Here's What To Expect At Clozette Style Party 2016 | Clozette
As we celebrated turning 5 this year, we thought: "what better way to celebrate with the community than to throw the ultimate social party of the year."

So in celebration of 5 years of beauty, fashion, and incredible style, we're gathering with our trendsetting community in Singapore for Clozette Style Party 2016. Why Singapore? It's the place where Clozette was born and the community that started it all. Because without the support we've gotten in our hometown in the past 5 years, Clozette possibly wouldn't be where it is today: a regional community that has expanded to Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan!

As the leading women social network in Asia and in partnership with ASOS, LANEIGE, REDS HAIRDRESSING, and SUNTEC CITY, we created Clozette Style Party to be the event to discover what's hot and what's trending right now around Asia.

Get ready for a weekend of fun, fashion, and beauty; because here's what you can look forward to at this year's #ClozetteStyleParty happening on 21st - 23rd April at Suntec City, Singapore!


Beauty & Fashion Show
by LANEIGE, REDS Hairdressing, ASOS, and Asian Designers

Headlining the main event on 23rd April (Saturday) is our Beauty & Fashion Show which will feature a LIVE Runway Makeup Demo by YouTube Star Morgan from The Beauty Breakdown using products from LANEIGE S/S 2016 makeup collection.

And for the first time in Singapore, ASOS will be showcasing their S/S 2016 collection on the runway with a show titled, Festival Chic by ASOS. The UK brand will feature 26 festival-inspired womenswear and menswear. Closing the runway will be the Style Squad show, which will feature a total of 23 looks by Asian labels BSYM (MU) by Alfie Leung, Womb, as well as Wila and more from multi-label boutique Mporium. All the looks will be styled by LANEIGE and REDS Hairdressing.

Both shows will see our Clozette Ambassadors take to the stage for an authentic runway experience that showcases real style by real people. 

K-Beauty YouTube Stars

Sunny Dahye & Morgan from The Beauty Breakdown

What would a beauty event be without flying in two of the rising K-Beauty Youtube Stars! So we're bringing the adorable Sunny Dahye and the sweet and bubbly Morgan from The Beauty Breakdown to Singapore to join in on the celebration.

Come and meet them on 22nd April (Friday) at the LANEIGE Makeup Demo at Suntec City from 6:30pm onwards; and learn from LANEIGE Head Makeup Artist, Tina, as she gives Sunny a "Descendants of The Sun" makeover.

Both Sunny & Morgan will stick-around right after the makeup demo for a Meet & Greet where they'll chit-chat, mingle, and take photos with their fans at the Clozette Photo Wall. 

** The makeup demo and meet & greet is open to the public **

RSVP by emailing your name, year of birth, and mobile to [email protected]

LANEIGE Makeup Booth

Want to take a closer look at the latest products from LANEIGE? Korea's leading young premium total beauty brand has its own booth at Clozette Style Party displaying their full-range of BB Cushions and their Two Tone makeup collection featuring new S/S 2016 colours.

So for a full K-Beauty experience, drop by their booth and get a K-Beauty makeover by LANEIGE makeup artists. 

Snap & Share To Receive Reebonz S$100 Voucher

Happening only on the 21st & 22nd April (Thursday and Friday, from 10am onwards), Reebonz will be hosting a fashion installation on stage featuring the most coveted designer bags from Reebonz in 4 distinct styles. 

Drop by the stage area during those two days to Snap & Share your favourite style on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #Reebonzsg and #ClozetteStyleParty to instantly receive a S$100 Reebonz voucher. You'll then be automatically entered into a lucky draw for a chance to WIN a S$300 Reebonz prize voucher.

Clozette Beauty Awards 2015 Showcase

We launched our very first Clozette Beauty Awards last year and we're highlighting the winners at our special Clozette Beauty Awards showcase at the #ClozetteStyleParty!

You'll get to see the winning products up close, take part in our beauty flatlay contest, and get chance to participate in our upcoming Clozette Beauty Awards 2016 by nominating your favourite beauty product of the year.

Fun Activities To Look Forward To

This event is all about celebrating with our community, so we're going all out in pampering everyone who drops by! 

Get your nails and brows done at Milly's nails and brow shaping stations, try on temporary tattoos & colourful hair extensions at the Clozette booth, join our Clozette Beauty Ambassadors for some flatlay photo fun & win prizes, have your photos printed for free at the station, and perk up with a refreshing bottle of cold brew coffee from

So make it a weekend of fun, fashion, and beauty. Come with your friends and family to Clozette Style Party 2016 at Suntec City, North Atrium!


Pre-Register now for the Clozette Style Party and get a surprise gift from Clozette and a chance to win amazing prizes at our lucky draw!



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Do you love wearing red lipstick? Tell us all about it down in the comments!