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Sometimes, all you need to feel refreshed after a stressful week at work is a quick getaway. Whether you’re driving off to the countryside or heading to the beach, a change of scenery can do wonders to your state of mind. But just like any other trip, packing the right things for a quick escape can still pose a few challenges especially if you’re the type to want to bring everything when you leave. So here’s a little guide on what you should bring for a weekend away.

Clothes and Shoes

Maggie Marilyn Give Me Strength Blazer (

Go for the classics — a little black dress, a plain white or black shirt, a good pair of jeans. You’ll never run out of ways to accessorise these and they can all be styled to fit whatever occasion you would need them for. Bring a blazer or a jacket just in case the night gets chilly. Don’t forget to bring a bikini if you’re heading to the beach, of course. 

Opt out of bringing heels as they take up quite some space in your bag. Instead, go for a dressy flat sandal or a smart pointy flat. Also bring a pair of sandals or slides that you can wear around comfortably for walking around your destination.


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Jewellery of all types is gorgeous, but it’s best to leave your most prized ones at home. Focus on accessories that serve a special purpose instead, like a pair of sunglasses or a sun hat. Bring a clutch just in case you find yourself hankering for a drink. A cross body bag will come in handy for important things such as passports, wallets, and more. 

Now, while it may seem like a chore, bringing a perfume to your getaway is actually nice. You know how scents conjure up memories? Give your quick escape something you can get sensory recall from by using a perfume.

Makeup, Skincare and Toiletries

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Keep the contents of your makeup bag to a minimum. Opt for multi-purpose products so you won’t need to carry a lot of things around. For skin care, go for travel sizes of your favourites. If you can, downsize your arsenal — but don’t ever forget SPF. Bring your usual toiletries but also slip in a razor or a pair of tweezers just in case you need to get rid of a nicks and unwanted hair. Bringing a first aid kit may also come in handy, so definitely do so. 


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Don’t forget the chargers for your electronic devices, as well as an adaptor. These things can be a bit bulky, so best find something that is convenient to bring. 



Popularised by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, the term “girl boss” is said to refer to “a woman who is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it.” We all have a girl boss we look up to — no matter if they’re corporate hotshots or domestic divas — and more often than not, we admire them not only for what they do but also for being able to make it look like what they are doing is easy, not to mention they look good while doing it.

So with that in mind, we asked a few girl bosses from Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia to share what outfits make them feel most comfortable in when they hustle.

Samantha Mikaela Goh
Director, Hock Chuan Seng Pte Ltd

I'm in the construction line and I believe that style must always embody comfort. You'd never look good if you struggle to go from place to place in your outfit. That said, my favourite uniform consists of cropped cigarette trousers and a slinky camisole topped off with an edgy or sleek outerwear (depending on which one is needed for the occasion). They beauty of being a girl boss is that you can go for any look you want without seeking approval from anyone.

Sheena May Tonio
Junior Assistant Manager, BDO Unibank Inc.

I like to think that I’m a minimalist when it comes to style, so my colour palette lies more on neutrals, and the pieces I go for are easy to mix and match. My go-to outfit are a pair of wide leg pants — because it’s flattering and it hides thick hips and thighs — and a plain button down top or ribbed high neck shirt. I finish the look off with comfy ballet flats or sneakers. The ensemble gives an illusion that I put an effort to what I am wearing but I actually didn’t. 

Cinddie Teo

Digital Content Creator, ZALORA Singapore Female Style Star of the Year 2017

I would say my style is rather eclectic, and I find myself sticking to casual street style the best. I love fun, interesting pieces that I can layer and play around with to create different looks. My style uniform consists of an oversized jacket, denim cut-offs, sneakers — and pink lipstick.

Ricca Presa
Entrepreneur, Owner of I.M. Presa Fashion brand

I like the classic cuts — classy but on trend. And I love colour. That’s why now that the style is going back to the 80s and 90s, I’m having so much fun playing with clothes. The outfit I can say is my go-to is a pair of wide leg pants that look like Japanese pants or long skirt with slits, which I pair with crop tops.

Cheryl Ng


My style uniform is usually a white top and comfortable shoes. I like classic styles and clothes that don’t make me think about how I look. This style doesn’t affect my work as a creative since we’re expected to dress casually anyway. But I try to play it by ear as some clients like you to dress sharply. So I try to make a good first impression. Smart casual usually works.

(Cover photo from: societyofsnobs)


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As a fashion and beauty social content platform, it has been an incredible journey since we launched in 2011. Each year, we invite our most beloved Clozetters to join us for an afternoon of teatime delights and fun-packed activities. We also take the opportunity to catch up and share about exciting happenings in our community.

With the launch of our new look, there was no doubt that we wanted our community – the core of Clozette – to witness and celebrate this milestone with us. So over the weekend, we welcomed our stylish guests to step into their new Clozette at our Clozette Tea Party 2017.

Courtesy of our amazing partners, we prepared activities that provided all the primping essentials you’ll need in your Clozette. Etude House, GHD and QTTiE pampered guests with make-up, hair and nail makeovers to help them get ready for an Insta-worthy printout by Meitu. Guests were also treated to a jewellery showcase by ROOS 1835, and brought home fresh floral bouquets and calligraphy cards presented by CLEO and Lifetime Asia. Not to forget, prizes and take-home goodies thanks to CLEO, Crème Simon, Elyse & I, Etude House, Klarity, Qttie, Skin Inc, Too Faced, and Zalora!

Read on to see what went down at our Clozette Tea Party 2017.
Customising a floral bouquet by CLEO

Enjoying a pampering makeover at Etude House

Sporting a perfect blowout at GHD

Getting wise words of empowerment on print with calligraphy by Lifetime Asia

Getting the perfect shot with Meitu

Jewellery showcase by ROOS 1835

Gel manicure at QTTiE

Attractive giveaways for lucky winners

Big winner of the afternoon, Clara Song, brought home a pair of ROOS Diamond Earrings worth SGD1,600!

Take-home goodies courtesy of our partners: CLEO, Crème Simon, Elyse & I, Etude House, Klarity, Qttie, Skin Inc and Zalora


See our stylish Clozette Tea Party 2017 guests here!