Here's How To Properly Store Your Sneakers | Clozette

Sneakers are must-haves because not only are they comfy to wear, there are also ones that look extremely stylish. So we totally understand if you’ve already acquired more than two pairs.

Now, if you’ve become a sneakerhead but aren’t quite sure of how to store your growing collection, here are some tips to help you take care of your stash properly.

Clean them first

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Take care of your shoes the way you would take care of your face or body. Before you figuratively put them to sleep, make sure they are clean. Leaving them dirty when you store them will make it hard for you to keep them in tip-top shape.

Stuff the toes

Before storing them, make sure that you stuff the toes of shoes that have a soft material to keep their shape. If you don’t want to use inserts made specifically for shoes, you can use acid-free paper or tissue instead.

Store them in boxes

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Don’t just stack them on top of each other. Make sure that your shoes are in boxes when you store them. If you’re going to use the box that came with it, remember to remove the papers as they might be acidic. You may also invest in plastic boxes or boxes that have drop-front openings so you can get your shoes easily especially when you have a lot of them.

Cool dark place

Once you’ve got your boxes, make sure that you store them in a cool, dry place so they’re less likely to have mold and bacteria growth. If you can, invest in a de-humidifier.

Use them and let them breathe

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Looking at your collection can be satisfying, but there’s still nothing quite like the feeling of actually wearing the shoes. So bust them out once in awhile and enjoy them.

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We are constantly awed by how many creative people are part of our Community. The photos we see uploaded never cease to amaze us. But more than the photos, we are piqued by who the people in the photos are — their stories, passions, and goals.

So we thought we’d give a little insight into the photos you see. Starting it off with Kas Perez, whom you may have already seen on the cover of our Facebook page for May.

What's your style philosophy?

My style philosophy is simple. For me, style is not always about following what's 'in' but rather wearing something that is 'you'.

What's your greatest passion and why?

My greatest passion is styling and fashion. Before becoming a blogger, I already had a heart for sketching gowns and experimenting with mixing and matching clothes. The interest came suddenly until I finally ventured into blogging. So now I think I can say that blogging is a hobby that turned into a passion.

What are your Clozette essentials? 

The basics. For clothes and shoes, anything black, white or nude/beige is a must-have. It goes with anything. While for beauty, I go for a BB cream, lip tints, loose powder, and eyebrow pencil. And of course, a nice perfume to keep me feeling fresh.

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We have to admit: As soon as the heat starts rising, our minds practically fly away to breezy shorelines and the cold cocktails by the beach. We're so ready to conquer the seas! But besides our travel buddies, the water sports activities, and the hours of basking under the glory of the sun, what's a getaway by the ocean without the ultimate collection of summer OOTDs?

So we say, pack your own supply of 'cool' and head over to your choice of summer paradise with these swimsuit brands. 


A cross between classy and sultry, this pin-up inspired bikini is just one of many choices from COS that will surely unleash the inner bombshell in you. Minimalist and chic, their Summer 2017 collection is all about keeping it light and romantic, without being cheesy or tacky. 

Uniqlo x Princesse Tam.Tam

Combining the Parisian's love for romance and the Japanese's bold creativity, this collaboration between Uniqlo and Princesse Tam.Tam is a culmination of modesty and adventure, as expressed in the collection's various cuts, colours, and prints inspired by the tropics.

Lisa Marie Fernandez

(Photo from:

'Modernised vintage' may sound paradoxical, but Liza Marie Fernandez 2017 summer collection makes it work by balancing today's obsession with minimalist prints and combining it with accentuated cuts and patterns that are very pin-up-like.

Swimsuits For All

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To all my fellow curvy ladies out there, let's not limit ourselves to the small selection at the store racks anymore. Flaunt your beach bod with this gorgeous pair from Swimsuits For All that spells elegance in being sexy. All of their collections, including the one from model and body positive advocate Ashley Graham, have built-in soft-wire bra cups to give you maximum support and comfort. They're also made with soft, breathable fabric that's perfect for an entire day of frolicking and fun. 


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Finding it hard to choose between a swimsuit that's durable for water sports, and a cute bikini that's sexy and great for photos? Why not go for both! Flagpole is known for their four-way stretch fabric technology that's perfect for doing water activities while still looking flatteringly stylish. 

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