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The festivities have not stopped since Christmas, don't you think? We're well into the second month of the year, but we're not over meeting family and friends yet — and over good food, of course. No judgment here! We've indulged ourselves and have eaten as much as we could. The aftermath is not as enjoyable, though. "I feel so bloated" is something you'll often hear after a series of feasting. But don't worry because you can get rid of the bad feeling fast. Here's how to beat bloating. 

Tea for your tummy

Say goodbye to carbonated drinks and treat your tummy to some tea. Peppermint tea has a soothing effect that will not only help the inner workings of your tummy in the long run but also give you instant relief.

Go probiotic

Give your gut some good lovin'. We're sure you've heard about probiotics (and Lara Jean from To All The Boys I've Loved Before's favourite drink). It's not just yummy, it also nurtures your gut. Probiotic-rich foods and drinks contain good bacteria that help break down your food and your body take in nutrients.

Shun the sodium

It's not just in your mind; you really do get bloated when you eat lots of salty foods. So make sure to (temporarily) shun sodium from your diet to ensure you beat the bloat. If you're preparing your food, season your ingredients just right. If you're someone who can't say no to processed food, read the label and opt for those that contain "less sodium" in the packaging.

Hello, aloe

When you're bloated, your insides experience something a bit similar to what happens to the skin when it's sunburnt. And just as you would treat your skin, aloe's the way to go for soothing your bloated tummy. Go for pure, sugar-free aloe juice to help your gut.

Water forever

Yes, water works wonders — now and always! So make sure you're drinking water and letting its goodness help your gut. Instead of having it when you have meals, try drinking up before and after you eat, too, in order to enjoy its benefits in aiding digestion.



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