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Ah, love is in the air. It’s the season of showing and giving love — and spending special quality time with your significant other, of course. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re sure you’re already excited to spend the day with your most special person. We’re pretty sure you’re just as ecstatic about the getting-ready part too — it’s part of the process, after all! If you’re still undecided on what look to sport, we’ve got you. Just don’t forget to enhance your eye beauty and take these looks a notch further with a pair of 1-Day ACUVUE® DEFINE® Radiant Sweet™ contact lenses.

Thanks to the unique blend of three translucent pigment layers on the lenses that enhance the depth, reflects, and enlarges the iris, you’ll be saying sweet nothings through your eyes with its natural glowy, tear-filled effect. Ahead, get glowing on V-Day no matter what type of date you’re doing with these pretty looks.

The Cuddle Date 

Model: Novita

From countless trips to numerous gastronomic adventures, you are happiest when you are with each other. This year, however, you’d like to just wind down and get cosy. The plan? Netflix and chill. No, really. Enjoy a cheesy movie on Netflix, binge on your favourite snacks, and just cuddle.

It sounds like the best opportunity to get lazy, but it’s still a special day worthy of a little sprucing and getting ready for. Trade your pyjamas for a comfy sweater. Put your hair in a nice little braid and rock a glowy nude look. Think of it as levelling up your natural look. Add a bit of gloss or petroleum jelly to your eyelids for the perfect subtle glossy eye look. Perfect the base, of course, and make sure you’re as glowing as you feel. Finish it off with a gloss for a my-lips-but-better feel and your 1-Day ACUVUE® DEFINE® Radiant Sweet™ contact lenses. The best part about these lenses is they are so comfortable that you can wear them up to 20 hours. Goodbye dry eyes and you can now cuddle with style!

The First Date

Model: Christy

First impressions can last, so making a good one on a first date is a must. Whether you’re going on a casual picnic or enjoying marvelling at art in a museum, you have to be as at ease as you possibly can. It can be quite daunting but there are some steps you can take to ensure that your first date goes smoothly. For starters, let your eyes do the talking. The 1-Day ACUVUE® DEFINE® Radiant Sweet™ contact lenses are set to impress and express your natural eye radiance. Plus, protect your eyes with the only contact lens brand with an internationally recognised standard of UV protection. Then, go for something that’s fresh and easy to maintain. Look bright and fun with flushed cheeks. Tantalise with your eyes by making sure your lashes are fluttery and wispy — two coats of mascara minimum. For the lips, inject a little playfulness and go for something coloured and glossy.

So focus on the conversation and try not to worry about fussing over your look during your first date.

The Fancy Dinner Date 

Model: Roanna

Your partner pulled out all the stops to give the both of you a night to remember. We say dress to the nines and don’t hold back when it comes to playing up the romance in your look for your fancy dinner date.

Perfect your base and contour your face. Now’s not the time to play it safe. Go for an eye look that grabs attention, but instead of a smokey eye, opt for a warm pink hue – the makeup colour of the moment – then, add a bit of shimmer for a hint of whimsy. Complement the look with a pink lipstick. Just make sure your eyes stay perky, comfy and glossy by the end of the evening. With pigments safely enclosed between two layers of lens material, be assured that your peepers are well protected all night long with the ACUVUE® DEFINE® Radiant Sweet™ contact lenses.

Let your eyes do the talking this Valentine’s Day with 1-Day ACUVUE® DEFINE® Radiant Sweet™ contact lenses. Learn more about it here.


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Models: Novita, Christy and Roanna
Photography: Vincent Ng
Makeup: Vinna Er



Instagram is one of the biggest social platforms for beauty and fashion today. From who's wearing what to which trend is hot, it has become a microcosm of the two industries and even a conductor of where it's headed. 

But aside from the filtered photographs or curated feeds that people often see in this online space, a new but somehow fascinatingly eerie trend has been emerging: CGI and robots as beauty and fashion influencers. 

You read that right! And we're not just talking about dolls or stuffed animals being dressed up and photographed — these are actual technologically created personalities signing brand deals and posing for spreads. But before we get into who's who, the idea of having a digital icon did not exactly start on Instagram. 

Those who are into Japanese culture will definitely be familiar with Hatsune Miku, one of Japan's most popular 'idols', who is, yes, a humanoid persona. She's sold out hundreds of concerts, has sold probably millions of merchandise and has a very passionate following (as you can see in the video above). And since this idea of having a digital star with a massive following did not exist before, a lot of people were initially weirded out by the idea. But it seems like it is where we are headed now.

Starting with the least shocking first, you may have already heard about Sophia, a humanoid developed by Hanson Robotics in 2015. She made headlines for being able to express 62 different emotions and has been the first robot ever to be granted a citizenship; she is a Saudi Arabian citizen. 

Besides having an active Instagram account with 15k followers, plus almost hundreds of fan accounts dedicated to her, Sophia can be seen going on photo shoots, giving speeches, and doing just about anything an 'Instagrammer' would do. 

But that's just the beginning. Following the likes of gorgeous Hollywood superstars like Lupita Nyong'o and Viola Davis, Instagrammer Shudu Gram is someone you can definitely mistake for as a supermodel or an upcoming celebrity. But the catch is: she's not real.

Created by London-based photographer Cameron James Wilson, she is distinctly human-like and has more than 36.7k followers on Instagram and counting. The digital model has even been featured on Fenty Beauty's Instagram account recently. 

But Shudu is not the only 'digital model' you should look out for. Internet conspiracy theorists and Instagram patrons alike have also been obsessed with Lil Miquela, who has more than 500k followers on Instagram to date. What's fascinating about her in contrast with Shudu is that she looks like an animated girl super-imposed into the real world, making people question if there is an actual 'girl' behind the CGI-d features. 

What's even more interesting is that she's been taking candid photos with 'real people' and has even done a voice interview with YouTuber Shane Dawson. She craftily avoided questions about who she really is, making the internet's fascination, curiosity, and even obsession with her mysterious identity escalate to new heights. 

And it's safe to say that whoever is behind Lil Miquela is working flawlessly on her brand. Just recently, aside from announcing that she will release her music soon, Lil Miquela was also announced as Pat McGrath's new muse. Talk about career goals!

With this line between reality and technology overlapping more and more each day and while we wonder how we are defining 'realness' at this day and age, we ask: is this the direction we're heading not just in the fashion and beauty industry but humanity as a whole?



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Korean fashion brand THE TWEE has arrived in Singapore. Hailing from Seoul, the brand offers womenswear and menswear. They also exclusively carry the cosmetics brand Superface Korea, which was created by Korean director Jung Son and Hong Kong director Larry Shiu. The store, located at 313 Somerset, will also carry an exclusive party collection for Singaporeans. Available soon: Get a free makeover at the Superface Booth for every purchase of a party collection piece.

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If you're looking for a different kind of high, look no further than AIRZONE at City Square Mall. It's an elevated playground that features different kinds of attractions — from a ball pit to a maze. 

Carolina Herrera steps down

After 37 years of heading her eponymous brand, Carolina Herrera steps down from her post. Herrera will move on to become the brand's Global Brand Ambassador. Taking the reins after her is 31-year-old Wes Gordon, who has been a creative consultant for the brand in the past year. 

elf x Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano's collaboration with beauty brand e.l.f. cosmetics looks like a Springtime dream. The collection includes a tinted lip oil, liquid matte lipstick, an eyeshadow palette and a cosmetics bag.

(Cover photo from: @twee_sg)

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