Here Are The Hobbies You Need To Try This Year | Clozette

Most new year’s resolutions involve trying something different or incorporating a new hobby into daily life. Be it a fitness regime or an activity you’ve always wanted to try, let us help you kick-start this resolution for a happier, healthier year.

Building your own ecosystem 

Terrariums have gained some serious street cred over the last few years, drawing the interests of young and old alike and providing unique decorative additions to homes and office spaces. Ohsum Mossum is a service in Kuala Lumpur that organises intimate workshops, which include all materials and guidance to build your own terrarium that can survive for months with proper care.

Cultivate gorgeous penmanship 

In this digital day and age, most writing is done on laptops and mobile phones due to speed and convenience. The Craft Crowd brings Malaysians a little closer to the beautiful art of penmanship with monthly workshops that feature modern calligraphy, watercolour, as well as brush lettering. The workshops include calligraphy kits to use and practice with as well as a tutorial to create an elegant piece to take home.

Calm your mind 

The Art of Blessing at Tanjong Pagar Plaza offers free meditation sessions for people to nourish their souls and calm their mental states. While going on a spin class or kickboxing may sound more adventurous, meditation has its own benefits. It's been done for centuries to help heal the mind and allow the physical body time to wind down from the stress of daily life.

Climb to the top 

If you’re looking for a full body workout but have no interest in going to the gym perhaps consider indoor rock climbing, an activity that challenges both the mind and the body. Visit Climb Central, the tallest sport climbing venue in Singapore and sign up for one of their basic classes to spark your interest and maybe gain a new favourite pastime.

Learn to dye 

Create universally pleasing pieces for your home with an itajime shibori dyeing class in Manila, where designer Yana Ofrosio will instruct students on the ancient art of dyeing. The session includes mixing your own dye and the different ways to fold, pleat and block fabrics to create beautiful shapes and patterns. The finished products can be used in a variety of ways and are sure to be a conversation starter the next time you have guests over. 

A memory a day 

What if we told you there’s an adult version of keeping a diary called journaling, and that there’s a class you can take to create the perfect journal to document all your adventures and achievements? This workshop will show you colour-mixing and lettering techniques, along with journaling layout styles. You’ll be inspired by Abbey Sy to explore different artistic ways to create your own personalised journal, making the process as memorable as your experiences throughout the year.



Instagram is the place to be when it comes to updates about our favourite celebrities and influencers. And besides the usual glitz and glamour of their daily lives and their careers, it always takes a more intimate and humbling turn whenever we get an insider view of their most candid moments, like how they celebrate their holidays, for example.

Speaking of the festive cheer gracing our feeds during the end of the year, we also got to see the #BestNine trend, where we get to see not only our own most liked and engaged photos of the year but also see which types of posts and content from our favourite celebrities and influencers resonated the most with their audience. So keep on scrolling to see which ones made it to the top 'gram grids of our favourite celebs and influencers.

Selena Gomez

The former-teen-queen-turned-best-selling-artist and social media queen bee may have gone on social media hiatus a couple of times last year for her mental and physical health but that doesn't mean her followers rested in showing her some love while she was away; her posts garnered a total of 339,517,859 likes. We hope that the songstress comes back in holistic top shape this 2019!

Ariana Grande

From almost getting married, her ex passing on, and rising above all the extremes and heartaches by releasing an empowering album to put the year to a close, 2018 was a crazy year for Ariana Grande. Even so, Arianators — and fellow personalities in the industry — continued to give her utmost love and support whether inside or outside of the 'gram. 

Huda Kattan

Being an influencer-turned-entrepreneur and owner of one of the biggest indie beauty brands of today, it's no doubt that Huda Kattan is one of the most influential personalities in the beauty community. Her grid usually consists of new product launches, beauty looks, casual snaps, and even a hint of her personal life featuring her hubby and their adorable baby so it's no wonder her multi-faceted Instagram snaps garnered almost 297 million likes in total in 2018.

