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Here's Why We Can't Get Enough Of The Pin Trend

Start pinning!

While trends come and go, there's a certain sense of permanence to some of their elements. For example: red pants can be a major thing one season, and then turn to a total drab the next — but its core remains as it is, threads and all.  

As much as we want to keep up with trends, we have to admit that turning your wardrobe over is not exactly the easiest thing, both on the budget and the exerted effort. But when pins and patches started to steal the spotlight, whether it be on the streets or the runways, it gave that sense of freedom over fashion with the bonus that it doesn't burn a hole in the pockets. 

Ahead, we share some of the reasons why we're totally gushing over this trend. 

Customise, customise, customise

(Photo from: cassansaurusanaesi)

We all have to admit that once in our lives, we got addicted to RPG or role-playing games that allowed us to design a character. It was fun although it took forever for us to finish one character because honestly, who doesn't love customising? The thing about pins is that they give us that fun experience of tweaking the same fashion piece and transforming its vibe into something completely different with just a simple accessory.

It's easy on the budget

(Photo from: ShaiHabon)

Compared to other trends and accessories, pins are available almost anywhere, and at the most pocket-friendly prices. Usually, they also come in sets, which make them even cheaper; but with the millions of possibilities you can use them for, they definitely give a bang for your buck.

It's versatile in all forms

(Photo from: QingPineda)

Whether you're thinking about your mood, the season or a fashion piece, pins help shake things up a bit. You are in full control of curating which pin goes where, and it's no hassle to change or take off if you don't feel like going for a certain look anymore.  Whatever the reason is, pins let you play with your outfit in more ways than one — you'll find it hard to run out of ideas. 

(Cover photo from: cassansaurusanaesi)

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