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With tons of cleansing juices and healthy diet supplements emerging in the market nowadays, we can't help but look for the most effective option. And if you've heard of 'wheatgrass shots', then you're right on track! 

Also called triticum aestivum, this delicate-looking grass can look small and ordinary, but there's more to know about this health-filled plant! Definitely edible and accessible to add in your pantry, wheatgrass can be juiced or milled down into a fine green powder to create a multipurpose drink or food supplement that can be consumed by both humans and animals.

So from common colds and coughs to prevention of heart diseases and cancer, here are more deets on this little grass' health wonders!


It's your whole food pyramid in one

According to tons of studies and research, wheatgrass is known to be a nutritionally complete food as it contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements required by the body. So if you feel like your daily food intake is lacking some veggies or the right protein, wheatgrass is one way to keep your diet in check.

It's a great complement to your skincare routine

Wheatgrass is a treasure chest of live chlorophyll, which not only serves to give the plant its rich green colour, but also helps fight free radicals in the body to slow down the aging process. Plus, adding powdered wheatgrass to your hot bath can also help cleanse the skin, boosting the healing and treating of the skin's layers for conditions such as eczema, itching, and irritation.


It easily fits into your daily routine

If you think that wheatgrass can be time consuming to prepare and can cause a hassle to your daily routine, no worries! Wheatgrass is very potent so two ounces a day is enough to give you your daily dose of nutrition.

Juice Works offers pure and wholesome wheatgrass that are freshly harvested and juiced on the spot upon every order. So if you're not up for juicing or powdering it yourself, you can leave it up to the people at Juice Works to prep your healthy drink! 


It gives you the perfect smile

Using wheatgrass as a mouthwash helps prevent tooth decay, alleviates toothaches, and treats bleeding gums. So keep those pearly whites healthy and smile all you can with your toothpaste-wheatgrass mouthwash tandem!


It helps ease unnecessary cravings

Want to keep your diet in check? Wheatgrass' abundance in vitamins and enzymes helps your body deal with unnecessary cravings. It's also a healthy diet supplement that cleanses your colon and soothes digestion, making it easier for your body to absorb nutrients from the food while expelling fat naturally. No need for crash dieting and staying away from your fave food!


Have you tried wheatgrass before? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


Fashion and beauty play a huge role in our own self-expression. A simple accessory can level up an outfit and a simple swipe of lipstick can immediately change one's mood. So to inspire young ladies to get even more creative with their love for fashion and beauty, Lazada recently brought together today’s brightest names in different fields of style for an informative and inspiring afternoon.

The event revolved around the changes and perceptions on style and beauty in the age of social media and digital shopping. One of the event's highlights was the discussion on the effect of social media on fashion trends and individual style. It led to the conclusion that whether you're already an established blogger, style icon, or a simple fashion enthusiast, the accessibility to social media provides an avenue to inspire everyone with your own unique style. 

Plus, the event also put the spotlight on why digital shopping is one of the best and most practical things that happened as an effect of the growing beauty and fashion communities in the internet.

“Online shopping is great because you don’t have to decide (and spend) on the spot if you want to purchase an item. In fact, you can make a wish list when shopping online. Add the items in your cart. Sleep on it. Come back the following day and assess if you still want to push through with the purchase.” - Sassa Jimenez, Haute Couture designer

The discussion was followed by a makeup tutorial courtesy of L'Oréal. Angela Yeo, celebrity make-up artist and owner of, showed the audience how to achieve an easy “office chic” look that's perfect for the modern day, on-the-go woman.

Our favourite takeaway from the event was from Bea Constantino, one of the most celebrated fashion stylists in the country.

“Find your passion, always update yourself, and build your brand.” - Bea Constantino

The first STYLECON was truly a fun and educational event for all of us who speaks and breathes fashion.

Unleash your passion for fashion and beauty by visiting

Goth is one of the few fashion subcultures that are called 'alternative' for the very reason that they don't fit the trendy and preppy fashion category. But that was a thing of the past. With the fashion and beauty industry opening to diversity in the hopes of breaking stereotypes, what used to be a separate fashion entity now makes its way to Fall/Winter 2016 runways.

Modern Gothic or Gothic Glam is one of this season's hottest trends. From black rimmed eyes and dark lips to laces and chokers, this look is all about straying away from the cool girl look and going directly to full on badass. It can be intimidating at first but it's actually an easy look to pull off. 

So if you're in the mood to change up your look this season, here's all you need to know about this trend. 


It's more than just a throwback

Like the other trends that had its resurgence, the modern version of "the goth" is much more wearable. Going for hardcore piercings and platform boots are now up to your discretion and even hair streaks can be taken out of the equation. Upgrade your goth look to a chicer, more glam version by adding some glitter to your smoky eye or by sporting a red lip along with that all black outfit.  

Balance is key

Trying on an 'alternative' beauty and fashion trend can get you more excited than you think, which can lead to a tendency of going overboard. Just like any other beauty look, modern goth is all about keeping all the elements of your look in place. Keep in mind that the basic principles of bold eyes-nude lip or neutral eyes-bold lip also goes for this trend. So keep your MOTD clean and sleek without losing that mysterious gothic vibe. 


It gives your other moody shades a time to shine

(photo from curlsandmints)

Black may be the foundation of the goth look but since we're going for its revamped version, why not try the other moody shades in your makeup palette? Burgundies, deep plums, and royal blues can work its wonders to make this modern gothic look work. Just stick to a dark, fall-inspired colour scheme and you're definitely good to go. 


It's more practical than you expect

(photo from merphi)

If you're not a fan of mixing and matching your clothes or trying to blend that eyeshadow perfectly, this trend will make you jump in glee. The pale, almost-white complexion that the old goth trend started has taken a more 'naturally flushed' turn for 2016. A sweep of mascara, a little bit of blush, a bold lip -- that's your MOTD done! Who would have thought that this 'theatrical' trend will make its comeback to make our beauty routines easier than ever?  


What do you think of the modern gothic trend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!