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Here's The Real Reason Why You Need "These" Lippie Shades In Your Beauty Stash

Ah, lippies! Just when you thought you already have enough to say about them, you find yourself raving about this beauty staple all over again. And hey, we can't blame you! A simple swipe with these babies can absolutely change one's look and mood and we're pretty sure there's some magic involved.

Not to mention the fact that our lippie shade preferences also say a lot about our personality; nudes for practicality, reds are all about power and thrill -- you get the picture. But there's more to just choosing reds over nudes that make the whole lipstick-loving scene fun and exciting.

So no matter how diverse your current lippie collection is, we're giving you more reasons why you need to add these must-have hues in your beauty stash!



Some girls who can rock a red lippie at any time of day and at any occasion usually take nudes for granted. But as simple as this shade can be, this can be as striking as your favourite red lipstick if you only give it a chance. If you're not a huge fan of its paler hues, there's a lot of darker tones in the market that can definitely give you a bold, but natural-looking pout. Plus, brown nudes are so in right now so why not give that a go?


If there's one for nudes, of course reds also have their place in this list. Some people may find red a little too much, especially for daily wear, but always keep in mind that maybe you just haven't found the right one for you. 

Reds with cool undertones are perfect for those with fair skin tones, medium and olive skin tones can go for warmer and deeper shades, and wine and burgundy variations are the true match for those with deeper skin tones. 

Going red is an adventure on its own and a simple swap from your daily lippie to this this shade can make a huge difference in your mood and look (trust us, we know!).


Having a pink lipstick in your arsenal is an unspoken beauty rule, but hey, it exists! A pink flushed lip is perfect if you're not in the mood to sport a bold look and you're not feeling a nude lip either. It gives just the right amount of colour and can double up as an instant blush if you need a quick touch-up!


Didn't expect this one, didn't you? Calling out to girls who have the other three shades covered, this one can seem a little unconventional but it's more practical than you think. 

Black lippies can give dimension to your makeup look with the right amount of shading and blending. Smudging it along with your favourite lippie shade can give your lips a plumper effect and it can also double up as an emergency eyeshadow for day-to-night look. 

Going vampy and pastel-gothic are also some of the biggest trends for months to come so having this in your stash is more than perfect.


Which of these lippie shades is your ultimate fave? We'd love to hear all about them in the comments below!