edgy like the rest of your OOTDs! 

So if you’re looking for the right “mobile home” to suit your all your stylish needs, keep scrolling below for our fashionable luggage picks which will suit all fashionistas going on overnight trips to extended vacations! 


Samsonite Cosmolite Cherish by Edmund

Actor, artist, and author Edmund Chen designed Samsonite’s Cosmolite Cherish collection with the four seasons serving as inspiration for his drawings. Each artwork is embedded into the luggage's CURV material, making it resistant to scratches, and is combined with Samsonite’s signature lightweight-yet-sturdy material; a suitcase that will surely be every jetsetter’s dream!

Flight 001 Spacepak Clothes Blue

If you’re one who likes to bring numerous outfit options, then Flight 001’s Spacepak Clothes compartment is a must-have! As part of the Spacepak System, the Spacepak Clothes will compress the volume of your items by 30%, allowing more space in your luggage! All you have to do place your items inside the pouch, zip it in, and push the excess air out through its one-way vents!

ASOS New Look Overnight Bag

For short trips or overnight stays, there’s no better luggage to bring than the New Look Overnight Bag! This chic faux leather bag contains a fully lined interior and numerous pockets so you can easily put all your necessities inside one chic and edgy bag!

American Tourister Painter (HS) Spinner Luggage

Whenever we travel, it’s easy to spot a bright-coloured suitcase amongst a sea of black and brown ones when picking up our bags, right? Which is why the American Tourister Painter Spinner Luggage is the perfect one to bring when you’re hopping from one country to the next! Its smooth wheels, bright print, and protective features will make sure your items are safe while adding a bright pop to your outfit!

Herschel Supply Co. Parcel Luggage Hawaiian Camo

Taking an extended vacation? Then you’ll need the Herschel Parcel Luggage for its convenience, stylish silhouette and print, and large storage compartments! Its gorgeous Hawaiian Camo design complements its pebbled leather pulls and mesh compartments, which will snugly fit all your clothes and toiletries for easy and fun packing! 


Got any more fashionable luggage recommendations? Share your suitcase picks with us in the comment section below!