Here's The Real Reason Why You Need "These" Lippie Shades In Your Beauty Stash | Clozette

Ah, lippies! Just when you thought you already have enough to say about them, you find yourself raving about this beauty staple all over again. And hey, we can't blame you! A simple swipe with these babies can absolutely change one's look and mood and we're pretty sure there's some magic involved.

Not to mention the fact that our lippie shade preferences also say a lot about our personality; nudes for practicality, reds are all about power and thrill -- you get the picture. But there's more to just choosing reds over nudes that make the whole lipstick-loving scene fun and exciting.

So no matter how diverse your current lippie collection is, we're giving you more reasons why you need to add these must-have hues in your beauty stash!



Some girls who can rock a red lippie at any time of day and at any occasion usually take nudes for granted. But as simple as this shade can be, this can be as striking as your favourite red lipstick if you only give it a chance. If you're not a huge fan of its paler hues, there's a lot of darker tones in the market that can definitely give you a bold, but natural-looking pout. Plus, brown nudes are so in right now so why not give that a go?


If there's one for nudes, of course reds also have their place in this list. Some people may find red a little too much, especially for daily wear, but always keep in mind that maybe you just haven't found the right one for you. 

Reds with cool undertones are perfect for those with fair skin tones, medium and olive skin tones can go for warmer and deeper shades, and wine and burgundy variations are the true match for those with deeper skin tones. 

Going red is an adventure on its own and a simple swap from your daily lippie to this this shade can make a huge difference in your mood and look (trust us, we know!).



Having a pink lipstick in your arsenal is an unspoken beauty rule, but hey, it exists! A pink flushed lip is perfect if you're not in the mood to sport a bold look and you're not feeling a nude lip either. It gives just the right amount of colour and can double up as an instant blush if you need a quick touch-up!



Didn't expect this one, didn't you? Calling out to girls who have the other three shades covered, this one can seem a little unconventional but it's more practical than you think. 

Black lippies can give dimension to your makeup look with the right amount of shading and blending. Smudging it along with your favourite lippie shade can give your lips a plumper effect and it can also double up as an emergency eyeshadow for day-to-night look. 

Going vampy and pastel-gothic are also some of the biggest trends for months to come so having this in your stash is more than perfect.


Which of these lippie shades is your ultimate fave? We'd love to hear all about them in the comments below!


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As bona fide shopaholics we love the adrenaline rush that kicks in when an online store we shop at e-mails us an exclusive code or discount, or just lets us know that they’re having “their biggest sale to date”. If you’re anticipating the next time that happens, well, you won’t have to wait long as November 11th, also known as Singles’ Day, is coming soon.

Known as the biggest online shopping day in the world, it’s the only time when brands and e-commerce websites go all out with their promotions and offers. Once 11.11 comes and the price of the item you’ve been eyeing for the past week, month, or year drops, get ready to snatch it up.

So whether you’re planning to stock up on your favourite beauty products or looking to tick off a few items from your holiday wish list, read below why you should make all those purchases during 11.11!


Huge discounts

(cover photo from Vinvola)

11.11 is often compared to the West’s “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” sales, so if you’ve been wanting to make a drastic purchase, do it on this day when brands go all out with their discounts and offers.

Tip: Cart in all the things you want to buy a few days before November 11th, and when the day comes, look out for exclusive discounts like how Lazada will give out an 11% off storewide promotion, as well as a gift with purchase. Not only will you be purchasing items you love for less, but you’ll receive extra freebies too!


Bigger cashback

Something that physical shopping can never give you is cashback. Websites that offer money back when you shop online exist; and they offer bigger percentages on Singles’ Day. The best place to get cashback is from Shopback. So let’s say you were to shop at Lazada on 11.11, you’ll actually receive more cashback as they’ve collaborated to bring shoppers more bang for your buck.

If you want to reap in the benefits of extra cashback by shopping at Lazada and are already planning your Singles’ Day wish list, we recommend you go for LANEIGE’s promotion sets that come with amazing gifts with purchase such as LANEIGE Multi-Cleanser Set (SGD 81), with 30% savings, and LANEIGE Good Night Sleeping Beauty Care (Water Sleeping Mask) Set (SGD 42), with 31% savings, as they offer you a chance to try out a brand’s bestselling and top-rated products, and cost less to buy!


Exclusive promotion sets and bundles

(cover photo from littlemisssmexy)

Whether you’re shopping in advance for the holidays, or you just want to tick a few items off your list, exclusive promotion sets such as these from LANEIGE are a godsend during 11.11. You get to sample a brand’s best products for less!

Just look at these specially curated limited edition sets from bloggers Qiu Qiu and Sweetpea; they pack a punch in the number of products you get for a fraction of the price. Now that’s an incredibly sweet deal!

Or if you want to sample some of their highly raved about products like the Water Bank line, 11.11 is the perfect time to purchase it as LANEIGE will be offering exclusive 11.11 promotion sets and will only be limited to 100 sets. It will include the Water Bank Essence, Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask, and Water Bank Gel Cream – you better reserve yours soon then!


What are you buying on Singles’ Day? Share your wish lists with us in the comment section below!


If you’ve ever wondered what the difference of a serum is from a moisturiser, just think of it as a moisturiser “on fleek”. Its ingredients are more potent and its liquidy texture allows it to penetrate your skin deeper, giving you a higher dose of nutritious and nourishing ingredients.

But if you have ever questioned a serum's importance, we'll put it this way: they can make or break your skincare routine. Find the right one and we guarantee you’ll never be able to live without it. Yet, because there are numerous variations out in the market today, it’s hard to know which one will complement and pair well with the products you already use. And that’s why we’re here to help!

To give your skincare routine a major upgrade, just keep reading below for the 5 face serums that will leave you with baby smooth skin – soft, hydrated, calm, and flawless!


Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This Kiehl’s cult fave works to regenerate and replenish your skin overnight, when it’s most receptive to repairing itself from daily aggressive factors, so when you wake up you’ll be greeted by a smoother and healthier complexion! And if you’re worried about irritation, don’t worry. This evening serum is formulated without parabens and mineral oils!


The Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum

Called by many as “healthy skin in a bottle,” this serum by The Body Shop has a lightweight and non-sticky texture that quickly absorbs into the skin to deliver an instant dose of hydration and skin-loving ingredients. But the best part is that it also brightens up your complexion! So over time, any dark spots you may have will disappear – leaving you with healthy skin, indeed.


Skin Inc. Collagen Serum

Whether you’re suffering from the early appearance of wrinkles, or you just want to give your skin a drink of water before moisturising it, Skin Inc.’s Collagen Serum will combat any signs of ageing you might have and promote your skin’s collagen production to give you a youthful and supple complexion again.


Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb

Find yourself breaking out more than usual lately? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your skin has lost its glow? Whatever it is, if you’re suddenly experiencing an onslaught of different skin issues, it may be because it’s going through a “quarterlife crisis”. And the perfect serum for that is this one by Origins. This face serum will restore your skin back to its smooth and radiant self with its mixture of oils and extracts that will blur your imperfections, refine any texture issues, and reduce oil!


Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Because serums can often be pricey, this affordable one by Innisfree will be every budget beatuy addict's new favourite. Formulated with organic Jeju green tea, this amino acid and mineral-rich serum helps to lock moisture in your skin whether you have a dry, normal, combination, or oily complexion!


What's your holy grail face serum? Share your picks with us in the comment section below!