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Getting ready for your trips this summer? Are you gearing to tick off an item from your travel bucket list? Then one thing's left to think about: packing. If you've been taking out and putting in things in your luggage a million of times to prep for your trip, we've got just the tips to help you out.  


Create a checklist

List down everything you need, from the must-brings to the ones you can easily chuck out in case you run out of space. Just keep on listing based on priority so that you have something to reference to. 

Bring a small roam-around bag

Trips, especially those that require a lot of walking and sightseeing, mean that you need to have some necessities on hand as you go out and about with your itinerary. This is why it's important to include a roam-around bag in your luggage, one that you can stuff with socks, underwear, or toiletries to save space. 
Check the weather

Before you start shopping and packing your clothes for the trip, it's essential to keep tabs on the weather in the area you're visiting during the span of your visit. You wouldn't want to be caught in sweaters during summer, would you?

Opt for a big luggage instead of many bags

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Whether you're going on a long trip or you simply need to have at least 2 or more outfit changes a day (hey, you do you!), considering going for a big luggage than many bags will definitely be more convenient. Not only will it save you the stress of checking on the number of your baggage every time, but it will also be easier to search your things once you're fully settled. 

Resealable bags and small organisers are your best friends

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From toiletries to gadget chargers, resealable bags and small organisers make it easier to stick and secure items in the pockets of the luggage. It lessens the worry that your things will end up spilled or tangled with the rest of your baggage, so make sure you fill in your stock for the trip. Bring in some extra, too, for the small souvenirs you'll buy to prevent them from being scratched. 


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Spring and summer are just around the corner. While others can't wait 'till the day they can start lounging by the beach, drink fresh fruit juice while waves are crashing and swimming to their heart's content, some are not fond of everything bright that comes with the more humid season. If you're the type to veer away from pastel hues, here's the perfect fashion collection for you.

Philippine clothing brand Oxygen has just released its summer collection, and it's right up the alley of those whose wardrobes are inhabited by dark hues. The collection is also the perfect fit for those who are enamoured with street culture and a hip, fuss-free lifestyle.

The collection has fun statement and graphic tees, dark-hued florals, basics as well as athleisure-inspired bottoms. The line has a nautical feel with a dash of grunge.

In keeping with the brand's edgy and artsy nature, the collection was introduced via a hangout session at the Oxygen Artist's Room. The first leg of the hangout, held at Oxygen's store at TriNoma mall in Quezon City, featured musicians Keiko Necessario and Joyce Pring.

On the left: Joyce Pring; on the right: Keiko Necessario

“Come, Hang Out is our way of saying that there is so much more to Oxygen now,” brand director Jeff Bascon said about the series of events. “We want to bring people together by promoting youth and street culture and lifestyle — particularly through clothing and music. Moving forward, people can expect the brand to come up with cool and hip streetwear pieces made to perfectly complement the youth's lifestyle.”


The last leg of the #OxgnComeHangOut series will be on March 5 at SM Seaside Cebu, featuring performances by Kirby Yu and Jen Sarmiento.


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Whether you’re heading off to visit Disneyland in Japan or looking to stock up on your favourite beauty and skincare products from Korea, finding a suitable outfit to wear at the airport and on the plane is no easy feat. After all, you’ll be sitting in a flying car for hours; chances are you won't be able to move around easily.

So if you’re travelling soon and want to get your OOTD on point from the moment you enter the airport to the time the plane lands, keep scrolling down for looks that are stylish, easy to put together, and will make you feel comfortable and relaxed for hours.


Midi Dress + Sneakers

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If you love wearing dresses all day every day, then opt for a midi piece when flying. That way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally exposing something. Pair it with sneakers and we guarantee you’ll love how you can easily walk from point to point.

Loose Tee + Ripped Jeans

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They say never wear skinny jeans when flying and we couldn’t agree more — it just feels too constricting. That is why we recommend going for a straight cut, ripped version. It’s trendy, will allow your legs to breathe more, and when paired with a loose tee, it gives off a grungy vibe.


Shorts + Light Jacket

(Photo from: MandaOlivia)

Since we live in a tropical country, this outfit combo is just the right one to wear when flying. It’s cool, breezy, chic, and if you feel cold, that’s what the light jacket is for! Accessorise it with a bucket bag and you’ll be good to go.

Sweater + Skirt

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On the other hand, if the country you’re visiting will be cold, then this outfit will be more suited to your needs. The loose material of the skirt and sweater will be cool enough for our warm weather, but it will also shield you from a bit of cold breeze. So once you land, you won’t freeze.


Denim Shirt + Trousers

(Photo from: theliyanaaris)

A loose top and bottom combo may not look like much, but with the right shoes and purse, you’ve got yourself a sophisticated OOTD. So instead of going for sneakers with this combination, pair it with some loafers and a bright bag to pull it all together.


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