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Here Are The Shoes You Need To Own This Year

Add a spring to your step with these pairs

(Cover photo from: charisow)

Once you dive into an adventure, whether it be your regular routine or going to a new place, you need to have your personal 'arsenal' at its best. If there's one fashion piece that takes home the crown of significance when it comes to helping us conquer our day, that would be a pair of shoes. 

When people say that your shoes will take you places — literally and figuratively — take them seriously. Having a trusty pair will definitely make an experience more worthwhile, and if you're a shoe lover, you know exactly what we mean. So make this year one for your biggest adventures yet and let us help you find the perfect pairs to invest in. 


Ankle boots

(Photo from: paolapascua)

Now that it's perfectly acceptable to wear bootsies in the tropics, giving ankle boots a try should be on your must-do list this year. Whether you like them heeled or flat, these babies are perfect for any kind of outfit, making them a versatile fashion piece.

Platform sneakers

(Photo from: cassansaurusanaesi)

White sneaks made their way into the spotlight last year. And this time, with sneakers being a trusty staple, they definitely deserve an upgrade. So if you're looking to get some elevation but still want to have the comfort of this classic pair, platform sneakers are the best way to go. 

Chunky open-toed shoes inspired by the '80s

(Photo from: Vanessaxlim)

Following the resurgence of a lot of throwback trends from fashion-defining eras such as the '70s, '80s, and '90s, chunky, open-toed shoes paired with laced or decorative socks are going to be some of this year's major must-haves.

Suede lace-up heels

(Photo from: alvinaaaa)

Casual chic is going to be big this year, whether it be summer or fall. What better way to embody that look than with suede lace-up heels? Make sure you strap on a pair of this versatile pair that's already graced the 2017 collection of some amazing brands like Prada, Mulberry, and Valentino.