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A big part of your adult life is spent on your career. Your job eats up a major part of your daily routine and melts into your habits, practices and personalities like butter. This is why even after your shift for the day is over, you may still feel worn out and can't shake the feeling of fatigue and stress. 

If you feel like you're too tired to even try anything after a long hard day, we've got you covered with our six best — and effortless — ways to de-stress after work.

Take a walk and enjoy the outdoors

With the hustle and bustle of your daily life, it can be hard to focus on anything other than what you usually do. After keeping your nose to the grindstone, what you need is a literal change of perspective. There may be a nice greenery you can appreciate nearby or there could be your quiet neighbourhood, no matter the setting, go ahead and take a walk. You will definitely feel the major difference between walking amongst the surge of commuters during the rush hour and just leisurely clearing your head at your own pace. Embrace the feeling of being grounded and standing firmly on your feet as the energy of your subtle movements surge through your body. 

Run a warm bath

Looking for instant relief? Take a warm shower. Or better yet, if you're in no haste and have a tub to dip into, go ahead and run yourself a bath. No need for complexities or a spa-like setup; just immerse yourself in the warmth of the water and soothe your tired and tensed muscles. Not only will you cleanse yourself of external impurities but it will also lead you to a fully relaxed and satisfying state when you sleep. 

Vent — on paper

There are days when we can keep our emotions at bay, but there are times when things really take an extreme turn and just beg for some ventilation. We can't blame you if you use your online space to lash out your thoughts because of the availability of social media. But we highly suggest a different route: go old school and put it on paper. The idea of having something tangible and purely connected to your senses and nerves like a pen stroking the surface of a paper gives more satisfaction and ease to your mind and body's tension. Every stroke, line, doodle and word gives way to the catharsis you are longing for. It's the very reason why this method has been scientifically proven to help soothe your emotions more than just hitting that 'Post Now' button on your social media profile. 

Consume healthy food mindfully

Stress often wants you to just turn to indulgent yet unhealthy food most of the time. But you should keep in mind that relaxation should not compromise your health. There are a lot of healthier options that you can consider as for your comfort food, like swapping your milk chocolate bar with a black chocolate variant or controlling your consumption by going for a smaller bag of crisps than full-sized ones. It also helps to chew your food slowly and let your tongue experience the burst of flavours and textures for enjoyment and being present. This breaks off the stressful patterns that your nine-to-five schedule has ingrained in your mind and replenishes the nutrients your body needs every day.

Play calm and soothing music

Thanks to technology, we now have easy access to many types of music. But if you're looking for something that will stimulate happy and positive thoughts, turn to classical or soft ambient music. There's a reason why they're recommended for babies! Aside from helping to improve your cognitive functions, soothing music can also trigger plenty of physical and emotional responses that generally help you cope better with stress. It also aids in pacing down your heartbeat, uplifts your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety. 

Channel positive thoughts

Whether or not you believe in the power of attraction, claiming the better side of things definitely relieves your mind from negative energy. Exert power over your thoughts and bring back the feeling of agency over your life by having a positive mental mantra. It may be challenging to channel positive thoughts all the time, but visualising a fond memory or a dream that ignites your passion helps your mental health and your overall wellbeing. 

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Blazers are an essential outerwear for making any outfit look more dressy and put together. They come in different designs and not just your usual corporate colours. See how the Community features several pieces that suit their styles and personalities.

Checkered coordinates

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Fashion is like a playground for women. And there are different style cards to deal, especially when it comes to dresses. It's fun to experiment with different lengths and cuts once in a while, but finding the right length that flatters you and your style the most is still the best way to go. 

But how would you know if your best fit is a mini, a midi or a maxi? We share the difference between the three dress lengths below. 


(Photo from: Mgrazielle)

When it comes to the mini dress, we’re talking the classic mini and above-the-knee cut. Its practicality is perfect for ladies who are always active and on the go. Plus, this dress length best works for warm, summery weather, which is exactly what we experience mostly in our region. Petite women who want the illusion of longer legs can also benefit from this hem length, and it can go perfectly with either heels or flats. 


(Photo from: vanessatlx)

Have legs for days that are often the object of envy? Consider yourself lucky in the midi department. As its name suggests, the midi length falls down in the middle, near your calves. It can be a bit tricky to work with, as it can make you look stumpy and dated, but it's a great in-betweener if you want to go a bit modest but still have some room to move around comfortably. Our top tip is to wear high heels for height and to expose your gorgeous gams more.


(Photo from: ChristabellePQZ)

Want something that ensures great visual impact? Then the maxi is the one for you. This floor-sweeping wonder touches on a more romantic and dramatic feel, whether you're wearing it at a formal event or for an everyday look. Plus, it's fun to play around because of the many styling options. One with a slit gives a sexier appeal while a belted option provides the illusion of a balanced upper and lower body proportion. Pair it with heels for effortless elegance or go with flats for a more laidback and boho chic appeal. 

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