A Definitive List Of All The Hidden Messages In Taylor Swift's "ME!" | Clozette

After weeks of teasing us with pastel-themed Instagram posts, Taylor Swift finally announced what they were about and released her latest single, entitled ME!, featuring Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie. Within 24 hours of its release, it already racked up a total of 65 million views, setting a new VEVO record. The new music video is a complete explosion of colour, and of course, in Taylor Swift-fashion, filled with so many hidden hints. It can be a tad overwhelming, so we’ve broken down the Easter eggs we could find down below.


A goodbye to Reputation Era?


The video opens with a pinkish white snake slithering on the ground and suddenly bursting into a bunch of butterflies. Does this mean a departure from Swift’s dark and edgy era that’s full of drama?

The new Taylor


Despite the first scene, the whole music video has tons of references to her last music video. The stairs she walks down on in ME! is the exact same one from her Look What You Made Me Do video,  albeit much, much brighter. The iconic phone the old Taylor couldn’t answer also appears here, so maybe it’s indeed the new Taylor we’re seeing here.


Call-back to the past

A screenshot of a tweet showing Taylor Swift's references to old looks


Throughout the video, Taylor dons outfits that reference her pre-Reputation looks. The old Taylor might be dead, but that doesn’t mean she’s completely forgotten. Some fans even argue she’s back.

Trouble still follows


Whether or not the old Taylor’s gone or back, one thing’s for sure: drama and trouble still follow her. You’d think that the video’s just full of fluff, but if you look closely, those fluffs are actually vicious cloud snakes glaring at Taylor wherever she goes.


Seven’s the lucky number


In ME! Taylor wears a total of seven outfits and, not to mention, there’s that scene where she’s surrounded by seven different bags. It’s an obvious tease because, if all goes well for the fans, then this would be her seventh album.

A tiny secret she’s been hiding


In the video, Brendon presents her an engagement ring, which she rejects. Instead, she accepts a kitten, who's revealed to be her new real-life kitty named Benjamin Button.  Maybe that’s her cheeky way of denying all those rumours of engagement with Joe Alwyn, and just revealing that her true secret is this new addition to her family.

Kaleidoscopic heart


Brendon shows us a direct representation of Taylor’s Welcome to New York lyrics “kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats.” As he opens his coat in one scene, it reveals his kaleidoscopic heart to which the camera zooms in.

A look into the future


There’s a bright pink “Lover” sign that appears on top of the building behind Taylor in the video. Everyone think it’s going to be the title of the next single she’ll drop.


Another collab


Speaking of the future, fans are also speculating that Taylor will be producing a Dixie Chicks collab inher next album because of a portrait that appears on Brendon's left in one scene. Whether all these predictions will actually happen, let’s stay tuned and just enjoy this song for now.


(Cover photo from: @taylorswift)



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