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Highlights From The Sample Room Media Launch

We select the beauty products we buy based on our needs. The amount of time and effort that we put into researching and reading reviews online about our favourite products, not to mention the money that we spend can be considered a real investment. And no matter how much we try, sometimes the beauty product we get still doesn't live up to its promises. 

Thankfully, Sample Room has been helping us out in testing products for free so that we'll get the most out of our future purchases. Changing the way of free sampling in the Philippines since 2012, Sample Room is committed to helping you find your perfect match when it comes to skincare, cosmetics, and other beauty and wellness domains by trying the product before buying it.

To celebrate their three year mark, Sample Room invited members of the media, partner bloggers, and VIP members to a day of fun and beauty. Read on to find out more about our favourite moments from the event.


Boho-chic vibe

Guests were treated to a boho-chic themed getaway,  filled with fun activities and de-stressing atmosphere. Completing the aesthetic are the guests' amazing beauty and fashion looks that goes along with the theme, leveling up the event experience.
The magic of 'tryvertising'

The event brought to life what the website is all about. Partner brands like Beauty & Butter, Belo Nutraceuticals, C-Lium, Cure, Laneige, Lux, Pantene, Shiseido, Soffia Brushes, Vaseline, and Zenutrients prepared a variety of activities that allowed the guests to try their newest products and encouraged everyone to write their reviews on their review board.
A common love for all things beauty

With its huge online community of beauty experts, beauty junkies, and fellow consumers, Sample Room doesn’t only let you choose which free products to try, it also provides real and honest details about the product through customer reviews. 
Surprises in store

Sample Room also announced that this is just the beginning of what they have in store for their community. From summer getaways and makeup sessions to spa parties, beauty blogger get-togethers, and other lifestyle activities, Sample Room promises to hold future events that will help make every woman knowledgeable and empowered while adding more beauty picks to add to their haul.
Great beauty haul

Last but not the least, everyone who attended the event received this super cute Sample Room care kit filled with great goodies from the event partners. 


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