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Highlights From Mother's Day With SK-II

As part of their #ChangeDestiny global movement, luxury skincare brand SK-II encouraged Singaporeans to be more expressive in showing their love and gratitude towards their mothers in their first-ever Mother’s Day Brunch at the Grand Ballroom at The South Beach Hotel in Singapore last 7th May, 2016. 

It was an event filled with laughter, tears, and love as mothers and daughters came together for an unforgettable day of bonding and fun activities to do together. 

From heartfelt messages, to delicious food, and to charming performances by local singers, keeping reading below to see the highlights from SK-II’s record-breaking brunch!


A heartwarming start

Daughters express their gratitude and love for their mothers by hugging them

The brunch began with the brand showing their latest Mother’s Day campaign video, which struck a chord with every one present, resulting in a mass embrace between mothers and daughters.

Charming music

(Left to right: Daphne Khoo, Sara Wee, and Kewei Tay)

During the course of the brunch, guests were serenaded by live performances from local singers such as Sara Wee, Kewei Tay, and Daphne Koo.

The unveiling of a new design

The new limited edition design of the brand's famous Facial Treatment Essence

The event also saw the unveiling of the Spring Butterfly Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, which features fluttering butterflies that represent elegance and metamorphosis, symbolic of a mother’s unconditional love for her child.

Mother-child photoshoots

Mediacorp artist Jamie Yeo and her daughter enjoying the brunch activities

Besides the delicious food and performances, another activity the guests took part in was having their photos professionally taken against this gorgeously pink set!

A record-breaking brunch

The official Singapore Book of Records certificate for "The Most Number of Mother's Day Photos Uploaded on Facebook in One Hour"

Lastly, SK-II secured a place in the Singapore Book Of Records for “The Most Number of Mother’s Day Photos Uploaded on Facebook in One Hour” with a total of 253 photos uploaded onto the SK-II Singapore Facebook page!