Chiara Ferragni

2018 was a good kind of whirlwind year for Chiara Ferragni with her sharing photos of her pregnancy and wedding prep with us along the way. The testament that people are living for this type of content shows on the total of almost 693 million likes she got from her 1,415 posts last year. And from her myriad of wedding dress changes to the welcoming of her baby into her glamorous world as a fashion influencer, we can't wait to see more glimpses into the Ferragni life this 2019. 

Kylie Jenner

Moving away from her 2017 persona on the platform where it was all about makeup and style, 2018 was filled with glimpses of how the youngest sister from the Kardashian-Jenner clan added motherhood onto her belt with baby Stormi entering the picture. Needless to say, her fans are loving every bit of Stormi content as most of her #bestnine pics have her baby fronting it.

Loren Gray

The YouTuber turned social media influencer and recording artist garnered 373 million likes on her 380 posts in 2018. With her doll-like looks and occasional pop culture cosplays typically gracing her followers' feeds, it's safe to say that we'll be seeing and hearing more of her in 2019. 


Hear ye, hear ye! Queen Bey's #bestnine numbers are here and even with the slim number of 135 posts from 2018, she still garnered a whopping 388 million likes. Talk about her empire being stronger than ever. We just hope we see more of her and the Carter fam in 2019. 


Rih continuously takes the world by storm with her Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty brands but her personal account is not taking a step back either. From her legendary Met Gala look to her simple and gorgeously casual bare-faced selfie, we can't wait to see what this icon has in store for us — social media and product launches-wise — this new year. 

(Cover photo from: @beyonce)



The term ‘delicates’ kinda sounds archaic in this day in age where words like fit and kicks have become a part of everyday conversation when it comes to fashion. However, it doesn’t just refer to your unmentionables. Delicates such as slips, camisoles and dresses are often made of lace and silk, as well as linens and cashmere — materials that are not suited for an arbitrary spin cycle. They also come with a hefty price tag if you’re a girl who likes to live the luxe life. So it's only fitting that you know how to take care of them so you can enjoy them for long. Ahead, our best tips for keeping your delicates' longevity.

Pay attention to the fine print 

Not every piece of clothing is made equal, and those tags aren’t there to irritate you. The most important symbol you need to know is the big X on the washing machine which means a spin cycle is a no-no. Following the directions, especially those that tell you explicitly what not to do, has already made washing your delicates that much easier.

Invest in a lingerie detergent (or make your own!) 

You may be wondering: how is this different from regular detergent? Well, normal laundry detergent is formulated to remove stubborn stains and is meant for heavier loads. Lingerie needs to be pampered with a gentle solution to maintain their texture and longevity. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like spending extra, you can make your own blend of detergent using a cup of hot water, a teaspoon of baby shampoo and a couple drops of your favourite essential oil.

Let them have a good soak in the tub

No, you can’t just chuck everything into the washing machine. Some things need time and a gentle nudge onto a cleaner path. In this case, a five-minute soak is what all your delicates need to loosen up any grime that may have been collected, and a light hand wash to remove any stains. Let your garments soak for another five minutes for good measure before gently squeezing them out. Add a little distilled white vinegar into your wash to soften the fabrics and remove any soap residue.

Tumbling down the rabbit hole 

Unlike Alice in Wonderland, your expensive clothing can’t just go for a tumble in the machine because they’ll be twisted up, stretched out and over wrung when they don’t have to be. Leaving these fabrics on a drying rack is more than sufficient as they tend to be thinner and absorb less water during the wash, especially since you’ve already given them a head start with a gentle squeeze.

Keep them in shape 

As they say, different strokes for different folks. You can’t handle lace the same way you’d handle cashmere although they both require a gentle hand. Don’t hang your cashmere on a drying line and allow its shape to be ruined by stretching. Lay it flat as you would a lace garment to eliminate the issue of wrinkles. A little care and diligence will easily make these gorgeous items last you a lifetime.